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  1. Uziel

    - The Bloodline Legacies Army List -

    - The Bloodline Legacies Project - Foreword: This army list attempts to make each of the five known bloodlines of vampires a bit more unique in nature, both as their fluff goes and also how their armies look and function on the tabletop itself. The list is loosely based on the one in...
  2. Uziel


    I've just started this thread, so that for those that have been interested in contributing their thoughts and feedback on my Bloodlines Project, have someplace to make general comments and where non-specific beastiary discussions can take place. This will also stop the project from spilling...
  3. Uziel

    Krell and Kemmler, a Point Cost issue

    Hello I'm just about finished making a new version of Krell for a little project I have going. Kemmler is next. The problem is that to do them justice (according to the newer stuff), I think they both have to be Lord choices (a Dark Lord of Nagash and a Lvl 4 Necromancer justify that in my...
  4. Uziel

    What Unit changes would you like to see in a new Vampire Counts army book?

    After 8 ed has come out, many of the units in the VC army book has been nerfed, and are no longer really worht spending your points on if you play to win. What would you like to see changed, both in regards to which units are where in the list? Special rules for units? New units? Etc...