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  1. vg11k

    vg11k unholy pieces

    Hi guys, long time no see. I hope you are all doing well. Thank Unas, i'm glad you like them. I'm particulary proud of this strigoi character =) Let's share some new mini and homemade background ! I finally got my titan-forge kickstarter mini and some time to paint them. Here we go, first...
  2. vg11k

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    Amazing conversions and minis, as always. It's stunning. But with all those blood bowl characters, how many team do you have and for how many characters mini ??
  3. vg11k

    vg11k unholy pieces

    I should really update this thread more often. But for now, let's share some news. First with the covid-nurgle-gift, i got plenty of time to paint some demon mini i had for years. Nothing for the great father, but still. Let's start with U'Zhul, the Skulltaker which was gifted to me by a...
  4. vg11k

    Farmer's Undead

    I love your metal work on the skeletons and crypt guards armors/weapons. It really looks great individually and even better in big unit. Nice tree-unit filler btw. Also, the little conversion with climbing vine <3 The trees and crows looks great, but i am looking forward to your crypt horror...
  5. vg11k

    Farmer's Greenskins

    There are a lot of "tinypic" no longer available pictures from your 2018 shot, that sad :'( Next, i love your gobbos. They look simple but they feel amazing. In particular the snot pump who reminder me the Grom the Paunch trailer for total war. So funny. A little detail is the human face...
  6. vg11k

    Unas the Slayer's Terrains

    It is simple but damn, the idea to add the pens and fans add so much "life" to your buildings. And that "cadia stands" "special delivery" is very funny, it bring the feeling of a last-standing bunker. Nice work !
  7. vg11k

    vg11k unholy pieces

    Yes and no. In fact the mini is not glued to the base : i can separate it and even remove the wings. I put magnets on the base and the shoulders. It is easier to transport without breaking any part. Glad you like my main vampire character @"The Brotherhood of Necros". I fell in love the first...
  8. vg11k

    vg11k unholy pieces

    Thanks guys ! Let's get back to our good old undead now ! Agrouh !
  9. vg11k

    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: A Christmas Carol

    Damn, i shared my Baneful Seraphim one year and four months ago. I'll not be able to take a picture of them in a wheat field decor i'm currently making with the song "Angels We Have Heard on High" (in french it's called Les anges dans nos campagnes, translated word-by-word it's Angels in our...
  10. vg11k

    vg11k unholy pieces

    Thanks Unas It seems Xenforo does not really like exernal images. Each time i come here i see half my pictures "missing". If i'm courageous i'll replace each one of them, stored on xenforo. But, for now, let me show you my last progress. First, my entry on another (again) painting contest on...
  11. vg11k

    vg11k unholy pieces

    I'll allow myself to double-post here since there where looot of pictures in my previous post aaaand there is still a bit more... My beastmen choice of arms so. Let's talk about it in the chronological order. You already saw the first satyrs, colored in brown. It was the first unit which i'll...
  12. vg11k

    vg11k unholy pieces

    Thanks brr-icy It seems i forgot a bit to update this thread over the months. Shame on me. I guess it's better late than never to share some miniatures love First, a little gift i got from a co-worker. He boughts a 3d-printer and wished to test its accuracy and asked if i had any model. Well...
  13. vg11k

    Mal's Boneyard

    So it's from the knight of Shroud & AoS Malign Portent color scheme you set your tournament model and all your army. It really looks great in fact. Clothes, wings and zombies body looks very ethereal, i love it. Also, this flying Arkhan's chariot :happy:
  14. vg11k

    Voting Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Deathly Chill

    Damn myself i forgot to vote in time arg (well, i did vote since the poll isn't locked...) Congrats to everyone, all four entries are nice to see.
  15. vg11k

    Fire and Blood

    Alright. It's been a long road since the day i started to write this story in french (8 years already !!) and finally i translated it full in english. Thank you for your comments and advises on my work who helped me doing a better translation, Count Vashra & Borgnine in particular. Here is the...
  16. vg11k

    Fire and Blood

    Thanks for the comment I'm glad you liked this chapter !
  17. vg11k

    Fire and Blood

    Oookay, so i guess i can go like that : Guys from Marienburg => Marienburgers Guys from Bordeleaux => Bordelins Guys from Brionne => Brionnois I also take note about the Sir when they are respectful and Lord for Thierry (since it's not yet the Duke era). I'll edit that in the two chapters...
  18. vg11k

    Fire and Blood

    Happy new year too ! Thanks for your comment. Gaylria is indeed a difficult child, but i still like her ^^ I realize i used citizen french name for the Bordeleaux inhabitants and not for the Brionne ones (Bordelin and Brionnois, but also Marienburgeois) with Brionese. Is it right in english ...
  19. vg11k

    Hello there

    ... sorry i had to. Ahem. Welcome ! Huge collection you got here. That's impressive, even for someone who started with a so old version of the game.
  20. vg11k

    vg11k unholy pieces

    Thanks guys. It's been few months since my last sharing already. I started to set up lots of things (skeletons, greenskins, naiads, beastmens...) and only a few of them took the way of the brushes. First my firsts naïads models from mantic. I bought the Neritica batallion when it went out for...