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  1. robtion

    Scythe - On Kickstarter

    Just backed a board game on kickstarter that looks like a lot of fun and has an amazing looking world with some of the best art I have ever seen. Anyone else checked this out? Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jameystegmaier/scythe/description
  2. robtion

    Blood Rage miniatures

    Just picked up skirmish boardgame Rum & Bones on kickstarter, has some cool looking undead pirates in it. There are 14hrs left if anyone is interested. Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coolminiornot/rum-and-bones
  3. robtion

    The games thread - No Man's Sky

    I know there were some Demons Souls/Dark Souls fans around here somewhere. Check out the new trailer for Bloodborne, spiritual successor from the same developer. Got to love the dark atmosphere and art style. They are some cool looking beasties :vampire3...
  4. robtion

    Space Hulk Death wing PC, PS4, XB1 2015

    Just a heads up, new 40K FPS coming out 2015. Could be fun :happy:
  5. robtion

    2500 VC vs Skaven friendly game

    Lords: Vlord, hvy armour, shield, Tali pres, OTS, Ogre blade, Red Fury, QB, Beguile Master necro lvl 4 death Spirit leech, doom and dark, Purple sun, Fate of B Heroes: Manfred VC for loremaster Isabella VC for chalice Necro lvl1, dispel scroll, dragonbane gem vamp Core: 55 ghouls...
  6. robtion

    Mortis Engine conversion.

    My recipe for the mortis engine conversion I did recently. More background fluff and finished pics in my plog for those who haven't seen or are interested :thumbsup: Probably a pretty funny sounding method as I just used the few materials I had handy and did not really plan just went with the...
  7. robtion

    Easter challenge entry (unofficial).

    Well just got a really unique mini from Ax Faction and thought I would post a WIP pics of it in honour of Easter. This will be a wild rider for my WE army, though I'm sure it could be zombified if someone wants a really unique mount for their mounted vamp lord :clown: Any thoughts...
  8. robtion

    Infamous Second Son PS4

    This game is stopping me from getting any painting done, its great. Started off a bit slow but now that I'm up and running with a couple of powers it is awesome. Graphics, particularly lighting and powers/effects are very nice. Anyone else playing or getting it?
  9. robtion

    Which looks best? Please vote.

    Looking to enter one of these two wood elves in the February painting challenge on asrai.org. Which one looks better, I can't decide? Thanks in advance for any feedback my vampiric bretheren :vampire3:
  10. robtion

    The Brine Woods.

    Some wood elves which I have just started on. First complete unit, a treeman of course. Hope you like, would be happy to hear what you think ;)
  11. robtion

    You like wood elves?

    So as my vampire counts army has been gradually infected by wood elf bits and pieces, I have finally decided to get it out of my system and start a second army of WE. I have just started a few test models but have ordered a big bunch of stuff from Reaper, Scibor, Enigma, Studio McVey and have...
  12. robtion

    comic recommendation.

    So having recently picked up a Google nexus 10 tablet I have also picked up a new habit. Reading digital comics. Just wanted to recommend a great series to everyone called Invincible. Written by Robert Kirkman of walking dead fame it is a really entertaining read. Nearly the entire series is...
  13. robtion

    Max rare Double TG and Varg 2500pts

    Just wondering what peoples opinions are on taking Double Terrorgheists with a Varghulf for maximum rare slot carnage in 2500pt games? Also, does anyone know how well a varghulf and Terrorgheist(s) synergise together. That is, while the varghulf is thunderstomping away at an enemy would one...
  14. robtion

    An Evil Forest by the Sea.

    Welcome one and all to the Evil Forest by the Sea :konrad: Intro: I hail from Sunny (Hssssssss... :vampire3: ) Australia, love the beach, working out, travelling, playing games (PS3/PS4/XB1), music, movies, and miniatures. I thought it might finally be time to start a PLOG as I have bits and...
  15. robtion

    site down?

    Hi, hope this is the right place to report a site issue. For the past week pretty much on a daily basis I have been unable to access Carpe Noctem for hours at a time, usually in the evening I think (I live in Australia, Sydney timezone). It seems the site is completely down dueing these...
  16. robtion

    Good books!

    Thought I would post a thread for people to recommend any good books they have read (just to make it clear they do not have to be about zombies :zombie: ). With the assumption that most people on this forum can read there must be a couple of good suggestions out there. To get things started...
  17. robtion

    2500pts VC vs DoC/Skaven/Wood Elves.

    Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this list I plan to try out in my next few friendly games. As above I usually play vs DoC, Skaven, and/or Wood Elves at the moment. I have added a few arcane items to the list which I have not used before (other than the standard Dispel scroll)to try and...
  18. robtion

    Coven Throne vs skaven?

    Just a couple of questions as I have little knowledge of Skaven and will be playing against them in the near future. Can Skaven use Strength in numbers for the battle of wills test against the coven throne. I am assuming yes as it does not say unmodified leadership and if you can use...
  19. robtion

    The SMOG Plog 1888.

    I have recently bought the miniature/skirmish boardgame Smog the 13th hour because I love the miniatures(50mm scale) :O The game itself only takes 30-90 minutes depending on points/size and seems pretty good, though I am yet to try it. The setting is an alternate London in 1888 with a...
  20. robtion

    Found some cool mini's

    I have just bought a bunch of minis from Smart max made for their game SMOG the 13th hour. I plan to use the minis for my VC army in the role of Varghulfs, Spirit hosts, etc depending on size, bases etc as they are a larger scale 1/35, which I think is 47-52mm. I love the look of them and have...