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  1. The Dark Sheep

    I'll be going away for a while

    The title is perhaps a bit misleading, seeing as I'm actually returning to the real world... So it has come to this then; I'm going to take a lengthy break from the forum and the hobby in general. I've been thinking quite a lot about taking this step lately, but the dreaded "Real Life"...
  2. The Dark Sheep

    The 3 word story... again

    The 3 word story is a great game where people take turns and tell a tale, speaking only three words at a time. We had a thread like this a long time ago LINK, but it eventually died and was forgotten. As this is great fun, I thought we might as well start anew with a fresh story, and as a result...
  3. The Dark Sheep

    My model is featured on the GW site...

    I just noticed that one of my very own models were featured on the GW site. Just how cool is that if may ask? Now I only hope that the two others I sent in pictures of will be featured as well. Look for yourselves (scroll down) I think I should have left out my middle name when I sent in the...
  4. The Dark Sheep

    Collection of useful threads

    This thread contains links to various useful threads about painting and modelling. More threads will be added in the future. Note that this is not a discussion thread. It is for links only, and any posts will be deleted The Dark Sheep - Painting & Modelling Moderator Sculpting...
  5. The Dark Sheep

    Ultramarines the Movie

    Just follow the link... :|
  6. The Dark Sheep

    Index of Painting&Hobby Guides - Updated 8th July 2018

    Welcome to the Index of Painting Guides. In this thread you will find links to the various Painting & Modelling related articles featured in the Invocation. This post will get updated as soon as more issues of the Invocation are released. Also added is painting articles form all over the web...
  7. The Dark Sheep

    Share your worst painting/modelling accidents

    I just had a horrible accident with my Golden Bat entry and this is not the first time something similar have happened. I guess the purpose of this thread is to find out whether I'm unusually unlucky or not, so if you would please share your stories, be it spilling a pot of paint over your just...
  8. The Dark Sheep

    The Darks Sheep's Averland army

    I have been talking a tiny bit about my Averlanders lately, and now I thought it was about time I posted this plog up here. Unlike my two other plogs I have a good feeling about this and I think I might even get somewhere... I'll start with a captain that will serve as my general in games of...
  9. The Dark Sheep

    Boycott of GW Products (Previously I've had it...)

    Yeah I know I'm supposedly away at the moment, but this pissed me off so bad I just had to come here and rant... For those of you who are still unaware, Games workshop are once again increasing their prices. At first I wasn't really that concerned and only a tiny bit angry, but now I've been...
  10. The Dark Sheep

    Funny Zombie Pose Competition

    For those of you who have been following the E-zine you might have heard this mentioned a couple of times; there will be a funniest zombie pose competition and you are able to participate. This project was originally started by "The Dark Lord Mr Fluffy" about a year ago in coherence with our...
  11. The Dark Sheep

    Price Increase

    Now they're doing it again... :mad2: GW has announced a new price increase. This concerns both metal, plastic and "hobby products" and will take effect from the first of June. link This is bad news if you ask me :(.
  12. The Dark Sheep

    AoW - Vampire Queen - IT'S FINISHED AND FOR SALE

    It's finally happening; Avatars of War are going to make a vampire :vampire3:. Felix is, as always, open to suggestions and I think we should all help him making it as good as possible (We are after all VC players ourself and this is a great opportunity to get something else than those...
  13. The Dark Sheep

    AoW Dark Elf Queen

    As this kinda is a suggestion for a female model I think this should be the right forum (curse whoever split the good old painting and modelling sub forum"o_o) Now avatars of war has released a new model: the dark elf queen/witch. With a little modification I think this model has the...
  14. The Dark Sheep

    New technique - Juicing

    After one of my regular visits to independent sculptors (to check out new sculpts) I found this tutorial. It basically describes a different, much simpler, way of blending that combines said technique and layering. I've been (and am) using this on my current project to great effect. You won't...
  15. The Dark Sheep

    What is your favourite Citadel paint?

    The title says it all... which of all the citadel paints (Washes, Inks, Foundations and normal paints) is your favourite? Mine is Tin Bitz just because it's awesome when it comes to shading gold.
  16. The Dark Sheep

    Painting the black horse

    Most of you (I hope) have seen my plog and are aware of my mounted vampire lord project. Yesterday I primed him and he's ready to get a coat of paint. Now I need some help painting the black skin of the nightmare as I can't seem to get it right (black is ironically one of the hardest things to...
  17. The Dark Sheep

    Alternative Blood Knights from Gamezone

    Alternative Blood Knights from Gamezone. Knight 1 Knight 2 Champion Musician Standard Bearer I just visited warseer, and I found these... The Gamezone site is down for the moment, so I don't know if they really are alternative Blood Knights, but from the look of them they seem to be just...
  18. The Dark Sheep

    GW started their own Podcast...

    I just visited the GW site and guess what... They started their own podcast. I have yet to listen to it, but out from what I have heard so far... well... I don't really know. I think I prefer Podhammer. Oh and the link of course: Link
  19. The Dark Sheep

    Countdown from 1000

    This is a very silly game... A friend of mine introduced me to this (and he has two of them running on the same forum), and for some reason I thought it was fun (:rolleyes:). There will possibly be a prize in the end for those who post on the hundreds. If someone wants to make this prize...
  20. The Dark Sheep

    Epic Wargames - The Warhammer eBay

    Podhammer has just got a new sponsor called Epic Wargames. EPICWARGAMES.COM Quoting: "I am pleased to welcome our newest Sponsor - Epic Wargames! If you have old minis that you want to convert into cash - Epic wargames is the place to be. They provide a place for buyers and sellers of...