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  1. Wargamer

    Aristocratic Lahmian and Lahmian BSB models?

    I just finished reading Ulrika the Vampire: Bloodborn (going to start the sequel soon) and I got stuck in my head to get Aristocratic Lahmians, with fancy dresses, wigs, etc. apart from the new Isabela, I can't find good models. I also can't find good Lahmiam BSB models. Any help?
  2. Wargamer

    Child Vampires

    Do children who are given "the Kiss" mature to adults or retain their physical age? I ask because I read there is a little fluff on a Bretonnian child turned by a Necrarch. The child later adopted the name of Madame Kalfon. I think a Child Vampire would be an interesting modeling project.
  3. Wargamer

    SGK and Master Necromancer at 2000pts?

    Anyone considered using at 2000pts a Strigoi Ghoul King with the Dragonbane Gem, Red Fury, and Fear Incarnate with a barebones lvl 3 Master Necromancer? Both add up to 500 points on the dot.
  4. Wargamer

    Skabscrath and Red Fury

    I saw this on WarSeer. I don't think this is right.... http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?329203-Vampire-Counts-8th-Edition-Tactica&p=6043550&viewfull=1#post6043550
  5. Wargamer

    2000pts Kemmler

    Vampire goes in the Skeletons with Kemmler, she is there to take challenges for him. Lords Heinrich Kemmler (350) Heroes Vampire (252) Level 2 Wizard; Lore of the Vampires; Great Weapon; Heavy Armor; Luckstone; Talisman of Preservation; Beguile; Dread Knight; Quickblood. Necromancer...
  6. Wargamer

    Vampire powers Discussion

    I though they deserve their own discussion. Worst power in my opinion, Master Strike. Rarely useful. Forbidden Knowledge lost way too value. With the Book Lore getting pushed for IoN spam and Crumbling prevention, losing Loremaster, and Shadow/Death being free, it doesn't seem worth much...
  7. Wargamer

    2000pts Combat Lord list

    Critique is welcomed: Lords Vianvy the Furyblade (Vampire Lord) (488) Level 2 Wizard; Lore of the Vampires; Barded Nightmare; Shield; Heavy Armor; The Other Trickster's Shard; Staff of Damnation; Talisman of Preservation; Fear Incarnate; Quickblood; Red Fury. Heroes Skelsan, Bound King...
  8. Wargamer

    Suitable Vampire models?

    Here are a few Reaper models I would like input on using as Vampires. This one looks like a hybrid Wizard / Warrior: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/vampire/release/03042#detail/IG_85_1 This one looks too much like a Wizard. Maybe as a Master Necromancer instead...
  9. Wargamer

    2000 points Necromancer list under new book

    First list under the new book, going to test it today against my brother's Grimgor list. I'll see if I'll tell you how it functioned: Lords Master Necromancer (320) Level 4 Wizard; Lore of the Vampires; Master of the Dead; Talisman of Preservation; Black Periapt. Heroes Wight King (164)...
  10. Wargamer

    Do non-human Vampires exist?

    For example, Elf Vampires. I think an High Elf Blood Dragon (since High Elves are renoun for Martial Prowess and honor to begin with) would be very interesting.
  11. Wargamer

    Using the HE Noble and SH kit for making Vampires / Blood Knights (UPDATE: Pictures!)

    Anyone tried (or think it would look good with a suitable paint job) to use the High Elf Lord and Prince kit to do a Vampire on foot and on Barded Nightmare? Perhap as Blood Dragons given all the Dragon motif in the kit? I'm not great at converting (well my brother really, he assembles and...
  12. Wargamer

    Viktor cel Rau

    Anyone ever seen this model and compared it to GW and Mantic Skeletons? http://banelegions.maelstromgames.co.uk/?tag=bnl-015
  13. Wargamer

    There is nothing to fear but Fear itself....well, we are Fear incarnate!

    Anyone noticed the strong Fear theme present in our new book?: Aura of Dark Majesty (Vampiric Power) Fear Incarnate (Vampiric Power) Screaming Banner (Magic Banner) The nice thing, the first two are under 50pts total and can be spammed on multiple characters. Some nice interactions: -...
  14. Wargamer

    Vampire Counts Armylist for Quartermaster iPhone/iPad app

    Note to Mods: I dunno if sharing Armylists for Army Building apps is ok in here. Just give me a yes or no. Quartermaster is a paid app (5 USD) for creating Army list templates. After ardious typing in my iPad, I made a template for Vampire Counts with the new book. If there are people here...
  15. Wargamer

    Vampire Counts Comic

    Sorry if this is on the wrong forum: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-4_ZE_NS0yrw/TxCoPJLx7nI/AAAAAAAADhw/7qP-zrcP8Y0/s1600/plasticdudesmen.44.jpg
  16. Wargamer

    Thinking about Vampire Counts, but...

    ...I don't like the look of most of GW's Undead, they look like something out of Scooby Doo. Skeletons, Grave Guard, Ghouls are way to cartoony, even when compared to other armies IMO. The only decently good Vampire Counts models are most of the Lords and Heroes, the Varghulf, and Blood Knights...