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  1. Arion


    Since I've been rather inactive for the past month/s or so, do we have a converting comp? Cause, you know we have the Golden Bat, but the rules dictate that the winner is based mainly off painting, and I at least am a far greater converter than painter. So how about a competition where you...
  2. Arion

    CN Online Campiagn.

    Here it is again, the request that we be allowed to make an online campaign, given sufficient interest. Now we've got 100 less members than underempire, which ain't to bad. And if there are enough people interested on this forum, in making a campaign I request that we be allowed to. Production...
  3. Arion

    Need Recruits! Underempire Campaign!

    UnderDark This requires no RL battles and can take up a minimal amount of time, so support Swiss, Nihilus and I in fighting this campaign. Help, and join the Surface Warlords!
  4. Arion

    Radio Usage:

    From my experience in the Army Cadet Corp, this is how you use a radio properly. To begin a conversation, Start with "Ah," Then say their call-sign, say "this is ", your call-sign and say over. So, as an example: Ah, 28, this is 23Papa, over" They should respond with "Ah", their callsign...
  5. Arion

    Midnights Legion: 2250 pts, Fluff orientated.

    My latest dragon lord list, driven by fluff. Lord: Draithon Lucellius Thornheart (Vampire Lord) Extra magic level Zombie dragon Crown of the Damned (Evade, stupidity comes from Seizures.) Sword of Kings (Dark Elven Assassin) Red Fury (Dark Elven Assassin) Infinite Hatred (Dark Elven assassin)...
  6. Arion

    A Knightly Deception

    Cool breezes drifted along the old animal track, stirring immense trees, lonely sentinels into action. This in turn agitated the small birds and menagerie of other forest inhabitants to flutter and worry about. Though perhaps that was the travellers fault, it was impossible to know. Dappled...
  7. Arion

    VAU III OOC thread.

    Etc, etc, etc, etc. Actually, I just had an idea for a vampire power, what about the ability to turn one member, who can either go with or against them.
  8. Arion

    VAU III Play Thread

    Legion upon legion of well ordered soldiers marched through the mist laden valley, individually jumping at coalesced shapes in the darkness. After what seemed like years for the soldiers burning legs they stopped at dusk in a large tree ringed clearing, a river guarding two sides and thick...
  9. Arion

    VAU III sign up Thread

    You know the deal... But if you don't! VAU is an internet forum game based off the popular kids party activity mafia. It invloves a group, or council trying to find out which of their number are vampires, traitors trying to kill them all or gain a majority in the council for reasons...
  10. Arion

    TVC commonly used Mounts and Vehicles

    This is a thread for your commonly used mounts and vehicles, e.g Todd would put down the Patisserie, Lesa her shadow dragon. I would put down Malice, Reyasaltien, perhaps The Shadows Intent. (Will update soon). Just a physical description and short history. If they are sentient then a...
  11. Arion

    To Work out a Points Value

    Special Character Design Rules. Basic Character Construction Over at Carpe Noctem we have a section of the forum called Unit Development. Take a trawl here, and apart from noticing its relative inactivity at the current time, you will notice that for nearly every character idea posted there...
  12. Arion

    How does an undead die from a mudane weapon?

    This is my question, how does an undead die from a mudane weapon, I understand that with a magical weapon, or an Obsidion blade you would effectively dispel the dhar, but If you cut off the head with a normal weapon surely the magic energies are simply kept in the body. Or does the magic act...
  13. Arion

    Ulthuan in Flames

    Ulthuan.org is starting a new campaign! Apparently the previous ones were brilliant, and the best thing is playing battles is not required, they are automated, so it doesn't intrude on RL that much. I'd join! (Join the cult of slaanesh, thats my faction!)
  14. Arion

    VAU II OOC Thread

    You know the deal.
  15. Arion

    VAU II Play Thread

    Mist rolled around the hills, trees waving disturbingly in the breeze like haggard crones. Overhead the day was overcast and snow blanketed the forest floor. All in all not a promising winter. On top of a cliff a tall castle squatted like a guard dog over a wide, fast flowing river. Inside...
  16. Arion

    Fleshing out your Character

    Heres an interesting PDF I found for fleshing out your character, and really thinking about them, their mentality etc. Since I can't attack it, here it is written out: Produced by Burning Void (www.burningvoid.com) 336655,, VVOOLLUUMMEE I: 365 CHARACTER QUESTIONS FOR WRITERS AND...
  17. Arion

    VAU II sign up thread.

    With the recent TAU success, we now have a Vampires among us! Pretty much the same. Brief Rules Description In the day cycle, people discuss events and vote for an execution (if wanted). In the night, discussion is stopped and the players with special abilities may use them. There is one main...
  18. Arion

    Would people like a little Carpe Noctem chat room?

    I just discovered a site that makes free chat rooms, its the same one as Tau.Online uses, so it should work well and be legit. I tested it, and have a Carpe_Noctem chat window ready for uploading, in Night theme. Do people want one here?
  19. Arion

    Congratulations to the new Admin!

    At least I don't think there's one of these yet... But anyway, congratulations to Disciple of Nagash, long may he reign! (I think:P)
  20. Arion

    TAU C&C

    A thread for TAU 1 Comments and Criticism. Firstly, a question. If I do another Tau, should I do a TAU (traitors among us), NAU (Nagashi among us) or VAU (Vampires among us). Which would you prefer?