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  1. Boo

    Sable Scrolls: The best story ever told

    Sable Scrolls Hello there! This is my entry to the short story competition, and I glad that you've taken time out of your day to read it through! :) I hope you will enjoy it! All the best! The Best Story Ever Told ”In a land covered with darkness and despair, where bravery is met by cold and...
  2. Boo

    New zombiegame on the way

    I just wanted to share this game that is being released this year, if anyone has missed it. The game is called Dead Island. LINK TO AWESOME It is basically a survival horror fps game including loads and loads of zombies! Check it out, I was planning on getting it and since it is a 4...
  3. Boo

    Boo's Angels Vermillion

    Hey there! The first army I ever painted or played in my life was Blood Angels, way back in 3rd ed. I was young and the blood red marines really caught my eye and I loved the fluff and everything about them. It was a time when the Angels raged across the board, beyond control. Brothers were...
  4. Boo

    Von Metterbourgs Folklore of the Empire

    Herr Emanuel Von Metterbourg Historian in the service of the Great Emperor Karl Franz Folklore from The Empire. Vol. 1: Hochland. Chapter 1. "The old Crow" ____________________________________________________________ Tussenhof 55 miles from Altdorf This is a story told by countless self...
  5. Boo

    Halloween 2010 Spooky!

    Greetings fellow stalkers of the night! The great feast of Halloween approaches and with that the annual costume parties. I thought that this would be a great opportunity to see what crazy ideas may come from the twisted minds of this forum, in other words, lets see your Halloween costume for...
  6. Boo

    Undead Legion of King Keladon

    Hey there CN! I've decided to re-start my beloved Vamps again after getting a bit bored of painting blue middenlanders. ;) Some of you might have read the fluff for the king under the hill which is posted in the tales from the crypt section of the forum, these stories has sparked my...
  7. Boo

    The King under the hill

    The prequel to this story: The catacombs of Huberhaptsreise. ************* High King Keladon sat atop his throne, staring with empty eye-sockets in to nothingness. He had witnessed time itself come to his long forgotten halls, turning stone to dust, flesh to bone and iron to rust. His...
  8. Boo

    Boo's Golden Bat Entry WIP

    Well here it is, my glorious entry to Golden Bat. I thought I would get my arse out of the wagon and make my blood knights so I decided to join the GB with a Blood Knight Kastellan! He is made from Chaos knights and some other bitz, but mostly Chaos Knights bitz... ;) Im still...
  9. Boo

    500 pts list, this is a tricky one.

    Hey there guys. Me and my mates have been doing a lot of 500 pts battle lately, mainly because I'm the only one with a full 2000 pts list painted and built. They've only got about 500 pts done. Anyway, I've discovered that it is really hard to make a good VC 500 pts list. The ones that I've...
  10. Boo

    The catacombs of Huberhaptsreise

    I wrote this earlier today when I had I spark of my muse. ******** I’m glad you could make it here my dear Ludwik. Please have a seat and something strong to drink because I have quite the story to tell you. Dear sigmar, I can hardly believe what I have been through myself. I will start with...
  11. Boo


    I was once like you. I once had feelings, oh and what a lovely time that was! I once felt love like you. Love, lust and passion. Yes, those were my favourite feelings. But now, look at me now. What do I feel? What do I lust for now? Nothing, everything! Now I lust for life again. A life that I...
  12. Boo

    Shadow of Drakwald - The tale of the 32nd Army of Middenland

    Shadow of Drakwald The 32nd Army of Middenland Greetings fellow carpe noctem members and lurkers alike. Welcome to my new armylog. After I failed with my warriors of chaos and lost interest in them and after the tournament which I participated in recently I got inspiration for a new army...
  13. Boo

    Shadow of Drakwald

    Hello there, Me and a friend have begun working on some fluff together, we are starting new armies and we thought we would integrate the fluff between our two armies. And I'm not the greatest writer in english, well frankly because it's not my native tongue, so I could use some help from the...
  14. Boo

    Tournament log Fantasia Fanatic 2010

    Greetings forum! :) Well this upcoming weekend (the 24-25 of april) I will be participating in a grand tournament here in the north of Sweden. It's a competition that will be with armies consisting of 2050 (Demons of chaos, Dark Elves), 2150 (Vampire Counts) and 2250 pts (the rest of the...
  15. Boo

    Fantasia Fanatic 2010

    Anyone on this here forum going to Umeå for the Fantasia Fanatic 2010? Just thought I would check and see. :) For anyone who does not know what the heck I'm talking about: Fantasia Fanatic 2010 And the webpage is on swedish, sorry :tongue:
  16. Boo

    Photo Guide

    Just wondering if we have photo guide up? The thought just hit me as I was browsing some threads where you can see that the poster has done a great job painting, it's just that pics are really blurry and sometimes has really bad lighting. So my suggestion, if we do not already have one, is...
  17. Boo

    Happy Holidays!

    Outside the snow is falling and it's way below freezing. A warm glow penetrates the pitch black night. From within an old cabin, built by oakwood, chrismas carols are heard. Peeking through the window a fireplace is seen, beside it a chair. Looking to the right, someone is moving about in what...
  18. Boo

    Boo's Warriors of Chaos

    Hey. As my Vampire army has reached 1500 pts I felt like changing army and paint something different from zombies and skellies. So for the past weeks I have been planning and working on my new army, warriors of chaos! The reason I went for them is simply that they are freaking super vikings...
  19. Boo

    The Invocation issue nr 1 "reviewed"

    Just though I would share this if it has not been found yet. I was browsing the web and stumbled across some guy who had a blog in which he showed of his models as well as "reviews" warhammer ezines! So I though that the people behind the ezine would like to see someone from outside the...
  20. Boo

    Rob the zombie

    This is Rob. :zombie: He is a zombie. he might not look like much to you, but he is special in a special way. :zombie3: One day, Rob started to walk. Each step taking him further on his road. He wanted to go all the way around the forum. So what could I do? I packed him a change of underwear...