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  1. subber45

    2000pt Tourney tomorrow !!!!

    This list is for a tourney tomorrow! I could use any advice ya got. Cant change the list as its the models I have. :( but I trust you guys to and would appreciate your words of wisdom. Level 1 Vampire Lord 381 pts (Lore of Vamps) Ogre Blade Enchanted Shield Talisman of Endurance...
  2. subber45

    2500 pts of Skeletons

    Pretty straight forward I think but would love some feedback. Master Necromancer 185 pts Master of the Dead Vampire Lord 396 pts) Sword of Strife Enchanted Shield Talisman of Preservation Quickblood Red Fury Wight King 169 pts GW, BSB, Shield, Banner of the Barrows...
  3. subber45

    2500 Points ( Attempt at Sylvanian list) C&C please guys.

    Vampire Lord 471 Lore of Vampires Heavy armour, Magic Level 3 Quickblood,Red Fury,Fear Incarnate Enchanted Shield,Talisman of Endurance,Ogre Blade Necromancer 145 Lore of Vampires Master of the Dead, Magic Level 2 Dispel Scroll Wight King 164...
  4. subber45

    Better Caster Lord ?

    So a question my newly invigorated VC players...whos the better caster lord now ? Our old Vampire Lord or the Master Necro? Ive been toying with both and I just cant seem to justify the points spent on the V Lord to make him magic heavy, and the Master Necro seems to be pretty fragile when...
  5. subber45

    H: Ghouls W: Skeletons

    I have over 60 Skeletons from every edition except the most recent one and they are all assembled and painted to varying degrees, ( about 20 are very good ! ) all with magnetic bases.... I would be willing to part with them for ghouls....
  6. subber45

    So, how are you finding the 8th edition?

    I have played a fair portion of 8th ed and I am decidedly neutral ! Pros: Stronger infantry with Step Up ! Brilliant rule ! Cavalry nerf, well needed Striking in Inititave Reduction of AS values by removing the HW + Shield bonus and a cap at 1 + Random Power dice!!! Excellent keeps...
  7. subber45

    2500 VC List CC needed

    Took the List against my brothers Dark Elves. His list in short was a Level 4 Sorceress, Level 2, Cauldron Death Hag BSB ( Banner of +1 Combat to all units in 12 ) 2 blocks of 30 spearmen, ( 5X6) 2 groups of ten Crossbows, two Bolt throwers, Hydra, and 35 man unit of Witch Elves !!! The...
  8. subber45

    2500 VC List CC needed

    The Lord has the lore of Vamps. Seriously what do you guys think ? I havent found an eigth list I like yet
  9. subber45

    2500 VC List CC needed

    Vampire Lord . . . . Dispel Scroll . . . . Talisman of Preservation . . . . Helm of Commandment . . . . Avatar of Death (Shield) . . . . Forbidden Lore . . . . Ghoulkin . . . . Summon Ghouls Wight King (Battle Standard Bearer) . . . . Sword of Kings . . . . Nightshroud...
  10. subber45

    Spears no longer two handed weapons ?

    So maybe I just missed something important in my re reading of the BRB but Spears dont seem to be considerd two handed weapons. If this is true then my skellies got alot more survivable, AS 5 versus 6. Just wondering if I am reaching here or what but the Book DOESNT list them with that special...
  11. subber45

    VCs are now unstable.

    OMG ! Your right Now we are the Unstable and Unbreakable horde that isnt as scary as theose Egypto guys further south. I may just rules lawyer that in just to see people shake their heads at the simple stupidity that is most of this FAQ.
  12. subber45

    Sigh, Drakenhoff, too much for too little ?

    I wasnt exactly runing the Helm/Drakenhoff/WightBanner/Book combo all the time either but I liked having just ONE, ONE unit that could weather some losses in combat. Something I could shore up my lines with. Conversely I liked having Ward saves to keep my nice VLord alive and drinking too. I...
  13. subber45

    Sigh, Drakenhoff, too much for too little ?

    So with the cries of OP ! still lingering in the ears of GW's writers they reach down into our already hard hit army and make sure that not only do they bury us under a Theogenist body they snatch our pretty ring as well! :rolleyes: Really I dont mind the banner being nerfed. I liked it but I...
  14. subber45

    25 % Characters enough ?

    The title says it all, I have tried to build alot of list with the idea of a 25 percent cap in mind and I just find it to be too little. I dont think we need alot more room, but it seems even a jump to 30-35 percent would be plenty. * Now I am not a power Vamp Player, I usualy only spend about...
  15. subber45

    What Core in 8th ? ( Speculation )

    So upon reading of the ever depressing and sometimes exciting 8th ed rumors I found myself asking some very disturbing questions. 1. How in the world are we going to keep the Army viable with so little in the way of characters allowence ? and more importantly, Hence the topic title: What...
  16. subber45

    Drakenhof banner

    I used the Banner alot, a WHOLE Lot, from day one it was a staple in a 6x3 unit of Great Weapon Grave Guard with a Flying Vampire Lord and Helm to back it up. I quickly discovered that it made me sloppy. I made poor charges, threw it into anything and everything I could. Now I drop it and use...
  17. subber45

    1000 points vs new beastmen

    Id avoid letting Minnos charge you at ALL COST !!! They have a masive number of attacks, cause impact hits and cause fear, in short they are one of the few units that can reliably charge our core blocks. That said, Skellies may not be the best troop to bring, the armour wont matter that much...
  18. subber45

    Diverted to BeastMen...my thoughts on The New Book after my first game.

    Sudden thought...the beastman ambush rules are fairly vauge and any result but a 1,2,3 result in them Ambushing close to our backfield IF not in it directly ! To me this means small bunker groups and potentially the small starting units of core, those corpse carts and what nots are going to...
  19. subber45

    Diverted to BeastMen...my thoughts on The New Book after my first game.

    *Blink* Thanks Dance ! Nice to recieve some support from a more senior member about things I say. And that quote made me spit coke on my Army book. The guy playing VC was thoroughly upset to say the least.
  20. subber45

    Diverted to BeastMen...my thoughts on The New Book after my first game.

    Ok...so fed up with being told my wins are all due to being undead, unbreakable, and OP ( Yawn ) I decided to grab a challenging army. So I looked into and bought the new beastmen. That all being said, Look at my records for the year so far and you can tell that I dont play an over the top...