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  1. Count Darvaleth

    Broken links

    Not sure what the situation is with this across the forum, but a helpful member ( @Emicrania ) pointed out that the links here to our own tutorials are broken: https://www.vampirecounts.net/threads/index-of-painting-guides-updated-9-05-2012.5728/ External site links are fine (except GW ones as...
  2. Count Darvaleth

    Action: A Charter; a Country; a King

    Year: 1 (in-game, actual year disputed) Month: January Starting Map (white areas are not necessarily devoid of life, or even of other civilisations. You will have to find them for yourself: remember, none of you have any particular knowledge of the region as it stands today, only of old...
  3. Count Darvaleth

    The world mourns

    Nelson Mandela has sadly passed away, He was in the company of his family when his time came. We honour his memory, and salute his passing. God save Nelson Mandela, a great man.
  4. Count Darvaleth

    It was so good

    The Day of the Doctor. Oh. My. God. (That is all. Keep spoilers to a minimum please.)
  5. Count Darvaleth

    CN Medals need you!

    Fellow denizens of the dark, Carpe Noctem has grown over the years. Some of you will remember when it looked completely different, back when the Countdown threads started at 1,000 and TVC I was in its infancy. An area that has not kept pace as well as it perhaps could have is the medals &...
  6. Count Darvaleth

    Heresy hobbyists?

    Hi CN, Just wondering if there were any Heresy-era (pre or during) hobbyists amongst us? Do you game with them using Forge World rules, or just collect the models? What draws you to the 31st millenium? Do you have difficulty playing with 40k using 30k models and/or rules? What do you collect...
  7. Count Darvaleth

    Rob the Zombie strikes back!

    Hello dear denizens of the dark! Pull up a stool and listen well, for ye are about to hear the story of Rob the Zombie. Rob was an old friend of CN, and for many months was passed around from member to member, with all sorts of things happening. He's eaten people, left terrible messes in their...
  8. Count Darvaleth


    The forum has been down for me for the last couple of days, this is the first I've been able to access it. Anybody else been having the same issue?
  9. Count Darvaleth

    What are you procrastinating from?

    Well, what should you be doing now? :clown: This should be a fun little game, as I'm sure everyone has something that, at the end of the day, needs doing sooner or later. But, as I always say, why put off to tomorrow what you can do the day after? xD Right now, I'm procrastinating from...
  10. Count Darvaleth

    Recruitment & OOC: A Charter; a Country; a King

    A Charter; a Country; a King Overview In this roleplay, you will take control of realms in pre-gunpowder medieval Europe. History has been rewritten, however; you do not have to ascribe to any "real" nation, but instead will create your own. As Europe's nations begin to stretch out and grow, a...
  11. Count Darvaleth

    Medieval Rulers Interest Check

    EDIT: The recruitment thread is now up: https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-Recruitment-OOC-A-Charter-a-Country-a-King Hello there, I've made various outlines/plans for a conquest-style roleplay. I wanted to check people would be interested in signing up first. The setting is medieval...
  12. Count Darvaleth

    Pre-Heresy Praetorian Guard [EC 2k]

    Hi there, This is my Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children army list. I haven't got all the stuff on the list yet, but this is what I'd like to work towards. I'm using the Betrayal book's army list for this force. Praetorian Guard When Fulgrim came to his Legion, it was in a dire state. Numbers...
  13. Count Darvaleth

    Any composers out there?

    Hello CN, I know that several members on here are musical, which is great (go music!). I was wondering, however, if any of you have ever dabbled in composing/songwriting? Have you made your own music? What software do you use? (I'd normally advocate pen and paper but that makes it tough to...
  14. Count Darvaleth

    VAU OOC: The Arousing and Fantastical Tale of Anita Jacqueouff

    Please use this thread for all OOC relating to the VAU, and this thread for signup and checking character sheets. ~ Darvy
  15. Count Darvaleth

    The Tale of Raum Sonnellion

    The Tale of Raum Sonnellion Prologue - The City of Sorrow ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prologue – The City of Sorrow Ghrond. A harsh city, in a harsh land. Its name means a cold death for most, lost amidst the unearthly snows, victims of...
  16. Count Darvaleth

    2400 Competitive List

    Hello there, What follows is Darvy's best attempt at making a cruel, competitive list. Ghoul King - 355pts - Ogre Blade & Dragonbane Gem - Red Fury - (General) Standard blender of ultimate blendiness. Already re-rolls to hit so no need for Quickblood. Master Necromancer - 225pts - Level 4...
  17. Count Darvaleth

    Converting Neferata

    Hi there, The artwork for the Neferata black library book is awesome, and inspired me. I want to create something similar, maybe minus the staff. A Lahmian Queen, lithe and deadly whilst bearing regal elegance. The question is, how would I go about converting it. I don't want the...
  18. Count Darvaleth

    Action: The Queen of Worms

    +++ One Year before Contact +++ The Cruel Blade shuddered and groaned as it translated into warp space. Captain Octavian was keeping a tight-schedule, and as such every calculation, every command, every last detail had to be precise. The Captain sat atop his command throne, overlooking the...
  19. Count Darvaleth

    Signature Links

    Hiya, Links in sigs have gone slightly awry (see below!) EDIT: Sigs in general are also now differently-sized too.
  20. Count Darvaleth

    Merlin :(

    Did anyone else watch this program? Just seen the last episode of the series, very sad. :'(