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  1. Alabaster427

    Legions of Nagash list testing

    I'll try my best to get pictures and batreps up for all of these lists which will be HERE, but this thread is just for list ideas. I'd love for input on these or other ideas that someone else might have. If you have a list idea and can't test it out, for one reason or another, and you'd like to...
  2. Alabaster427

    Summoning zombies and moving?

    For my first tournament of 2018, I've decided to run Nagash, regardless of what that means for my chances of winning. He's just been in storage for too long. Anyways, the obvious battleline choice seems to be zombies. I have 470 for summoning and I'm wondering if I summon a unit of zombies to...
  3. Alabaster427

    Undead pirates leaked!!!!

  4. Alabaster427

    FEC Alpha-strike list

    So I've been toying around with GHB 2017 and I've come up with what I think should be a pretty solid alpha stirke FEC list: Delusion: Crusading Army (reroll 1s on run and charge) Abhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon -Completely Delusional (Can change the delusion in my hero phase) -Blood River...
  5. Alabaster427

    battlescribe update?

    Does anyone know if Battlescribe is being updated for GHB 2017? Does anyone know of a free list builder app that has already been updated?
  6. Alabaster427

    How to beat Chaos?

    After numerous battles and access to nearly every Death unit, I've forged a few really good all-comer lists. I have no fear of any Order or Destruction lists and I've never played against Death because I'm the only Death player here. However, I have a really difficult time beating a certain...
  7. Alabaster427

    AOS GT in Spokane Valley, WA

    https://www.facebook.com/events/1486306798060653/?acontext=%7B%22source%22%3A4%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D&source=4&action_history=null 2,000 points (with 500 point sidebar optional) GT on August 26 at Gamer's Haven in Spokane Valley, WA. $40 entry 3-color paint minimum.
  8. Alabaster427

    Battle foam sale

    Battle foam is having their annual sale through July 4th. Up to 60% off on all orders, custom trays included.
  9. Alabaster427

    2 warscroll questions

    The first problem I'm having is with the Necromancer on Nightmare being 140 points. There's never been a "Necromancer on Nightmare warscroll" so does that mean it just doesn't exist? OR does it mean that if I take a Necromancer and put it on a Nightmare as allowed in the "Necromancer" warscroll...
  10. Alabaster427

    Lapis Lazuli Sphinx

  11. Alabaster427

    Lapis Lazuli paint

    I've been thinking about a paint scheme for my newly acquired sphinx and I really like the jade look, but I was thinking that Lapis Lazuli would be really awesome also. The only problem is that NOBODY sells Lapis Lazuli colored acrylic paint. Has anybody made a mixture that resembles Lapis...
  12. Alabaster427

    Color schemes

    I suck at painting. I decided to start painting my Necro Knights and I couldn't decide between using Abandon Black or Warlock Bronze for the base coat, so I painted one of each. I then put a layer of Hashut Copper on each and it wasn't noticeable on the bronze, but made the black look like a...
  13. Alabaster427

    Alabaster battle reports

    Since I'm starting to participate pretty regularly in tournaments, I figure having one thread is better than flooding this subforum with a bunch of posts. So here we go. 1500 point tournament using the test points for GHB 2 (it only affects me as the only Death player and there aren't any...
  14. Alabaster427

    NEW AOS models

    A new AOS faction just got announced! It's duardin faction called Kharadrons and they have balloon packs and airships!!! I don't know the release date or their rules, but OMFN!! There's also a new AOS game called Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. Underworlds=Death=new death models...
  15. Alabaster427

    AOS app update

    The Age of Sigmar app has been updated. Depending on your in-app purchases, you now have access to warscroll points. There is also now an army builder section of the app called "Azyr" similar to other list builder apps. The downside is that the Azyr section has a monthly fee of $1.49. The rest...
  16. Alabaster427

    My first ITC tourney

    I've played in around a dozen tournaments since I started playing fantasy, but before AoS, I played VC and always had a really rough go of it, what with the crumble, the marching bubble, the shitty core tax, and low mobility. I've played a few AoS tourneys, but this was my first ranked one...
  17. Alabaster427

    Flesh Eaters. Are they worth it?

    My semi-local gaming group is hosting monthly ITC tournaments. The upcoming one (next Saturday) is the first, so it's kind of a trial run, but I've already heard that ranked players are coming from hundreds of miles away. I don't think I'm on par with them yet, but that won't keep me from...
  18. Alabaster427

    Monthly ITC tourneys

    The Spokane gaming group is hosting monthly ITC tournaments. The first one is going to be on February 25th at Gamers' Haven in Spokane Valley, WA. Well, the first one was last month, but they're hoping for the ITC approval to be finalized by the February tournament.
  19. Alabaster427

    1,000 pt tourney game 3 report

    It's been 5 days since the tournament, so some of the details are a bit fuzzy. I am in the top 4. I end up at table two, but all four players in the top 4 are tied for first place, so it's just random placement. I get paired with a Tzeentch player. I know that I can beat him and he knows I can...
  20. Alabaster427

    1,000 pt tourney game 2 report

    So on the top 8. I know that's no big deal when there are only 16 players, but this is also the smallest tournament I've ever played in and I've never been in the top 8 before. After besting the Ironjawz, the wretched refuse of Chaos rears its ugly head at the emissary of Death. Nurgle. For...