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  1. luntan

    Thundergods recap in Bristol in the UK

    Nice battlereport. Purple sun is the counter to our deathstars, without it the CD player would have almost no chance to win the game. Now he could draw the game. Looking forward to read the rest of the reports!
  2. luntan

    2500 VC vs Dwarfs

    Nice battlereport. You play a list that is simular to my 2400p list so its fun to read and learn what it can do and what its not good at. So keep the battlereps comming! xD
  3. luntan

    Victory or Death - 2500 pt Swedish Comp Tournament

    Yeah Pirate your rapports is always an enjoyment to read. Dont take to long before you post the rest of the matches!
  4. luntan


    Yeah Wolfform was realy usful.
  5. luntan

    2500 VC vs. O&Gs

    Yes the mount can attack at the sides. Chariot mounts thou cant attack to the sides. Btw nice battlerep!
  6. luntan

    2500 vs Dark Elves

    You are not baiting the witches with your chaff, you just put it infront of them in an angle so they have to charge it to get forward. After they massacre the chaff they have to overrun forward at the angle you had the chaff. I normaly dont play against DE, but often against OnG and if they...
  7. luntan

    Nagash vs Malekith

    Nice battlerep! You should have called it Terrorgheist vs Malekith. The TG dominated this game. The opponent had some bad decission that made it easier for you and that made your TG so good.
  8. luntan

    Gottacon 2015: 5 games of 2,500, 40 players, PNW US Masters qualifier

    Gratz to the win! And as I said before nice battlereports that are easy to follow. Pirate is right about the BTB in a challange. The models are still in the unit. In 6th edition they fighted the challange outside of the unit. More rulethings. In you report against Beastmen you said that...
  9. luntan

    2500 Points - VC vs. Skaven!

    Nice report! Always fun to beat Skaven. HPA is realy random, some matches it can kill half an army and in some it bust dont do anything. But its still a threat that you dont want to get tonyour important stuff.
  10. luntan

    Gottacon 2015: 5 games of 2,500, 40 players, PNW US Masters qualifier

    Nice reports as always Pirate! Looking forward to read the rest of the matches. Your list likes other close combat armies so you have had nice matchups so far. Hopefully you keeped winning the rest of the games! Btw you have painted the models realy nicely, I realy like the dune-bases. Wish I...
  11. luntan

    ETC VC verses from Dwarfs

    Nice battlereport! When I first read your list and saw younwere up against Dwarfs I thought you would get stomped against all the shooting they can have which your Dragon, Throne and Cart dont like. But it went better then Inthough it would for you even thou you lost in the end. You might have...