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    The Hunger and The Dead Vampire

    After rereading The Hunger, I think I have been cheating myself by not using it when the Vampire is dead. So I have questions. 1. If a Vampire dies due to Close Combat wounds, does he still get to use "The Hunger"? 2. If you play that Close Combat ends after unstable wounds are applied...
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    Swift Reform with VHDM?

    I know there has been at least one thread discussing it, but I'd like to see what the percentatges are for Swift Reforms with VHDM. If you take the poll, please, post your reasoning with page references. This is a test after-all. :konrad:
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    Duplicate Vampire Powers

    My friend and I disagree about duplicating Vampire Powers on 2 different Vamps. VC Army Book says, "You cannot buy multiples of the same power for a single Vampire, but different Vampires in the same army can have the same powers if you wish." I read this as meaning: a single Vampire may...
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    VC vs Dwarfs - 2500

    I took the list below against a Dwarf player that is coming back to WHF since he left in 6th. 1 Vampire Lord @ 404.0 Pts General; Lore of Vampires; Heavy armour; Shield; Magic Level 1 Ogre Blade, Dragonhelm, Talisman of Pres, Quickblood, Red Fury 1 Master Necromancer @ 220.0 Pts...
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    2500 Competitive - 1st try w/ new book

    Please give me your comments and criticism. I play in non-comp tourneys and against my friends with competitive lists. I am trying to optimize my list because of this. 1 Vampire Lord @ 399.0 Pts General; Lore of Vampires; Heavy armour; Shield; Magic Level 1 Warrior Bane, Nightshroud...
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    Black Coach base size?

    In order to give it the Correct Base Size, does the entire Black Coach fit on a chariot base? Or are there separate bases for the Black Coach and the horses?
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    Spell Generation for Vampires

    I want to see if I am understanding this correctly. Do you think GW missed this in their Army Book FAQ's? When a normal Wizard rolls the same spell twice, they can choose what spell they replace the double with. "...if you roll a spell twice (whether for the same Wizard or a different...
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    How would you paint these wolves?

    Here is my Army Plog: https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-11-09-10-Soren-s-slowly-splattered-spooky-soldiers As I hope you can see, I want my army to have a blue or grey cast to it, like it was seen at night. With that in mind, how would you paint these wolves over black primer?
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    1250 Tournament - please help.

    Yes, 1250pts. Everyone around here likes small point games. I think we are at a disadvantage in smaller games, but I want to play. We will be playing three games and using random scenarios from the BRB. C&C welcome: Vampire Lord @ 305.0 Pts, Flayed Hauberk, Crown of the Damned, Blood...
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    Forbidden Lore + MotBA + Power Scroll

    I did a search and I couldn't find a similar topic.... Do we need to have Forbidden Lore and Master of the Black Arts and a Power Scroll to be competitive at 2000+pt games for tournaments? In the current atmosphere of the powerful #6 spells of the 8th ed. BRB Lores, a single spell can...
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    8th Ed - 500pts??? Please help

    I am going to be in a escalation league: Scenario 1 - 500 pts Scenario 2 - 750 pts Scenario 3 - 1000 pts Scenario 4 - 1250 pts Scenario 5 - 1500 pts Players: 1. Wood elves 2. ? 3. High Elves 4.Vampire Counts? (Me) 5. Skaven 6. O&G 7. Ogres 8. Dark Elves My questions are...
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    Mixing Old and New Skellies?

    Do any of you mix Old and New Skellies in the same unit? Please post pics. My initial visual is that it would be odd. What do you all think?
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    Barded or Un-barded Black Knights

    Do you have Barded or Un-barded Black Knights or both? Pics appreciated.
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    Vampire / Blood Knight Heads for Conversions???

    What do you use for Vampire / Blood Knight heads for your conversions??? I am making Blood Knights from Knights of Chaos. It was a pain removing all the ridiculous chaos symbols and spikes. Anyways, I know many have used the Necromancer heads in the Corpse Cart. The ghoul heads look a bit too...
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    A Gathering of Ghouls....

    Please post pics of your ghouls. I will be painting mine soon and would like to see what others have done.
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    Who has Grey/Black Ghouls....with pics???

    I have spent about 2 hours going through posts here as well as tons of bookmarks that I have. :swear: Who has Grey/Black Ghouls? Please post pics or links. My carpal tunnel thanks you!!! :vampire2:
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    Threads of each unit.

    Some other forums have threads where users post their photos of a single unit or character. That way when someone wants to get idea for a unit or character, they are in one nice, neat place. Suggested threads: Vampire Wight King Ghouls Selitons Zombies etc.... Would it be ok to make these...
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    Twilight Skeliton Tutorial

    This isn't my tutorial, but I wish it was. I do not remember seeing the link here so: Twilight Skelitons [edit: Changed Twighlight to Twilight]
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    Paint Brush - Fix a Curved Tip???

    I am having a problem with my brushes. I am very careful when I select my brushes that they have a very good point. However, as I use them the very tip of the brush starts to curve. The brush still has a fairly good point but the curve is annoying. My brushes that started out good turn into...
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    email alert

    Hi, I have sent a few messages to the admin with no reply. For some reason, I am not getting email alerts even though I double check that I had the correct address by changing it again. What can I do to fix this?