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  1. Angie

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    @Borgnine Damn. That Nagash has got to be the best one I've ever seen. It's simply stunning. The way that freehand worked out, the crown, the twistedness of the cape, the dark, macabre feeling you added to it. The GW model seems so thin and airy compared to yours, which has a far more...
  2. Angie

    Angie's Undead.

    Thank you all *bows* @Nikos I have a picture! The white of the pillow reflected the light a bit oddly though. @Orlaster Thanks! The gore effect was done with glue, based on this tutorial. I used a different kind of glue (Hema glue, a dutch brand) and citadel Blood for the Blood God instead...
  3. Angie

    Turning the World to Darkness. Subrscribing Thread.

    I'd like to subscribe!
  4. Angie

    Orlaster's army blog - From the ashes of the old world

    I absolutely love your work. Your conversions are top-notch and the painting is gorgeous. I'd love to see a groupshot of your finished stuff so far. Your plog has inspired me a lot, so much that I took the idea of converting blightkings to crypt horrors and ran with it too. Thank you!
  5. Angie

    Angie's Undead.

    And finally, one of the bigger pieces of the army is finished now: The Black Coach. It took a very long time to get it done right, but I really love it now. The bodies of the horses have been replaced by two of the hexwraith bodies.
  6. Angie

    Angie's Undead.

    I made two pieces of terrain themed around this army. The first is a sacrificial altar. I made from a reaper bones 'Altar of Evil' and a spare base I got from a bits-kit that once belonged to a casket of souls. The second one is a cheap halloween decoration turned into a pillar of bone. I...
  7. Angie

    Angie's Undead.

    Well. Looks like I haven't updated this one in year. Time to change that and start posting everything undead I did in that time (believe me, it's quite a bit.) I replaced some of the older photo's in my earlier posts with new ones I took in a good lightbox. I painted up a good chunk of the...
  8. Angie

    Show us your Dire Wolfs (Doom Wolf)

    @Eyeless: Nice dire spiders! They look super poisonous with that bright green. @Borgnine: I love your painting on those wolves. It makes me like those models for once. Here's my dire spiders as well!
  9. Angie

    The Eternal Court of the Carmine Rose

    Ooh, I hadn't seen your female blood knight before. She looks amazing, great job! If I ever get to build some blood knights for myself I'm definitely going to keep yours in mind!
  10. Angie

    The Undeadish

    That looks very nice! I like the earthly tones. Do you have a specific gaming system in mind with basing these units? I'm absolutely jealous of the Necromunda Caller rat you have there! It's an amazing model, looking forward to seeing it painted up!
  11. Angie

    Angie's Undead.

    The other five Dire Spiders are done, giving me a total of ten. I painted up two Mordheim zombies as well.
  12. Angie

    Angie's Undead.

    There's not too much new this month, but I did manage to get a few things painted. A little reaper bones model that counts as Banshee: The first of 15 (!) Black Knights. I picked up the group of them for less than 10 euro's. They were missing their shiels and spears but not long after I found...
  13. Angie

    Angie's Undead.

    Thank you! It's update time again! The Corpse Cart took a long while to paint. It had a lot more fiddly bits and details than I initially thought. Getting every little piece in focus was even harder :tongue: There's also the first five Dire Spiders and a Necromancer on horse. I thought...
  14. Angie

    My VC, updated with Wight King!

    Oooh, nice Varghulf! I like the reddish brown on the wings and the simple base a lot.
  15. Angie

    Empty vallejo dropper bottles

    Battlefield Berlin might be an option.
  16. Angie

    Mousekiller's Works in Progress

    I love your work! The giant is absolutely great with all the heads and a dwarf hanging from his belt, as is the anvilcart with the pony. What model is the warrior priest? Is it an older GW one?
  17. Angie

    My VC, updated with Wight King!

    Like the rest of your army, those are nice. I don't like the sculpt too much but the way you've painted them works really well. I love the way your green looks so sickly and rotten without being overly pale.
  18. Angie

    Revenge of the Three-Word-Story!

    They were rife
  19. Angie

    Carnival of Screams - Zombie Circus

    Brilliant idea for graveguard. Love the fire dancer idea.
  20. Angie

    The Lost Legion of Mekhet

    Lovely conversions! What models did you use as base for Mekhet and Ahi?