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  1. Dragonet

    Fabled Isle Campaign (8th Edition)

    I might be a little late to the party, but I'm finally dipping a toe with a wargaming blog! After several months of tortured negotiations, child sacrifice and power brokering I've finally convinced three old friends to risk our fellowship in that most elusive of pursuits, a Warhammer campaign...
  2. Dragonet

    Dipping a toe, Warmaster scale

    I've wanted to give Kings Of War a go for such a long time, and my old friend and regular opponent has decided he wants to try the rules out on Wednesday. He and some friends used to play Warhammer so they're wary of getting into big army building again; they want to try playing at Warmaster...
  3. Dragonet

    Morghast/Helljack Mashup

    I'm glad to say the Undead ranks are still growing steadily, and although I've been very happily distracted with my Genestealer Cult and PDF Brood Brothers, a couple of trades are set to have me back raising the dead in short order! I hit on the idea of squeezing double duty out of my Winter...
  4. Dragonet

    Dogs Of War

    Was wondering if anyone knows if there's rules for Dogs Of War or Regiments Of Renown for 8th Edition? If not, there really should be!
  5. Dragonet

    Factions Within 8th Edition Armies

    I was very glad to see the Undead Legion list during End Times; although perhaps not as well balanced as one may wish, I was elated to finally see the Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings reunited, and our catapults and chariots returned with interest! I was also surprised but very interested to see...