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  1. Aranei


    Have anyone tried Warcry? Currently there are 3 Death warbands available for this skirmish: Legions of Nagash (Necromancer, skeletons, grave guards), Nighthaunts and Flesh-eaters. You can also hire a Wight King as a mercenary. I have played 2 games and did like it. The scenarios are fast, you...
  2. Aranei

    Legions of Nagash handbook

    Welcome, lords of Shyish! This is a handbook describing Legions of Nagash, and how they play on tabletop in AoS 2ed. The aim of this text is to help new people to sort out all the confusing options - allegiances, units not in the book, etc. I also provided an estimation of each option's...
  3. Aranei

    Apects of Nagash

    I am currently reading the "Spear of Shadows" by Reynolds. The story features a vampire character who helps the servants of Grungni (a party of adventurers sent to find an artefact) for her own reasons. There is a dialogue where she tells Volker, a young Ironweld engineer, that gods are not men...
  4. Aranei

    Josh Reynolds' ansvers regarding AoS

    Josh Reynolds is a hired writer who helps GW shaping the background of AoS (he wrote Nagash the Undying King btw). He also answers questions about background online. Just read what he writes! -Were all Stormcast originally human, or could a suitably devout Duardin, Orruk, Aelf, etc. be chosen...
  5. Aranei

    Nagash the Undying king

    I was waiting for this book and was disappointed to learn that it is a limited edition that was sold out during Warhammer World. I hoped they will make it an audiodrama, but it doesn't look like they will ever do it. I've read the general plot in one of the reviews, but I still want to read it...
  6. Aranei

    AoS Skirmish (+community content)

    As you may know, AoS Skirmish book is out, so you can assemble a small warband of your favourite models and play the Shadespire campaign, based in the Realm of Death. And since the book excludes some units, the community has written expanded unit list for every faction!
  7. Aranei

    Las Vegas Open AoS Championship - army lists

    Recently I have learned about the LVO AoS Champs and the results. I know that all 4 Grand Alliances got into top 7. I also know that the top Death army was using Settra, Arkhan and lots of chariots. But I was unable to find out more or less accurate rosters used by for Death faction players...
  8. Aranei

    Aranei's AoS Mordheim

    Since the beginning of the AoS 1,5 years ago, attempts have been made to create a ruleset for AoS-based Mordheim. None of them felt play-tested or finished however. This and other issues, some inspiration from Mordheim, AoS Path to Glory and Frostgrave, and a number of my own ideas caused me to...
  9. Aranei

    2000 pts - The Black Host

    I am participatinng in local regular AoS tournaments. While I'm not a sport-player really, for me the events are a great chance to play 3 games of AoS in a single day against extremely different opponents. Some may remember my earlier attempts to compile comething fun...
  10. Aranei

    Does the Screaming Skull Catapult Bravery defuff stack?

    As the title says. If fire 3 skull catapults at the same unit, will it get -6 Bravery?
  11. Aranei

    Warhammer-2016 - Bastion in the Border Princes

    Last year, I went to "Warhammer - Lustria 2015" LARP game and created a thread about it. https://www.vampirecounts.net/threads/warhammer-lustria-2015.29628/ This August, I took part in the next game of the series, called "Warhammer-2016 - Bastion in the Border Princes". In 2013 and 2015, I...
  12. Aranei

    Thoughts about pitched battles (matched play)

    So, now I have several pitched battles under my belt, and the time has come to share my thoughts about army building and playing the six battleplans. First of all, all the six pitched battles batteplans are supposed to be won (major victory) by scoring objectives and earning victory points. The...
  13. Aranei

    Warscroll Desiger

    Have you seen this? http://runebrush.pa-sy.com/warscroll/ An unofficial warscroll designer that makes making your own warscrolls much easier.
  14. Aranei

    1500 Kemmler's minions

    Next week I am going to participate in a 1500 pts tournament. The game size is considered "Vanguard", with all the associated restrictions. My main aim (challenge?) was to use an unridden zombie dragon, which meant that I need a Black Axe wight king with Tomb Blade artifact and Kemmler to heal...
  15. Aranei

    Lord of Undeath ending - Nagash is a genius?

    An evil genius, of course! Just some spoilers and thoughts about the ending of the novel and what Nagash is planning. Stolen from /tg. If someone is interested but don't own the book, I can PM you the epilogue so you can spoil it for yourself, saving time from reading the full novel.
  16. Aranei

    Screaming Skull Catapult size

    I am planning to scratch-build a screaming skull catapult, but I don't own original model. Can anyone tell me its size (heigh, length, width)? You will earn my undying gratitude.
  17. Aranei

    General's Handbooh restricted summoning

    I want to summarize the summoning restrictions for competitive play from GH and what units are worth summoning under that restrictions. So, in matched play you must substract points from your army to create summoning pool. Of course you don't need to declare what unit you are going to summon...
  18. Aranei

    SCGT 60 pts tournament list

    There will be a tournament at my locat wargaming club in two weeks. It feels like an AoS community is forming step by step around several active players. I am so exited - so far I played AoS only 3 times since it came out, and now it will be possible to play every week or two! Now I need to...
  19. Aranei

    Tomb Kings still exist in AoS background

    The new Godbests book tell us about the Crimson Monarchy, a dynasty of undying kings that had ruled the Voidglass desert for 12000 years. When they were attacked by ogors looking for food, they led their skeletal legions to war. Before a week was out, the ogor skulls adorned the Crimson King's...
  20. Aranei

    The end of SDK

    Currently SDK site has this message displayed: https://sites.google.com/site/ageofsigmarsdk/ So, they desided to stop updating because synergy-based unit design doesn't fit into the SDK formula.