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    Death VS Sigmarines

    I have not used a WK or Banshee. In my eyes our foot heroes aren't tough enough to be anything more than support characters. For brawlers I would go with a VL on ZD or AT, as for the same price as a Necro or WK we can get three Crypt Horrors and they're gonna smash more stuff than any lone hero...
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    Death VS Sigmarines

    I just played my first game against Stormcast yesterday! What really worked for me was that I simply outnumbered them; they couldn't kill my skeletons and zombies fast enough to make a difference. I just parked the two blobs on objectives and it was basically game over from that point. I highly...
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    2k Monster Mash

    Hey all! Now that I have a sizable Death collection (*cough*paint it first*cough) I have the options to build any number of lists. Today, though, I've been toying with the idea of a monster-mash style list. So, using what is available to me I came up with this: VLoZD -General...
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    Crypt Horror Unit Size

    Ah, yes, should have specified: 2000 points and common foes are Ogors, Chaos Warriors and Knights, Dark Elves, and those are the ones I know about. I'm just getting in to AoS and I haven't fully scoped out the local scene!
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    Crypt Horror Unit Size

    Hi, everyone! Noob here looking for opinions, anecdotes and advice! I'm assembling a generalist Death force; Skellies, Zombies, Dire Wolves, Necromancers, Vampires, etc. A more specialized unit I'm implementing is Crypt Horrors, specifically the Attendants At Court formation. My question...
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    I just looked and both examples pointed out by Oppenheimer specify "can be selected twice in the combat phase." I'm inclined to go with OP's interpretation.
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    Comprehensive Death Tactica post General's Handbook

    Keep it coming! I really appreciate what you've given us so far, and I feel like this could be an invaluable resource to the growing AoS community, especially if it convinces more people to come over to the dead side!
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    Summoning question...

    Presumably you would be able to spam summon all day long. Matched Play is the only format with any restrictions beyond what is written on any given unit's war scroll.
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    1,000 Crusading Theme

    Blood Knights are already Battleline if you stick to Soulblight, no? You have to stay within bounds unless you plan on summoning outside-Soulblight stuff.
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    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Fleshy Undead Hero on Foot

    Exactly how much flesh is required? Some of my WiP characters have varying amounts..
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    1,000 Crusading Theme

    I was toying with a similar idea, but went with a Lord on Dragon and Blood Knights as Soulblight Battleline. Your list seems more capable of objective scoring whereas the way I had it would have to shoot for tabling the opponent. If you have the option I would go for wings instead of a horse...