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  1. Lynks

    So.....How's Things Going?

    Welcome back to the forums DoN, you've been missed :)
  2. Lynks

    Welcome to Our New Moderators!

    I, Lynks, your illustrious Vampire Lord and Forum Administrator herald excellent news. I would like to welcome two new moderators into the fold. @Irisado, who has proven invaluable in this forums operation for several years despite no official power through reporting threads, making...
  3. Lynks

    Active Staff

    The Makeup of the Mod Team is currently under reconsideration. It is worth noting however that many of the people on the staff member page are former moderators who have stepped down from active moderation. We historically allowed them to keep their moderator rights to continue to contribute...
  4. Lynks

    Eighth Edition News

    When I went and bought my indexes the staff were very insistent and clear that these would be replaced with codexes, both relatively soon and on an ongoing basis for the rest of the life of 8th edition. I think the fact that they were so upfront and honest about it makes it hard for me to hold...
  5. Lynks

    Vietnamese Spammers

    I've tried something new that hopefully should solve out problems. If anybody sees anything please report it so I can look into making the forum even more secure.
  6. Lynks

    Pile in anomaly

    I moved the thread to Ethereal Edicts where this sort of question belongs and should get a few more responses :)
  7. Lynks

    Vietnamese Spammers

    Unfortunately the spammers seem to have broken the xenforo spam protection- the floodgates are still holding back a lot though. The latest wave has actually been a relatively sophisticated trick. I'm looking into what can be done but for now we'll try to reduce our response times on deleting them.
  8. Lynks

    Pimp my Avatar

    Will Mad 'At eventually snap under the strain of trying to find yet more space for Christmas in an already very Christmassy Image? We shall See! :P (But once again Muchos Thanks, this thread is probably my favourite on the entire forum :P )
  9. Lynks

    Next Week's White Dwarf

    :siren: Please do not post scans from white dwarf/books - feel free to talk about them but it's rather against the rules to share copyrighted material.:siren:
  10. Lynks

    Coming back to the Crypt.

    Welcome back to the forums!
  11. Lynks

    Balancing Age of Sigmar

    And what about people who don't enjoy kings of war? I found it to be dull and the units felt interchangeable, with units lacking any sort of character. And frankly, comparing a skirmish game to a full scale war game on the basis that they are both streamlined is hardly an appropriate comparison.
  12. Lynks

    So what are the plans for this forum section?

    The current plan is to maintain the 8th edition sections and add new ones for age of sigmar, plus I imagine that given the lack of structure to the game there will be plenty of issues to discuss.
  13. Lynks

    Age of sigmar

    While this is certainly a megathread, try to avoid non-content posts with just images or throwaway comments please guys
  14. Lynks

    Age of sigmar

    presumably you can just print out and cut up the warscrolls and flick through them during the game It certainly allows for some wacky army lists but the lack of any sort of points system makes me think almost all games are going to be really unbalanced, at least to begin with
  15. Lynks

    Age of sigmar

    To be fair to the game, it seems substantially more complex than kings of war, despite using a similar core for the rules. Kings of war irritated me in that respect because the core rules were perfectly functional but there wasn't enough complexity or flavour to anything.
  16. Lynks

    Age of sigmar

    Undoubtedly a few things are going to have to change around here when Age of Sigmar comes out, I am sure we will consult the forums as to what everyone would like to see Carpe Noctem become. However we will wait to see how dramatic the change brings to Warhammer and ultimately, as the owner of...
  17. Lynks

    Gary Morley resculpts Nagash!

    I was hoping to see a return of the party hat :P
  18. Lynks

    Age of sigmar

    Those are going to be some pretty bare shelves
  19. Lynks

    New To Warhammer, Need Pointers on my 2500 army

    If you have the spare points it can be worthwhile, just beware that it will make the vampire much more of a target because of the bonus points you get for killing your opponent's Battle Standard Bearer. rarely is it worth getting a magic standard though
  20. Lynks

    New To Warhammer, Need Pointers on my 2500 army

    I should preface this by saying I've not played in a while so my word should be taken with a grain of salt. I will always be a staunch defender of black coaches, however taking more than 1 us generally not that great an idea because they have to share the dice from evocation of death, making...