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  1. Bravo_10

    Forum Nostalgia

    Greetings Counts, old and new! Not sure where to post this, but I just wanted to say hello and see how things have been. This forum doesn’t seem to get much action these days, most likely because I hear the hobby has changed a lot these last few years? I was an active member here back in...
  2. Bravo_10

    The Strangest Game I've Ever Played

    Hiya vamps! I'm not going to do a full report on this one because it lasted until the first half of turn 3 when my opponent conceded, but I've just got to talk about how crazy this was. The game was earlier today, and it was once again VC vs. Skaven. My opponent and I were both trying out our...
  3. Bravo_10

    Undead Legion Strats - Tomb Prince

    I've recently gotten my hands on a copy of the End Times - Nagash book, and I've been thinking about several synergies between VC and TK units. One that's come to mind is sticking a Tomb Prince in a unit of Grave Guard. For the most part, Tomb Princes are just more expensive Wight Kings, but...
  4. Bravo_10

    2500 Points - VC vs. Skaven!

    Hello again, vampires! A little over a week ago, I played an online game with a friend of mine back home using roll20. Now this isn't something I'd recommend for people who don't have a good bit of time and patience for struggling with unit movement, but it was a fun enough game for two guys...
  5. Bravo_10

    Undead BSB?

    Hi everybody! So the question's in the title I guess. Do you use an undead BSB? Even if you don't comment, feel free to leave your answer in the poll so I have an idea what the demographic here is. Obviously undead BSB's don't have quite the same appeal of living armies' BSB's, which tend to...
  6. Bravo_10

    UPDATED! - 2500 Points, Bravo (VC) vs. Johnny Crass (TK)

    Greetings, vampires! A long, long time ago, there was a game on this forum called WFO, or Warhammer Fantasy Online. Essentially, forumites would play Warhammer games against each other using an online dice roller and the Battle Chronicler program. It never became hugely popular (likely because...
  7. Bravo_10

    2500 Points - Old School Vampire Counts

    Helloooooo again! This is a follow-up to the post I made in the Teachings of Abhorash, I'm just looking to get this list critiqued and see how it stacks up against the current VC standards. This is the last list I fielded in battle, round about 2 years ago, and my only in-game experience with it...
  8. Bravo_10

    Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    Hi everybody. My name's Bravo, and I haven't posted in this forum for nigh on three years. Many of you have never met me before, but I used to be a moderator of this here forum (in fact, Johnny Crass is the only To War! mod who joined while I was still active!). I was a tactics mod, so I know...
  9. Bravo_10

    Bravo_10 (VC) vs. Johnny-Crass (TK)! - 2500 Points

    Here is our game thread. Let the battle of undead supremacy commence!
  10. Bravo_10

    Game on!

    Well, my two games (perhaps three? this siege thing is going nowhere) are kind of winding down, and I was thinking I could go for another. 40k or Fantasy doesn't really matter to me, I'll be up for either. If it's Fantasy, I'll probably use either the Counts or WoC. 40k will mean either Chaos or...
  11. Bravo_10

    Bravo's Batreps: 2000 Points VC vs. Skaven!

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I posted a battle report here, but I had a pretty awesome game with the Skaven two days ago and couldn't resist writing up a report. This was my first time facing Skaven with the new Counts' book, so I knew from the start that it would be interesting to see how...
  12. Bravo_10

    2000 Points - Bravo_10 (Tau) vs. Bishop (DE)!

    Here's our game thread!
  13. Bravo_10

    Friendly 40k?

    I'm looking for a laid-back, friendly game of 40k! I'll probably be playing an army I've never used before (like Tau, IG, or Eldar). Maaaaaybe I'll take this cool Chaos list I thought up, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. So now is your chance to try out that army you've always...
  14. Bravo_10

    Tau Firewarrior Query

    So, this thread is posted merely out of professional curiosity than anything else, as I don't personally play Tau. I do have one buddy that cranks them out every now and again, but I've still only played against them once. Still, I am considering perhaps fielding a Tau list in WFO (because I...
  15. Bravo_10

    2000 Points of Imperial Guard - for WFO!

    So, I've decided to give this whole 'Imperial Guard' thing a try. One of my main opponents back home is a Guard player, and I always found it interesting that you could actually have this whole 'large amount of models' thing going on. I play CSM, and like any marine-based army, I never have all...
  16. Bravo_10

    2000 Points - Bravo_10 (CSM) vs. Zanos (Grey Knights)!

    Here's our game thread. We set this up all sneaky-like with PMs, so that's why don't see a discussion of this in the 'Throwing Down the Gauntlet' section. Anyways, some pre-game fluff... Amun Azakh sat in silent meditation, concentrating on the sounds and smells around him. Eyes closed tightly...
  17. Bravo_10

    Obliterators & Terminator Armor

    My question here is relatively simple: are Chaos Obliterators wearing Terminator Armor? Sure, they've got a 2+ Armor Save and a 5+ Invuln, but I can find nothing in their unit description that indicates they're in Terminator Armor. They also have both Deep Strike and the 5++ save as unique...
  18. Bravo_10

    2000 Points - Bravo_10 (CSM) vs. Bishop (Eldar)!

    Here's the game thread! ... Drach-Leon tore hungrily into the flesh of a space marine with his gaping jaws, chewing through equal parts ceramite and gore as he worked his way through the power armor. There was always something so satisfying about the way Ultramarines tasted. He couldn't...
  19. Bravo_10


    I'm looking to try out the WFO system for WH40k. Anybody want a game? I play CSM, so be prepared for some epic Chaos-filled goodness. Anywhere from 1500 to 2000 points would be fine for me. You'd also need to be prepared for some delays in my posting, as I am already in the midst of one game at...
  20. Bravo_10

    Grey Knights...

    So, I took a trip to the gaming shop nearest my college today, and I decided to flip through the Grey Knight codex. I was...well...horrified. Now, I'm not exactly crystal clear on all the GK fluff, but I thought they were supposed to be a small, elite force of powerful psykers. If that's the...