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  1. LordTobiothan

    So what are the plans for this forum section?

    With the dawn of age of sigmar and the complete lack of real rules following it, assuming this site stays committed to the most recent edition of warhammer fantasy. What rules will there be to discuss? Aside from our opinions on the intentionally unclairified rules, I dont see what rules...
  2. LordTobiothan

    Rerolling opponents dice with motba

    I am positive I've missed something, but does any part of master of the black arts suggest you cant reroll one of the winds of magic dice on your opponents turn? It recently hit me and does make sense considering the powers price. I'm not seeing anything in its wording that says I cant.
  3. LordTobiothan

    Hellstriders and "destroying a unit"

    What is the official ruling for destroying a unit? The way I see it, it can be interpreted 2 ways. The unit that strikes the final wound off a unit destroyed it, or catching the fleeing unit destroyed it. Or The unit was in combat with a unit that was destroyed or run down. Meaning you...
  4. LordTobiothan

    The flag of blood keep a banner?

    I have seen a lot of lists that run blood knights count the flag of blood keep as a banner. My question is, does it classify itself as a banner somewhere that I haven't found? Is there any reason i can't take that upgrade and still grab a magic banner? I need these things to do some hellpit...
  5. LordTobiothan

    Duration of hand of dust?

    I noticed the hand of dust spell doesn't have wording that it lasts until the caster's next magic phase or anything of that sort. Does this mean once augmented it's permanent? Because it reads that way.
  6. LordTobiothan

    Help with Skaven Round 2

    So I posted a few months back about ways to combat a Skaven army and it got some mixed responses. Well we finally got around to playing (college is a bi*ch), and it went exactly as I was afraid it would. Nothing could maneuver past his three blocks of 50 slaves except my fliers who were...
  7. LordTobiothan

    Another look at morghasts

    So the initial reaction to these things was special/rare high t/ws/s/m 80pts Note the bold. It seems they were completely written off on price tag alone. Not a monster? more than 50 points? TOTAL CRAP. Which is an odd way of thinking. Looking at their statlines, at worst you are essentially...
  8. LordTobiothan

    2000 point Coven Throne List vs Skaven

    This is for a 2k point game vs Skaven (as anyone who read my other thread already knows) It has a lot of what most would call "questionable units" but it seemed like it had enough synergy to work. The basic idea is to hurl my coven throne at him as fast as I can to hopefully prey on his...
  9. LordTobiothan

    Black Coach better than Expected?

    As I browse the board I've notice the black coach seems to fall under the "cool, but their are better options" side of units. I understood why at first. After impact hits it has 3 str 3 attacks and 2 str 4 and that's it, with two dice stored that jumps to 3 str 4 and 2 str 5, which is actually a...
  10. LordTobiothan

    Best Way to Deal with Slaves?

    Hello, new to the site (i was hesitant as it seems fairly dead from the wood elf one i came from) and to vamps in general. My first game is going to be against Skaven, and of all the units I am not sure how I plan to handle the slaves. I was going to match them with zombies and just tar pit...