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  1. owain_b

    lone character free pivot count as moving?

    As the title say, can a character pivot on the spot and still fire a move or fire weapon? Or does it count as moving? Had a skaven player with warplock engineer with a warplock musket, and I'm pretty sure it shouldn't fire if it has pivoted in the movement phase, but I couldn't find it in the...
  2. owain_b

    scream vs archaons armour of morkar

    Hey guy, as in the title how does this work? Does the scream have to role to wound on a 3+ for each wound? Armour says hits that automatically wound still need to roll to wound on a 3+, but I'm not sure the scream counts as hits?
  3. owain_b

    Bad Luck

    Hey Guys, Thought I sare with you last nights bad luck story, would be great to hear other peoples too:) So had a 3000pt game against High Elves and once deployed I felt very confident, had lots of drops mostly ethereal. My opponent was completely out deployed with many units he had no...
  4. owain_b

    screamer list 2000pts

    Hi all, This is my first attempt at a proper screaming list, any comments much welcomed, more for fun than competitive Lords: - 500pts Master necro - 300pts Lvl 4 - vamps Black periapt Tal of press Master necro - 200pts Lvl 4 - death Heroes: - 385pts Necro - 100 Lvl 1 vamps Cursed book Tomb...
  5. owain_b

    two vampire counts armies as allies

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and not long got back into fantasy! Used to play back in 4th ed but loving 8th now! Me and friends play allied games a lot and if there is a odd number of us one of us plays 2 small armies rather than one bigger army so it's fairer as we have the same...