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    So: With the impending space marine release (4 hours till i get my grubby mits on my gear) I decided it was time for a few things; 1) To get back to posting around here... I've been very lazy! 2) to Finally get around to doing a Plog 3) Paint for the first time in about 6 months. All in all...
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    PM issues?

    Browser: Firefox since about 5pm uk time I have been unable to reply to a PM, or send a new PM. The page will begin the sending procedure with the meta-tag for that tab changing to connecting and remaining like that for (last timing was around the 5 min mark) a few minutes, till landing at...
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    Duke Danse Macabre!

    *slaps with white glove* I hereby challenge you to a 2400 point game! For the honour of the north east! The warriors of Lekhanróst are braying for your blood and are willing to try new methods to make sure your puny minions remain dead!
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    Daemons looking for some fantasy fun!

    Pretty much what it says on the tin, First time using this system. (obviously :P) So I may be slow to start, but hopefully will pick it up quickly. :) I work 9-5 UK time monday to friday, online from about 7am- 8:50am then 5pm - midnight weekdays and then almost all day/night weekends. Thanks...
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    2000 point Mono Khorne Tournament List

    Core: 45 blood letters Full command: Icon Of endless war: Unit total: 595 points. 40 blood letters: Full command: Unit total: 510 points. Core units Total: 1105 points. Rare: 6 blood crushers: Standard Bearer: Unit total: 440 points. Rare Units total: 440 points...