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    New Gunhearts Background

    that's alright, who needs a ninja with a powersword when I'll be an 8ft killing machine clad in adamantium armour, equipped with thunder hammer and storm shield. Seriously though I like the background to this and I already see myself as the Juve Lee the Lucky, a small built warrior who makes...
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    The Lol Thread

    I lost :redface:
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    8th Edition rules that make no sense

    The vampire lord thing is just that the first rank lose their heads, then the rest of the unit moves forward to replace them, hence 'stepping up'.
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    Idea for Fun Lord in 8th

    That thought alone will keep me going no matter how bad my life ever gets. :D
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    Idea for Fun Lord in 8th

    I think you shouldn't get the powers as it would make us very cheesy being immune to most attacks and generating extra attacks for each kill we do. However, technically the high elf who transforms is a high elf, not a mount or creature being used by the HE. I wouldn't argue for that much cheese...
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    Magic lance Nerf?

    I think it should remain how it was before, use the magic lance all the time since its a magic weapon but you only get the +2 strength when you charged. Then again it would make sense not to use the lance when not charging but maybe we shouldn't apply real life situations to a game about magic...
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    TVC OOC (New)

    The Duke smells of sweat... and pride. Aaaaaaaaaaalriiiight. Giggity-Goo!!!
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    Twilight: For guys!

    I would definitely buy that film. Why does Bella have to be picky though, can't they share instead.
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    TVC OOC (New)

    And the Slaan would just sink the empire with their minds xD
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    What's the Point of Zombies?

    To begin with the zombies were for boasting with DoN thinking his army of perverted zombies would soon take over the world, I was on the side that would have resisted him in that war, but I got bored of trying to convince him he'd fail (after all God's on my side and if you've seen Legion you...
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    New armies for 8th

    I thought the ally thing was that you could ally with certain forces in terms of having an additional army, e.g. 2,000pts Brets and 3,000pts Empire with the empire percentages being for that 3k and the brets being for the 2k. Although I do agree with the potential for awsome synergy in...
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    TVC OOC (New)

    spores not sores :lol:
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    The Lol Thread

    LOL!!! When I go to Uni I'm definitely gonna try and find loopholes like that, especially the sword one :devil2:
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    WARNING, NSFW - Sexiest Game Characters

    Well I guess they're both beasts in the sack now that I think about it, just depends what you're into ;) Also like this game's female population: Especially the ending: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzlqkpzXzQA Edit: how do I shrink the image as it's way too big.
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    WARNING, NSFW - Sexiest Game Characters

    At above post: Why? 'cus she's a beast in the sack, the ultimate dominatrix :lol: Anyway what's with the sexy beasts that keep popping up like the LOTR Kraken (so much mroe badass than the pirates of the carribean kraken) And then people go and put up mingers like the red alert bunch...
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    8th Ed Rare choices

    I generally agree with most of what's already been said, but with blood knights their basic strength 5 makes them the one unit that can grind units at a really fast pace regardless of whether it's the first, second or tenth round of combat xD as long as they withstand the attacks they face, send...
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    Fall of the family Verberden

    I like what you've done, I prefer the lack of killing so far as some stories tend to be blood-soaked in action with little story, although I don't think Jacob and Anton are in the mood to hear Karl's life story. :lol: I like the build up as much as the climax personally, and apart from a few...
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    8th Black Knights

    Well small high elf units will still have a bit of fun, like swordmasters, its just everyone else's small units that will suffer a bit.
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    So what are your thoughts on the new UK Conservative / Lib Dem Government

    Completely agree with you, in that poll 20% would have preferred cuts to defence (presumably by withdrawing from Afghanistan or not using trident) Once again Average Joe takes the medicine for the bankers and co. :rolleyes:
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    got an interview for GW

    Yeah don't spend all your earnings at the store, and don't turn into one of those who tries obsessively to sell the goods. Hope you get the job. xD