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  1. Ghouly

    Does anybody speak Latin I would like help translating some stuff for D&D

    I need a War cry for my paladin when I role a critical and I'm thinking "The Suns will" or "Sun's Will" because the Deus Vult meme is funny
  2. Ghouly

    would anybody want to play some D&D

    I have the rulebook, dungeon masters guide and monster manual I don't want to DM though
  3. Ghouly

    any activity in here?

    there hasn't been a new post in any of the threads in here for weeks, so I thought I'd try and drum up some activity
  4. Ghouly

    Shadows of Heimhof IC thread: (waiting for activity)

    Chapter one The Beast From The Blackness :Heimhof bronze quarter, marketplace mid afternoon: The common buildings of Heimhof crowded around the Marketplace like too many teeth in a mouth, and whilst being in better shape than most of the other building, the exposed wood was aged grey and...
  5. Ghouly

    TVC: Shadows of Heimhof OOC and sign up thread

    In Shadows of Heimhof players will be taking on the role of a band of Vampire Slayers the role-play will take place in the Stirland city of Heimhof and the surrounding region right after the events of the TVC 1 here is the character sheet Name: character’s name Age: characters age Gender...
  6. Ghouly

    what would a city need to support multiple groups of Undead without them being found

    the only things I can really think of is an active nightlife and a big population with lots of people coming and leaving all the time.
  7. Ghouly

    Warhammer 40K Tau Campaign: Resurgent Dawn I Need help running It cause it's really big

    The campagin consists of a combined Tau force capturing and securing a Star system from Imperials and Orks with Tyranids and Dark Edar running around doing their thing. What I need is people to help me with the massive number of NPC's that creates. I can handle the Orks and Tau but I need help...
  8. Ghouly

    a Superhero themed roleplay anyone interested

    In like a justice league founding type story, with lower level super-heroes like Captain America or Spider-man
  9. Ghouly

    TVCII Character discussion thread: Graveclaw

    This thread is for OOC discussions about Graveclaw more to help other RPers understand what it is that makes Graveclaw tick and to help with how Graveclaw would react also we can talk subplots and stuff about Graveclaw in here.
  10. Ghouly

    Roleplaying question: how would you guys include player controled Space Ships and Battle-suites

    So I'm working on a Tau Role-play where players take on the Role of Officers in a Tau Commune which is trying to retake a system from the Imperium. now here's the problem Fire caste Officers have battle suites and Air Caste Officers have ships, I have a Character sheet made up but it only...
  11. Ghouly


    So I feel like running a D&D Dark Sun Campaign would there be any interest
  12. Ghouly

    TVC II OOC Your Characters Fighting Style

    List off what forms of Marital arts and other combat training your characters know Killer Croc From Batman Origins is Graveclaws to a T, that is pretty much how big he is to most people too and his mouth does the same thing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9klKz7sXWak Sylvie combines...
  13. Ghouly

    Ghouls and Sunlight

    has this actually ever been covered, I mean Ghouls aren't really Undead their still alive so normal Undead rules don't apply, but on the other hand they are under a divine curse so that probably has its own set of problems right there. thoughts
  14. Ghouly

    So The Chaos Dwarf List Is It Legal

    so I was looking at the Chaos Dwarf army list in Tamurkhan the Throne of Chaos and it looks pretty legit, so that made me wonder are the unites in there legal? o.o
  15. Ghouly

    TVC II OOC I'm going to be MIA for.....

    I figured we need one of these, if you won't be able to post in the TVCII for abit or if your leaving give us a heads up and we'll figure out what to do about your character.
  16. Ghouly

    TVC II OOC Tabletop rules

    what's your characters build on the Tabletop and tactics discussion Graveclaw Strigoi Ghoul King Vampiric Powers Curse of the Reverent Fear Incarnate Master Strike Magic Items Giant Blade Potion of Toughness
  17. Ghouly

    the Pros and cons of each Bloodline

    this is a thread to discuss the Strengths and weaknesses of each bloodline, basically this is a collaboration of everything that makes each bloodline unique at the end after I collect enough data I'm going to write a Deadliest Warriors type scenario brawl between all bloodlines
  18. Ghouly

    I joined the herd.... so apperently I'm either a paedophile or a pervert

    I'm a Brony....which means I like the cartoon My Little Pony Friendship is Magic :redface:...yeah this is a rather new thing for me I've only just started watching the show for a couple weeks now and Its genuinly funny and actualy makes me laugh.... but then I found some article on the web...
  19. Ghouly

    TVC II Supplemental Chapter 3 The Monster Mash

    An animal roar reverberated throughout the clearing, as an anvil sized fist swung upwards slamming into Lupine jaws with a massive uppercut, shattering fangs. Beast-Mikhail back-flipped through the air before smashing facedown into the ground “Rissssse up you glorified poodle, sssssso Gaveclaw...
  20. Ghouly

    Why are the Strigoi unhappy their badass

    This is something I’ve never really understood about the Strigoi how is turning into an eight-foot grave beast capable of physically overpowering any other bloodline a bad thing, how’s being ugly stop you from feeding on the living honestly I feel the Strigoi need to man up thoughts