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  1. Lord Fear

    Vampire Battle Blog; Game 5 vs Tomb Kings

    Hi all, long time no post, but as I'm going to give 8th edition Vampire Count a try I thought I'd create a little blog for my games with them, and my thoughts on the army as a whole. So my first game was scheduled vs a mate using Dark Elves for his last normal game with them before selling...
  2. Lord Fear

    Eight Magic Items...

    If you've seen the new Orc and Goblin book, you might have been surprised to see that they have only eight unique magic items available to their characters, a huge drop compared to the last edition. This is likely GW's plan for all army books (of course it may well change at any point!), so, can...
  3. Lord Fear

    Winter War - Place Bets Now!

    Myself, logan054 and Annie are all headed to a tournament in sunny Reading tomorrow, and I thought it might be fun to see who y'all think will do best from all of us! Annie's faithfully using Vampire Counts, bless her (lack of) soul, and trying to finish off painting hordes of Ghouls. Mark...
  4. Lord Fear

    The Battle for the Mournful Anvil: Vampire Counts vs Ogres - 2400 points

    Lord Fear’s many campaigns included a march through the eastern lands, traversing many dangerous mountains and encountering many great foes. Among them were the the Merculean tribe of Ogres. Using their reputation for weak-mindedness as an ally, the Ogres drew the Vampiric invaders to fight in...
  5. Lord Fear

    So... are we the only ones?

    Just wondering, but in this new age of Warhammer where hordes and infantry are meant to be the shiznits... is anyone actually actively using the infantry? Because it really does just feel like me and other Vampire players here. Sure, a lot of the armies have a lot of infantry, but it tends to...
  6. Lord Fear

    Necromancer Armies

    Not wanting to cause a huge rules discussion (zzzz!) but according to here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=4876110#post4876110 We don't actually need a Vampire to act as general in our armies. It seems legit, which is cool, so that brings us to the question... would you ever...
  7. Lord Fear

    Finally I have been Immortalised

    ...well, not really. But I do appear on page 444 of Warhammer 8th edition's rulebook (middle of the pic, holding my chin). What a claim to fame, eh :D Can anyone beat that? ;)
  8. Lord Fear

    Post your.... Voice?

    This site is actually really esy to use. Didn't even need to find my mic. http://vocaroo.com/?media=vcxjxumtIUFuNJOsJ Lol I sound tarded :thumbsup:
  9. Lord Fear

    Dire Wolf Congas for Anti-Steadfastness?

    So with the new edition one key rule is that if a unit has more ranks then its enemy, then it becomes steadfast, not suffering any penalties for its breaktest, pretty much the same as stubborn. However as per the wording, you only get it if you have more ranks (Not to be confused with rank...
  10. Lord Fear

    8th Edition Perhapses

    The manager of a local GW challenged me to a game using the new rules earlier today (well, yesterday), to play when he has the book tomorrow, so I thought I better knock up a couple of lists for the occasion! 1000 points Vampire Lord, Forbidden Lore - 240 Lore of Shadows 20 Skeleton...
  11. Lord Fear

    Who needs Vampires when you have... Goblins?

    This last weekend in the UK was a big, heavily comped tournament. With a few practice games under my belt with Vampires, it was clear the comp was “unfavourable” for Vampires to say the least, pushing you into one build which would basically be lots of Ghouls, rubbish magic, Dread Knight Vampire...
  12. Lord Fear


    Managed to pick up a copy of this book a good month early, featuring Ulrika from the Gotrk books. The story picks up just after she has been turned by Adolphus Krieger (one of Mannfred's old mates) and put into the care of a smart Lahmian lassie. The story then turns towards intrigue and murder...
  13. Lord Fear

    Krell, Lord of the Undead

    A club is having a painting competition (characters) and I was fortunate enough to pick up this classic mini, so I had a stab at him: Goblin green base ftw I think. Looking forward to having him wield by Battle Standard across the battlefields.
  14. Lord Fear

    Against the Empire, 2250 points

    Another von Carstein marches on the Empire, with the Arch Lector mustering a great force to meet him head-on. Playing via the Lorenz server, both of us were using experimental armies with numerous infantry blocks, either for comp reasons or in readiness for 8th edition, but which ARMY will...
  15. Lord Fear

    Nagash the Unbroken

    I managed to pick up a copy of this a bit earlier than its scheduled release, quite nicely. There's a tonne of information on Lahmian culture and the development of the Elixir. Spoilers abound, don't read if you don't want to see them! -Arkhan the Black played a pivotal role in the events...
  16. Lord Fear

    The Beasts are Back in Town

    So the new Beastmen are about to get released, and they're looking... pretty fair and balanced actually, which in today's games means we can breathe a sigh of relief as they're not going to have much craziness to them at all! Character-wise, if they want a good magic phase, you're looking at...
  17. Lord Fear

    Tides of War Tourney Report

    It was the 3rd GT Heat this last weekend, but elsewhere we had a great tournament with about 50 players in Reading in south-ish England. I took my previous GT list... this tournament had some comp in place, my army being fairly judged as "hard". It did mean none of the really really nasty lists...
  18. Lord Fear

    Konrad Marches To War

    Hey all, I gots a little tournament coming up, it's 4 games, first at 1500 points, then at 2K, using the original force with an extra 500 points. A nice way of doing it, as it really helps stop tourney min-maxing, e.g. a Daemon player can barely add a Greater Daemon, let alone a fully...
  19. Lord Fear

    GT Heat 1 Report

    So the GT rolled around this year, and after giving last year's a miss because its rules pack seemed somewhat poor and was full of Daemon players (who still genuinely thought that their massive winrates were because of player skill), I caved in and went along to this one. It being the first...
  20. Lord Fear

    Invocation Tournament Report, First Game

    Hello all! For the next issue of the Invocation I have written a 6-game tournament report. However, to whet peoples' apetites I have decided to start it off on the forums. So without further ado, my army list for the tournament: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, Level 3, Aura of Dark Majesty...