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  1. Shadespyre

    New Photobucket Problems

    New Photobucket Problems! I can currently barely access my PB account (it's DEAD slow) and I can't export any images after I've edited them (not even a simple resize) which is making it impossible to post images online :( I get a weird error message "This license is not vaild for the...
  2. Shadespyre

    Reaper Miniatures - Bones Graveyard Expansion

    I only recently received my big box of models from the Bones 3 Kickstarter, and this was one of the extras I bought. I think it cost me $50 and now retails for $80. Some pictures of what you get... Bones! These are all in the soft white "Bonesium" plastic. A nice range of grave markers, a...
  3. Shadespyre

    Frostgrave - Adventures in the Frozen City

    My gaming buddies have been playing a lot of Frostgrave, the fantasy skirmish game which isn't Mordheim reinvented at all, honest... ;) I played a few games with Warhammer minis, and it seems fun, so I thought I'd invest in some minis specially for the game. Although the rules assume that all...
  4. Shadespyre

    Sources of Inspiration...

    I don't know if there's already a place for this sort of thing, but I spotted this picture on Twitter and thought it needed sharing... And from the same source, here's some nice graveyard photos... http://www.diannetanner.co.uk/project/cemetery/
  5. Shadespyre

    Mystery Vampiress... can anyone identify this please?

    Found in my mate's "play room" recently. Could be GW but we can't pin it down in a catalogue. Any ideas welcome!
  6. Shadespyre

    Classic Metal Grave Guard spotted on ebay

    Not mine, but like the ones I painted. 20 including command for £58, seems like a good deal to me. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WARHAMMER-VAMPIRE-COUNTS-ARMY-MANY-UNITS-TO-CHOOSE-FROM-/201200219537?pt=UK_Toys_Wargames_RL&var=&hash=item2ed877b591
  7. Shadespyre

    Modular Miniature Base And Display Plinths Kickstarter

    Hopefully of interest to some of you, I just got word of this KS project from Morland Miniatures who are a small but awesome minis manufacturer I like to support, Take a look: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/533848...-display-plinth
  8. Shadespyre

    Games Workshop - Petition for Change

    This was posted over on The Herdstone, worth a look just to take the temperature of annoyed Warhammer fans the world over, whether you want to sign it or not...
  9. Shadespyre

    Coven Throne Build

    As I'm on an ethereal binge, I've started assembling the Coven Throne -well, just the spirit horde mostly. Q1 - I've completely assembled both sides of the horde, is it worth painting it before assembling the two halves? Q2 - Thinking ahead, I want to be able to swap Vamps on the throne...
  10. Shadespyre

    Tom Meier Zombie Dragon - How should I use this model?

    One of my ims when working on an army is to rescue classic models from my collection in the loft and get them painted up and used in games. As I have done with my giant skeleton. Here's the next one... The Tom Meier Zombie Dragon from 1985: As you can see from the 8 skeleton warriors...
  11. Shadespyre

    Army Painter Sprays

    This is a basic dumb-ass question, sorry in advance! I lazily bought a can of Army Painter Skeleton Bone, and I just wondered can I use it directly as a primer or should I give my models a blast of black / white first? I'm a bit paranoid as I've only used Citadel spray cans for undercoating...
  12. Shadespyre

    The Eternal Court of the Carmine Rose

    The Eternal Court of the Carmine Rose Hello everyone, I am finally starting work on my Vampire Counts army after a looooong delay in finishing my Middenheimers. It'll mostly be hosted at The Herdstone (link above and in my sig) but I'll be updating things here as well. Hopefully you will see...
  13. Shadespyre

    Rebasing Mantic Skeletons - anyone tried?

    Cracked open my Mantic Skeletons and discovered the basing, with the plastic circle attached to their feet. Not too happy as I'd just decided to put the whole army on home made resin bases. Has anyone tried to cut these guys off their little circles, and if so is it a sensible thing to do or...
  14. Shadespyre

    Someone was doing something about roses...!

    Hi everyone, last summer I was on the forum looking for VC ideas, I remember reading some stuff someone had written about roses, I think possibly about a ruined castle in Sylvania? Darned if I can find it now. If anyone can point me at this thread I'd be grateful, thanks! It may have been...
  15. Shadespyre

    Vargheist / Crypt Horror Bits

    I haven't looked into the new MI for my upcoming army yet. But I'm wondering what bits are left over after assembling Vargheists from one of these boxes? Anything useful like spare heads and arms, or are the Vargs basically the Crypt Horrors with wings? Hopefully there's something I can use...
  16. Shadespyre

    Forgeworld Carmine Dragon

    Has anyone considered using the Carmine Dragon and it's scythe wielding rider as a Vampire lord on Zombie Dragon? (Obviously, you'd need a serious lottery win first!)
  17. Shadespyre

    Just some broad advice please!

    I'm about to start revamping (!) my old VC army, and I'm funding it by selling off a lot of my naff old rank and file models, and some classic characters. My new army will be based around the Coven Throne and a bunch of other pretty vampiresses from various manufacturers. However, at the...