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  1. vg11k

    vg11k unholy pieces

    Well, i was starting making a blog of my undeads on lustria online to share my progress with their topic "Let's get motivated" and then... What am i doing ? Sharing vampire stuff on lizardmen forum while not sharing on the vampire one ? So let's doing it. Hope you'll enjoy my humbles minis...
  2. vg11k

    Fire and Blood

    Allright. With some help of the wonderful tool https://www.deepl.com/translator, i throw myself in an english version of my stories. Before i begin, i'll warn you about 3 points : - As i told you in my introduction i'm not a very good english speaker. So even with the help of deepl i guess many...
  3. vg11k

    Raising from the grave

    Hello everybody I came here from your french neighbor, the forum whcv. In advance i'm sorry for my crappy english. There are seven years now i started warhammer with the vampire counts battalion box. And since i'm driving deeper and deeper in this wonderful universe. Roughly speaking i think i...