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  1. Lynks

    Welcome to Our New Moderators!

    I, Lynks, your illustrious Vampire Lord and Forum Administrator herald excellent news. I would like to welcome two new moderators into the fold. @Irisado, who has proven invaluable in this forums operation for several years despite no official power through reporting threads, making...
  2. Lynks

    New website? New era...

    It seems that with the refurbishment of the GW website, while it's definitely much more functional (once you play around with it a bit) and while they have offered us a fancy space marine captain (if we are willing to fork out a reasonable sum), in the process of the refurbishment the specialist...
  3. Lynks

    Lynks (VC) vs Johnny-Crass (VC) 2999 Prize fight!

    Bring It Johnny.
  4. Lynks

    Looking for semi-competitive game 2.5k-3k

    Hey all, i haven't been able to squeeze in a game with my beloved vampire counts for a long while, so i'm asking here if anyone wants to play against me? I tend to take unconventional lists, however whilst playing i give it my all and expect no less of my opponent :thumbsup: I'm away at the...
  5. Lynks

    The Chains of Gabrielle: Example of play thread

    I had intended this to be a bit longer than this, but this is how it will work within heated moments. the key factor in this roleplay is that, at least when there is some sort of time pressures like you are in a fight or someone has been wounded or you are trapped in an hourglass, slowly filling...
  6. Lynks

    The Chains of Gabrielle: IC/ Action Thread

    The Chains of Gabrielle: Sign-up Thread Out of Character Thread Example of play thread This thread is for everything that occurs in character for the roleplay The chains of Gabrielle. Once the roleplay starts, this is the central thread where almost everything important happens, as it si where...
  7. Lynks

    The Chains of Gabrielle: OOC Thread

    The Chains of Gabrielle: Sign-up Thread In character/ Action thread Example of play thread This thread is for all OOC, otherwise known as Out of Character Discussion. This is for any general talk about the roleplay, questions on what might be occurring at any given point, discussing the events...
  8. Lynks

    The Chains of Gabrielle: A beginners Roleplay Sign-up Thread

    In character/ Action thread Out of Character Thread Example of play thread Onto the welcomes and introductions! Greetings vampires and vampiresses of Carpe Noctem, This is the sign-up thread for the beginner-focused roleplay “The chains of Gabrielle”. If you are new to the forum or new to the...
  9. Lynks

    Lynks' Custom Scenarios

    Alternative Title: Lynks thinks there needs to be less battleline around here SO I had a few ideas pop into my head about what might make some fun scenarios instead of the ones presented in the book so i decided to progress them to a proper format. As i was writing these my criterion was...
  10. Lynks

    Lynks (VC) vs Desfer (OK) 2500pts

    This will be our thread to play in
  11. Lynks

    For glory on the fields of virtual battle!

    Hello all. anyone up for a semi-serious WFO game against the good old vampires? I'm keen to try the next extremely unorthodox list that has come to my mind and see whether it is serviceable (I don't have much faith in it :P)
  12. Lynks

    An image tutorial on how to embed photos

    I see this question asked a lot so I thought I'd make this to hopefully provide an answer to those in the future. In this short tutorial I'll show you how to upload an image and instead of providing links, or having it in the attachments section (which shows them as small thumbnails) you can...
  13. Lynks


    his has nothing to do with warhammer but I was in a writing mood for a change... here's a story that popped into my head, if you take the time to read it, please tell me what you think xD At the birth of existence there was five powerful gods, each gifted with an ability that would help shape...
  14. Lynks

    Kill Team- Bishop (DE) vs. Lynks (SoB)

    This thread is to house Myself and Bishop's Kill team game, which is basically 40k on a skirmish-based level as opposed to whole armies.
  15. Lynks

    Anyone up for a 40k Kill team game?

    I haven't played a game in a while and last time I asked around it seemed that no one had the battle missions rules other than me. I reckon it'd be pretty fun and easy to do using the battle chronicler system so who wants to give it a shot?
  16. Lynks

    Chariot cahoots + Monster mash list

    This list was initially written to break away from a lot of the decisions I would usually make when writing my list, things like big block were mandatory, always level 4, GG were auto included, as were either wraiths or black knights. The army I took ended up pretty static, the only change that...
  17. Lynks

    An Interesting Army with an interesting Idea

    Hello fellow undead things. As I was sitting on my computer just now, A thought came to myself, which will require the help of you people! with the collection I have available, I want to write an army list however, you know all those general and unwritten 'rules' (they're more like guidelines...
  18. Lynks

    Badlands store campaign- 3 army lists

    So i have entered myself in a blood in the badlands campaign however the lists are being done differently to in the rules and a few of the random events etc have been changed to accomidate this. Basically each player must have three static army lists that they use at the start. no magic items...
  19. Lynks

    New Model/ painting equipment again from GW

    Well, following on from last month's liquid greenstuff, the emery board and the cleaning equipment it appears that GW has decided to continue to add to their range. This month's release buried under the necron headline are: Grass tufts, something that has been lacking for quite some time in the...
  20. Lynks

    Hive of the Dead

    Figured here's the place seeing as it is a 40k novel. http://www.blacklibrary.com/Warhammer-40000/hive-of-the-dead.html I just ordered my copy given that the free shipping week means i dont have to pay an extra 50% of the book price in shipping just to get it over to the land of Oz. Has...