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  1. MageoftheBones

    Damn you ... Spoiler....

    I am sure its been hashed to death already or perhaps not... Just finished reading the entire 5th book and ack... After victory was so close against Chaos, Manfred is the one that ends the chances of the forces of Order winning against Chaos. The anti Chaos forces had all but won and Manfred...
  2. MageoftheBones

    Starting to make a Vampire Counts army.

    Local groups are where Warhammer generally thrives and its the best place to learn. Good Luck.
  3. MageoftheBones

    Starting to make a Vampire Counts army.

    Well you can use the Nagash rules if you want without adding any Tomb Kings Units in and the VC army is better since you don't crumble due to General dying and etc. But no you don't have to use the Nagash list, you can still just use the base VC book if you wish without any issues rules wise...
  4. MageoftheBones

    2400 Magic of the End Times Tourney

    If you are using the Black Knights as a bus for the vampires as it looks like you are doing it would be a good thing to have the extra wounds since the most likely way you are going to lose your characters in close combat is due to crumbing from combat resolution. A few chariots or Ogre Units in...
  5. MageoftheBones

    2000pts first ever list of VC

    I know the list you are planning isn't going to be for tournaments but if you aren't going to put the Vampire into the Large Black Knight unit why do you want to bring such a large unit? Its a lot of points for a unit that might not be super effective (for its point level anyway) without a...
  6. MageoftheBones

    Starting to make a Vampire Counts army.

    The Terrorghiests are perhaps the best non character addition to a tournament list there is right now. Before Undead Legion dropped in the new Nagash End Times books virtually every VC tourney list was using 2 of them and in the last 2 years of tournaments I have played in I have seen a list...
  7. MageoftheBones

    New Undead Legions 2000 point List

    Mounted Vampire Lord on Barded Nightmare 553 Ogre Blade Talisman of Preservation The Other Tricksters Shard Red Fury Quickblood Beguile Vampire Lord on Foot 433 Giant Blade Armor of Fortune QuickBlood Red Fury Dire Wolves x 5 40 Dire Wolves x 5 40 Skeletons x35 220 Full...
  8. MageoftheBones

    Upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Releases- Including Nagash & new VC stuff.

    Already Planning to run a 6500 point game against a Chaos player in my area so I can run Nagash and my Vampire Lord teamed up together. :)
  9. MageoftheBones

    Favourite non-Vampire Counts army

    If it didn't require painting another horde army which I am semi promising not to do for a long time it would likely be Empire however I loved my run with my Druchii before I sold them. But Ogres are likely my next army if I start building a new second army after selling my druchii, Dogs of war...
  10. MageoftheBones

    Mortis Engine VS Terrorgheist

    I must note I have been playing in non comp tournaments but its been over a year (I think 14 Counts armies total) since I have seen a Vampire list at a tourney that didn't have at least 2 Terrorgheists and sometimes 3. I haven't seen the Coven Throne fielded yet at a tournament in the midwest...
  11. MageoftheBones

    returning VC veteran - what's best of the new stuff?

    By no means an end all list but I have been bringing dual Terrorgheists, a Large Black Knight bus (you can heal them in droves like skeletons now) for a mounted vampire lord, and then various blocks and chaf units so skellies or zombies and a few units of wolves. The last major tourney I went...
  12. MageoftheBones

    Need a dire wolf.

  13. MageoftheBones

    Getting back to VC

    Keep us posted
  14. MageoftheBones

    Reaper's undead host

    Cool I have been meaning to do fancier banners myself and been pondering how I might go about it. One of the painting aspects I haven't really done much practice on is banners let alone free hand banners.
  15. MageoftheBones

    Anyone had any Experience against the New Dark Elves in Tournaments?

    Yeah its been years since I have fielded a Vampire list without a scroll for sure. Right now I am running a Knight Bus, big block of Skeletons, decent block of zombies, 2 terrorgheists and going back and fourth between 2 or 3 vampire characters. Basically whether I want a second Vampire with...
  16. MageoftheBones

    Blood knight star

    I like the idea of a Level 4 Vampire Lord myself being your main caster. It does make our lists even more eggs in one basket but for most of the Vampire Counts history that has been the case anyway. One thing to be careful of when casting and its helpful to have a level 4 for this would be to...
  17. MageoftheBones

    Are Dire Wolves worth it?

    I think in my new tournament lists I will certainly be fielded at least 2 if not 3 units of 5 wolves to use as screens and redirecting the main forces of armies. Warriors of Chaos will often use chaff like this to screen and mess up our units to setup their chariot and monsterous cav charges...
  18. MageoftheBones

    VC crippled in Storm of Magic?

    Yeah, as far as I have ever seen in reviews, battle reports and talking to other players this is the first time I have ever heard of anyone not using the full on building rules. I don't really see how you can assault it like a building and not use the full on building rules from the wording...
  19. MageoftheBones

    Battling the New Wood Elves

    I haven't gotten a chance to go toe to toe with the new Woody book yet locally. I will likely be getting that chance finally in the next 2-3 weeks. I was just curious what others think of the Wood Elves update. Does the army play a lot differently. I assume its farmo re effective now but how has...
  20. MageoftheBones

    Your thoughts on proxying models

    I think the tomb kings light calvary perhaps even with riders since Counts don't have any other kind of light calvary would be ok even in tournaments since the slavering charge is about the same as a spear anyway. Just explain and make sure your opponent knows they are Dire wolves which should...