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    Dark Eldar

    Its all about the bombers tbh. Move 12 and shoot all weapons - 2 str9 lances and a potential 4 s5ap6 blast missiles for a tidy 200ish points Im more inspired by a futuristic necromancer spawning a million ghouls (wracks) into the opponents battle line
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    Corrupt a Wish!

    Granted, and they pee in your bed whenever you arent looking. I wish i had motivation to play eighth edition
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    New DE Archon ... good vampire ?

    Have to agree DoN, would be kinda embarrassing to have her next to you.... 'Who wears the pants in your relationship then??'
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    New Dark Eldar

    Besides, from what i heard Dark Eldar are getting 'quins in their dex too, they all have a fragment of the laughing god. Am i allowed to play Eldar pirates and get both? :/
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    Input Wanted For Map-Based Campaign Rules

    Well they are, its a well accepted fact by everyone. The only issue is that because we are online, people want to argue. Im willing to bet that the tier lists all look somewhat similar?
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    Thoughts on the Purple Sun Vampire

    As you say, a misfire or a bad roll really messes the tactic over. Personally i have used the beasts version, turning into a chimera or knock out a Lord or other expensive unit. Until that point wyssans wildform is awesome for our sucky infantry. The better bit about the dragon tactic, is...
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    Advice on a little problem...

    Night shroud works wonders too, means you kill him before he strikes. And welcome to the forum!
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    A few queries about new rules and stuff

    That seems the way of it now that you usually need to use more dice to cast single spells. On the otherhand there is a lot to be said for a red fury vampire lord with a +3A sword and potion of strength.
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    Monthy Python Inspired Corpse cart Random laughter

    This one! The guy who did this is a genius: http://www.remanlegions.com/HolyGrail.html My favourite: http://www.remanlegions.com/holygrail/camelot1.jpg
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    Teclis Will Blow Himself To Pieces muahahaha!

    The 2 character sniping spells from death work wonders too 2d6-S/T hits. Add a powerscroll for good measure and knock him out on the first turn with a lycni vampire.
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    What Do you think is the best weapon for fighting undead

    Teclis with Banishment on a dragon. Rawr!! Im not sure of the Halberds - i think you would be far better off with a shield wall to keep them at arms reach while the second rank gets long rifles to snipe the summoners. At the same time, the bigger and heavier the weapon, the more tired you are...
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    A game in london town please

    Im in berkshire and am up for a game, 20 min jaunt up the m25. Can even meet you at 5000 points
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    I use my head and or a calculator. The numbers aren't that complicated. A 3+ to his equates to a 2/3 chance and so on - beyond that its adding and multiplying The process is called mathhammer
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    Couple questions about challenges

    #1. As far as I am aware, yes - you always get to attack with however many models eligible to attack. Assuming of course that the champion/character did not strike during the challenge. #2. Not so far as i am aware - perhaps you are referring to the chaos eye of the gods table?
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    Teclis Will Blow Himself To Pieces muahahaha!

    Besides he ignores the first miscast in a turn anyway. I'm sure one purple sun is enough and he only has to become a dragon once - so I'm sure he would be fine
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    Starcraft 2 - Who's excited!?

    Ditto - mine is xacatecas ill update when i find my player number :s
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    Banshee Howl + lore of death question

    Note that the character's leadership suffers the -3 modifier too
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    Best Vampire hero models?

    Theres the little known sartosan vampire which, imo is one of the better characters made: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?prodId=prod1340010&rootCatGameStyle=
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    What video game are you currently playing

    Im playing Magic the gathering while waiting for starcraft to arrive
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    2500 Points; vs. Skaven

    You have to have 625 points as core (25%) and can't have 3 banners of the undead legion, it doesn't exist anymore as i remember. Nor can you duplicate any other magic item (tomb blade). Otherwise i would group all the skeletons together so mannfred has less work to do raising (invocation is a...