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  1. Arion

    Countup to 10,000

    Back to the pictures!http://seds.org/messier/Png/m65.png Soo, any rules for number 69..., DoN? Just kidding, hahaha.
  2. Arion

    Cheesy/corny songs!

    Hey mate:), not as much time as I used to, but I'll still be hanging round here a little. I missed so much! Agreed that the Final Countdown is great, bit of fresh air from what I normally listen to.
  3. Arion

    TVC OOC (New)

    You can moor a boat, or anchor it, I think. It stays in one place after that.
  4. Arion

    Cheesy/corny songs!

    Always- by Erasure Also, its in the cheesiest game ever, where youre a rainbow unicorn, jumping through the clouds, try it, the music suits it so well. Called : Robot Unicorn Attack
  5. Arion

    Motivational Posters - which are your favourites? (Warning: Some Adult Themed Pics)

    RE: Motivational Posters - which are your favourites? haha, that would be great. Or we could put it at the end of the intro pm, but that might be a bit much.
  6. Arion

    Countdown from 10,000

    1,289 This is still going? hahahaha.
  7. Arion


    Since I've been rather inactive for the past month/s or so, do we have a converting comp? Cause, you know we have the Golden Bat, but the rules dictate that the winner is based mainly off painting, and I at least am a far greater converter than painter. So how about a competition where you...
  8. Arion

    Carpe Noctem is proud to announce our new affiliation with Mantic Games!

    Haha, you deserve it DoN, alot of work has been put into here. But those models really make me want to enter some of the comps this year... hmm.
  9. Arion

    Odd stuff with google

    oh, type in 'I hope' -I hope you get sexually violated by a perodactyl. 'Why are there' -Why are there strawberries on my nipples i need them for fruit salad. Theres a site dedicated to these.
  10. Arion

    Prepare for the Ice Age!

    What I've read is that cold air and warm air met to cause some freak weather condition, causing the coldest winter in 30 years. And even though it is completely unrelated, its even been slightly cold and rainy down in sydney. All you people up north are lucky, I love snow, and haven't seen it...
  11. Arion

    Your Character's Rules

    Hey, warrior, I sent you a PM with my comments on it in reply to your PM asking me to comment?
  12. Arion

    WHFB - Total Realism Pt 1 [Introduction]

    This is great, I thought on a similar vein, but only got as far as formations. Which I can't find in the armoury section... Anyway, I love the idea, and can see how it would make games a lot more interesting, especially with all the customization, its a fluffsters dream. No doubt there are...
  13. Arion

    TVC OOC (New)

    A little more critiscism for the elf, for a magical power and skill of seven it would require about 300 years of training. That just doens't fit. Also, dedicated mages, like yours would have to be, are often physically weak, at the moment your more than the equal of over half the council in...
  14. Arion

    TVC OOC (New)

    @DoN, was thinking soon, I've been lazy. I'll update the supp soonish.
  15. Arion

    TVC Signup Thread - New

    Character Bio: Draithon Lucellius Thornheart. (Drai-thon Lu-Cell-i-us Thornheart Associated Names: Duke Lucius Farseer, The Vengeance. Age: 257 Bloodline: Highelven Monarchy / The Markaen. Sire Finubar the Seafarer / Nagash. Generation: First, though of a weakened bloodline. Place of...
  16. Arion

    My model is featured on the GW site...

    RE: My model is features on the GW site... Grats mate, thats quite something to brag about.
  17. Arion

    Vampires: Pure Evil or not

    Keep them like battery hens! Or for an easy solution, give them copious amounts of feel good drugs, and no clothes in confined cages. And give them no iodine, to reduce their intelligence. And don't teach them how to speak.
  18. Arion

    Halloween plans

    My and ma mates actually aren't doing anything, since Halloween is right in the hight of our exams. We're saving the revelry for free marking day.
  19. Arion

    Dark Elf Vamp

    Welcome Blood Red! One thing you'll have to note in your fluff is that elves bitten by human vampires, do not turn into elven vampires, they explode, quite messily.
  20. Arion

    TVC - Sign-Up Thread (Old)

    RE: TVC - Sign-Up Thread Sarcos, I only have a problem with an orc flying about on rocket boots, and him being the father of all technology. The sheer force required to lift an orc for any viable amount of time is contained in those rockets that 40k orcs strap to their back, and well...I mean...