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  1. Bishop

    Some of the "missing" special characters from Warhammer

    I know that I haven't been around much lately, but I stumbled across this pdf with a lot of the missing characters (all armies). I just skimmed it quickly... though I would imagine that there'd be something useful for anyone interested in this sort of stuff. If the file gets taken down, lmk...
  2. Bishop

    750 pts tourney

    So, my LGS is running a 40k event where the army size is 750 pts (yeah, I know.. ) A lot of the guys that are regulars playing here are just starting out recently. And I've not played a single game of 6th irl (just a couple of WFOs I got running on here atm). So, what to play? I can field...
  3. Bishop

    Anilar (Orks) vs Bishop (CSM) - 6th - 1500 pts

    This will be our game thread. Lists to follow. If you want to make up a map, feel free. I'll have to work on my list first and finish skimming the rules :D
  4. Bishop

    40k game - new to 6th

    Alright, as my work has largely calmed down. I'd like to play a game of 40k using the 6th edition rules. The catch? - I have NOT YET played a game under the 6th edition rules. So, hopefully I can play against someone who has played a few and has a bit of patience :D Being new new to 6th... I...
  5. Bishop

    Primarch Stats! (All 4 of the current official releases)

    Records expunged by the =][= (Original thread removed)
  6. Bishop

    Split Dark Venegance - W:Chaos

    Wondering if anyone in Canada/US would be willing to split on a Dark Venegence boxed set? Trade CSM for SM? And/or I need a mini-rulebook and Chaos cultists... if anyone is willing to part with just that? The other Chaos items are optional... Plz PM me, so I get the email notification.
  7. Bishop

    New Trailer for The Hobbit!

    I don't usually post stuff like this... but, it's the Hobbit :D http://youtu.be/SDnYMbYB-nU
  8. Bishop

    Golden Bat 2012 Voting: Extra Awards Vote Count

    PLEASE DO NOT VOTE IN THIS THREAD. Please vote in the main voting threads, so we know which entry you have voted for (as some participants are in multiple categories). Also note that you can only vote once per special award across ALL categories. This is a count of the votes thus...
  9. Bishop

    New Codex FAQs up for 6th.

    Link: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/article.jsp?categoryId=1000018&pIndex=1&aId=3400019&multiPageMode=true&start=2
  10. Bishop

    Another game

    Alright, so Zanos bailed on my 40k game. Our Siege Game is also apparently not moving along. I've only got 1 active game that is actually moving forward... and it's a long weekend coming up for me. So, I'd like to get at least one more game going, maybe two. Fantasy or 40k (perhaps...
  11. Bishop

    Bishop (CSM) vs Zanos (Necrons) - 2k

    This will be our game thread.. for what yet, we dunno.
  12. Bishop

    Bishop (Brets) vs Chaos_Born (O&G) - 2500 pts

    Game thread...
  13. Bishop

    Bishop (Beastmen) vs Bloodsucker (VC) - 2500 pts

    Okay. Here's the game thread. I'll work on map and list tonight. 2500 points, open list.
  14. Bishop

    Anyone want a game.

    I have a few games almost done, or stuck in limbo... Anyone want a game? Fantasy or 40k. I'd prefer Fantasy, and I'd like to play VC (since I rarely do), so preferably vs a non-vc list :D
  15. Bishop

    A large team game.

    So, I've got a larger game scheduled next week. It'll be me vs 3-4 other ppl with a 1k each. I think I'd prefer to take 2 armies, as oppose to a single very large one. I'm thinking 2k to 2.5k VC and 1k to 1.5k of either Beastmen or Dark Elves. The question is, which would be better? I'm...
  16. Bishop

    What?? How is this NOT racist...

  17. Bishop

    Searching by IP address is not working

    Looks like the staff function to search by IP isn't working... returns unknown / can't find (even though I'm searching known IPs, like my own, and others from the links in the bottom of the posts). Not working by post or by user.
  18. Bishop

    Sisters (Bishop) vs. Eldar (Sweeney Todd) -1750

    Let's try this again.
  19. Bishop

    =][= Purge the heretic!

    Searching the galaxy for lost souls that require cleansing. Burn the Heretic! Looking for a 40k game, 1.5k to 2k. Preferably someone who can play quite a bit today and tomorrow (as I'll be home and should be able to get well into a game off the start).
  20. Bishop

    WFO - Dice rolls missing

    Dice rolls are missing during upgrade/downgrade of the site. Not sure if it's possible... but could this info be stored somewhere and restored? Or is it not really recorded anywhere?