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  1. Seneschal

    Sen's Stuff

    I'll be posting some things, finally. Hope I get it to work properly...
  2. Seneschal

    2250 point Empire of Dust

    Hello there Dust is my main army and I've got to say, they have a steep learning curve. I have the same number of wins as I do losses and I consider myself a decent gamer. I've tried Salamanders and Elves once each and won both of those games. Marching is such a big deal, I swear... I've come...
  3. Seneschal

    2K Empire of Dust

    Hey all, I've got my second game coming up and this is what I'm considering. I'll be going up against The Herd with Ratkin allies Worm Rider Horde Worm Rider Horde, caterpillar potion Skellie Warrior Horde, casket Spear horde, casket Archer Regiment Archer Regiment Enslaved Guardian...
  4. Seneschal

    A Lahmian in the Age of Sigmar

    CHAPTER ONE The cold eerie sky over Shyish paid witness to a desperate skirmish between a battalion of its unliving denizens and a host of invaders sworn to the Lord of Skulls. It had begun as an ambush, members of the fearsome Crimson Fury warband and their equally deadly brayherd allies...
  5. Seneschal

    A question on Lizardmen "fluff." ET spoilers

    Correct me if I'm wrong about this as it's been awhile since I've read their backstory. The LZ were created for the sole purpose of defeating chaos, yes? If that's the case, then why don't they have some way to travel to various locales in the world to do just that? Why are they are "stuck" in...
  6. Seneschal

    Help with mono Slaanesh CD

    Hello there I can now finally start up my 40k army and I'm going with mono slaanesh daemons. My local club plays 1650 pt events so I'm shooting for that. I've played one game ever and it was probably five years ago so my learning will be slow going. Titans are the thing at my club now but they...
  7. Seneschal

    Nagash at 2500

    Time to bring the pain to my local club --- Nagash 90 necro with scroll -- banshee --wraith 190 40 TK skellies cmd 190 40 TK skellies cmd 70. 20 zombies mu sb 70. 5 horse archers 70. 5 horse archers 40. 5 wolves 314. 8 horrors ch --- CoS --- HT 2499 Pretty self explanatory. Going for the...
  8. Seneschal

    I fancy a game with LZ

    Greetings I'm in between projects at the moment and I'll be borrowing someone's army to squeeze in a game with the lads from Lustria. Standard rules, no khaine magic. Possible opponents are Empire, Dwarfs, Ogres or a Legion of Beasts and Skaven. ---Tettoeko 251 OB CO ToP GW Glittering...
  9. Seneschal

    Unconventional ETC list

    I'm really tired of the usual setups and the do's and don'ts of the army in the ETC (and in general). I want to give the outside the box ideas more of a chance. Here's what I got; 358 VL flying horror, beguile, AoD, dragon bane gem, Book of Arkhan, GW, shield 300 MN LVL 4 vamps, periapt, 4++...
  10. Seneschal

    ETC Asrai: Take 1

    Greetings, I have at last decided what to focus on next, and it will be Wood Elves. I'm building a winter themed army and will thus be fielding Eternal Guard (oddly enough, they are a common sight in some competitive lists). 305 Lifeweaver, 4++, Fencer's Blades, ICI 154 BSB, AoD, spear, shield...
  11. Seneschal


    Hey folks Years ago I turned off the "receive email notifications" feature in all my posts but it never worked. I made a post about this probably three years ago but it was never resolved. My email contains thousands of messages from CN as a result of this. Now today for some reason, the one...
  12. Seneschal

    Tomb Kings...because they're painted...

    Greetings all, I'll be going up some strong players shortly and don't know who I'm facing. It's a bit of an impromptu event and the requirement is that you are fully painted. No Endtimes magic or combined lists. The only things allowed are the 50% lords and heroes and every wizard can take...
  13. Seneschal

    Trying Lizardmen at 2500 points

    Hello there, This is my first 2500 pt Lizzie list, built from other armies I've seen people play and my own guesswork as to what's effective. Sword of Might is on the cowboy to deal with those annoying ethereals from the VC army (who plays those lousy gits anyway...?) I favor infantry so I'm...
  14. Seneschal

    Endtimes: Archaon rumors

    So from The Round Table (and I don't know what their source is) Endtimes; Archaon -New Archaon on Dragon/van Horstmann/Galrauch box -New Khornate unit -New Bloodthirster/two characters box Archaon is level 4. New Tzeentch Lore
  15. Seneschal

    For Lahmia! ETC Draft 2 list

    Hello there I've decided to drop the Archai from my previous list and take another VL for more concentrated killing power and also to avoid getting bogged down by tables with tightly packed terrain. I had to drop the wraith due to the restrictions of the ETC so I've added a WK to take...
  16. Seneschal

    Looking for Slaanesh banner PDF

    More specifically, the large one from the sixth edition Hordes of Chaos book. I need a copy for my CoS army. Thanks for your time.
  17. Seneschal

    ETC Vamps 2015

    So the big event in February is ETC and will not allow the UL army which was one of my main reasons for coming back to the hobby, go figure. They will, however allow Morghasts and special characters. Here's what I came up with this morning; 521 VL QB RF ToP Periapt GW heavy armor LVL 4 130...
  18. Seneschal

    Morghast assembly

    I have met my match after all these years. I cannot get the Morghasts arms to fit in the sockets nor can I get their wrists to line up properly with the halberd hands. I look at the examples on the box and on the assembly guide but I can't get the arms to line up correctly. The slit in the...
  19. Seneschal

    Heirotitan skirt?

    Hello everyone I need to make a new Titan and I've seen a few online with skirts in place of legs and the necro sphinx torso as the base. How was this particular skirt in the photo below made or how would you suggest I make one? Thanks for your time.
  20. Seneschal

    New Legion: Take 2

    Why, hello there. How are things? Is it cold where you are this time of year? I wish you warmth and comfort. :-) I've mixed a few things here and there after my previous list grew old. There isn't much variation but I decided to add some of the brand new, super duper Archai to my army. I've...