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    How to fight VC as Bretonnia?

    I have a friend who also plays vampire counts (silly copycat...) and I used my old Bretonnian RAF force against him (having warned him it's considered cheesy) and I managed a quite coordinated multi-charge against his bunkered lord. So the question is, if I was in his shoes, how would I beat...
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    Angel Statues and War Dogs

    Hi I'm looking for some cheap angel statues (any pose) to get in quite large numbers for either spirit hosts or zombies (still looking for inspiration for zombies or zombie counts as). I'm also looking for suitably large and agressive looking War Dogs for my Dire Wolves (like the Mabari War...
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    Zombi Brainstorming...

    Personally, I loathe the GW zombies with a passion and having looked at other ranges I can't find any that I do like. At first I thought to look for zombies out of 28 weeks later and other similar fast zombies but they don't really fit for me either. So the plan, I need some inspiration...
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    Loeun Leoncoeur

    So this would probably be more suitable on the Brets site but I can't be bothered to make an account for it. In 5th (I think) the Brets had the magic weapon Sword of Couronne which takes 1 wound off any undead within 3 inches after the lord using it has done his movement. So my question is...
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    What are your favourite GW Miniatures?

    Simple question just to see what models everyone likes that GW produces. I for one, like Konrad, The original Haldir's Elves (not so sure about the new ones), Captain Sicarius and lots of others. Is it me though, or are the best miniatures metal? what are the better plastic ones? title fix ~ MV
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    Halfling Blood Knights

    Yes, you did read that right, don't worry you are not going insane from bloodlust. Ok, so I've found inspiration in the form of guys who are about 4ft tall, if that, and I want to convert some mighty halfling blood knights and I need your help to create these masterpieces. So the requirements...
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    Fun Army Lists

    Ok, I want everyone to forget about tactical genius here and post army lists that would be pure fun (at any points level) Order of the Blood Dragon: (1,825pts) Vampire Lord "Walach Harkon" with Red Fury, Dread Knight, Infinite Hatred, Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Balefire Spike- 360pts 20...
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    Just got the Kislev book from a friend who was getting rid of some stuff so I "relieved" him of his burden. So it's from 2003 but I've got a few queries about it: Allowed on Tournament Scene or not? Glorious Charge- Does it just cause a panic check on the charge? Has anyone used Kislev at...
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    Snow Bases

    I really want to have my army with snowy bases but I don't know how to do that so can anyone help me please. :konrad:
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    None shall pass

    Armand was growing weary of his long travels, having taken up the Grail quest he had been searching for over a year now. Hefting his gear, onto his steed he continued his journey. Headed now towards Blood Keep, he would complete this quest or die trying. On the road stood a lone man, this man...
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    Zombie Dragon Ideas

    I've been thinking about this because I hate the zombie dragon model with a passion (in other words if I was to charge it I would have the effects of infinite hatred, even if I don't last that long in a fight against it). So I'm thinking it would be good to use the High Elf Dragon and make...
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    VC with Vamp Name Generator

    I'm basing the theme for my first army from what I got for Vampire Name Generator which is: The Great Archives determine you to have gone by the identity: Marquis of Scandanavia Known in some parts of the world as: Father of The Howling Wolves The Great Archives Record: Hot of blood...