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  1. Duke Danse Macabre

    W: Lahmian Vampire H: Paypal

    I don't have it but if you mean the one with a separate cat as a familiar that is not a standard Lahmian vampire, thats Neferata. Does not come on horse, only foot, the mounted model is a different one...
  2. Duke Danse Macabre

    OOP/Vintage undead/etc FIRE SALE

    Not after them mate but try the old hammer trading group on FB, they will snap your hand off for the wights.
  3. Duke Danse Macabre

    Age of sigmar

    I'm going to pop in and say this now. And not just to Undying Scourge. Everyone is starting to get very personal and disrespectful of each others hobby and the way they like to play it. I fully expect to see every taking part in meaningful discussions and continuing to make this forum a fun...
  4. Duke Danse Macabre

    Age of sigmar

    My friend runs a miniature store and GW gave given him a bit up front information to help sell the new product. From what he has been told 8th edition and end times are not changing any time soon and AOS is a skirmish game only with rough rules which are quick to play, its designed for fun and...
  5. Duke Danse Macabre

    H: Vintage Citadel Undeads etc W: OOP Citadel Undeads

    Unlocked at owners request due to reaching required posts.
  6. Duke Danse Macabre

    The Lol Thread

    Well if anyone has not yet seen:
  7. Duke Danse Macabre

    Avatar/vargheist conversion

    Size wise he works but his look is just is just way off for the gothic feel of vampire counts, i just don't see it working without some serious conversion work.
  8. Duke Danse Macabre

    WIP Tower

    Bah, O&G... Your missing the chance for a good old fashioned monster mash sir! Speaking of which, I may now need to buy a smoke machine.
  9. Duke Danse Macabre

    a really good article

    God this looks awesome... Count this as shamelessly stolen! :D
  10. Duke Danse Macabre

    Geralt of Rivia joins the Kislev! More Kislev units and an army picture

    Its a good Concept but it has a hint of Silent hill to it in my mind when you have swords grafted into flesh, bit like the gorgon model in essence. Backtracking to the LOTR model I mentioned: http://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Drûzhag-The-Beastcaller You can easily split the bats into two...
  11. Duke Danse Macabre

    Massive dragon!

    To be honest you don't even need the model mounted, you could base this model and have a Bridle hanging from around the maw of the dragon, possibly made of really fine chain leading to a vampire thats striding in fornt on his mount, the chain clenched tight in one mailed fist as he leads his...
  12. Duke Danse Macabre

    need some help

    They we have 2 options, either wait till the base size increases in the next book as the new kits come out to replace the finecast Wyverns or the better option, build it into a weighted base like i sugested and possibly build a slot into a larger sceanic base for which it can slot into on a...
  13. Duke Danse Macabre

    Skaven Vermimlord

    I'm sorry but I'm afraid I am going to have to close this thread. Reason is we already have a Ebay list thread at the top of this board for you to list such items and where as they would be welcomed there they would clutter the rest of the board if every ebay sale was posted as nice looking as...
  14. Duke Danse Macabre

    need some help

    It does look awesome but they are right, without using a different base size you are going to have to use some seririous magic to keep that model upright, either that or a weighted base with a chunk of rock or iron built into the basing to drill into. I will say however though, O&G don't have...
  15. Duke Danse Macabre

    need help with the drum set

    Looks awesome mate, need to ask though, have you considered adding any extra horizontal drums, it really helps bulk it out and gives it the look you want, besides penal drumming is where its at. ;)
  16. Duke Danse Macabre

    Good undead pirates?

    To be honest i think your best choice as GW's of range is now gone is to either A) Hunt on Ebay or B) which I think is much better, get converting and make something special. Afterall the Empire Flagellant and Millita Kits just beg to be zombified and it won't be hard to give them a piraty feel. ;)
  17. Duke Danse Macabre

    RIP WHFB 2015

    You are right on the money (so to speak) there mate and your reasoning is sound. However it does come across as a little brash with all the over sized caps etc mate, I know debates can get a little heated but lets keep things friendly. :)
  18. Duke Danse Macabre

    terrain templates

    To be honest they are not too hard to come by and if you still need them I am more than happy to help, I personally find though that green bitcs of carpet cut to the shape you want and a bit of foam board that has been shaped and painted does everything you need really.
  19. Duke Danse Macabre

    How does one paint these colors?

    Yeh, gone are the days of brushes, this is sadly the age of the air compressor. :P At least it has some sexy free hand on the cloak as well to redeem it. ;)
  20. Duke Danse Macabre

    Suggestions for a Zombie Butcher.

    I meant from his open gut because ut would get in the way of the apron and more importantly it makes it look like a nurgle lord reposed if no work has been done to convert it and you keep 90% of the origional. Its something you have to be warey about.