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    Blood bar. (RP)

    Hey people, thought this site could use some sort of "user interactive bar", sorta like the Underempire's, so here goes my attempt. I've heard rumours of this bar.. I am yet to find it. Any of you undead people know where I can find it? I would really love a freshly tapped pint of...
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    Dragon eggs

    Hey guys. As some of you might have noticed by now (I know that Arion has ;)), I got some eggs in my signature. These eggs can, if getting enough clicks, be turned into dragon hatchlings and later to adult dragons. If you guys are interested, then here's the link for the main page (be...
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    The wolves

    It was late in the evening and Duncan was out and doing the last bit of work on his field. He slowly gathered his tools and began humming a tune his father had taught him. As he took up the scythe and reached for the last bit of tools, he heard the howls of wolves in the distance. As Duncan was...
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    Hello again y'all

    Hello guys Sorry for my long absence, but school got too big a part of my spare time... I am sorry about the AoD and I think I'll stop making those. I'll try to be as active as some of you might remember me as, otherwise, you'll see me a lot on the site from now on (I think :P)
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    Pics of my Chaos Legion

    This is my rather small Daemonic legion... needs more models... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v710/Ghatralt/ce0adc25.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v710/Ghatralt/3046991c.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v710/Ghatralt/cbfa48f7.jpg...
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    Tactica on Daemon Lords of Slaanesh

    KNOW YOUR DAEMONS: First off: all written in here is strictly IMO. Welcome to my humble place in this world. I hear you've come seeking info on the Daemons of the God of Pleasure. Allow me to enlighten you in this matter. Lords: The Lords in the Daemonic Legion and in the Pure Daemon...
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    Pantheon of Kherga

    The Pantheon of Kherga. 5th September 2514 Imperial calendar. “Today I finally saw the outskirts of Kherga, the fabled city of Sethreios the 200 year old King. It had beautiful stonewalls where the white facing still was visible and the towers on the city wall were shining...
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    Strigoi blood hunt

    Strigoi Blood Hunt. Jack ran through the woods, his heart beating heavily. He felt the fear slowly crawl over him, making his every step harder and harder. He did not allow himself to stop, he had to run and escape the creature following him. It was early on the evening and Jack had been...
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    Arena of Death

    Hey people. That's right, I am back in action and doing better than ever :D Firstly, the rules: Ogres not allowed, otherwise all races. Must be hero choice. Point limit: 250pts Magic item limit: 75pts Spawnings and other things which gives a bonus to stats, with the exception of Chaos...
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    I'm baaack!

    Hey guys. Sethreios returns to the realm of vampires once again. I have recently ended my small withdrawel from Warhammer and now time is getting more handy again.