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  1. Johnny-Crass

    Vampire Items

    Going off a number of threads that Sen has made I ask you this. If you could dredge up and items from any of our books what would it be. Lets say for fun the list must have the same number of items as the current book and the same number of item classes (arcane banner ect ect). GO!
  2. Johnny-Crass

    2999 Vampire Medley

    Got a 2999 tournament next month. Thought I would take something laid back and a little different. Vampire Lord: Charmed Shield; Talisman Of Preservation; Ogre Blade; Red Fury; Quickblood; Dread Knight; Level 2 Wizard; Zombie Dragon; heavy armour. Vampire: Enchanted Shield; Talisman Of...
  3. Johnny-Crass

    Mindrazor Refined 2500

    Strigoi Ghoul King: Fencers Blades; Black Periapt; Master of the Black Arts. 425 Master Necromancer: Level 4 Wizard. 200 Vampire: Enchanted Shield; Talisman Of Endurance; Quickblood; Beguile; Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Shadow; heavy armour. 224 Vampire: Talisman Of Preservation; Charmed...
  4. Johnny-Crass

    Blood Knight Star 2500

    Vampire Lord: Tricksters Helm; Dawnstone; Sword Of Might; Beguile; Red Fury; Quickblood; Level 3 Wizard; Barded Nightmare; shield; heavy armour. 513 Vampire: Sword Of Swift Slaying; Dragon Helm; Forbidden Lore; Beguile; Dread Knight; Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Beasts; Barded Nightmare; shield...
  5. Johnny-Crass

    Year of the Dragon: 2500

    So I have decided for most of my non GT games this will be the year of the dragon. Please comment but know the Dragon stays Vampire Lord 621 Zombie Dragon Red Fury Quick Blood Charmed Shield Fencers Blades Heavy Armor Talisman of Endurance Lvl 1 Vampires General Wight King...
  6. Johnny-Crass

    Johnny's Video Thread

    So from a suggestion by Melle I decided to make a thread solely about my video channel. Here is the first new gem http://youtu.be/2v1hYjrwF8c
  7. Johnny-Crass

    One year Anniversary !

    Today is the day that makrs me joining this forum one year ago. I would like to thank everyone and promise that my threads shall do nothing but grow and prosper. Here comes Johnny 2013!:clown:
  8. Johnny-Crass

    2999k Thrasher List

    Made myself a 2999 vampires list Vampire Lord 276 Lvl1 Vampires Tali Pres Charmed Shield Heavy Armor General Vampire Lord 430 Lvl4 Beasts Forbidden Lore Red Fury Seed of Rebirth Powerstone Vampire 146 Lvl1 Vampires Cursed Book HA+ shield Vampire 136 Lvl1 Vampires...
  9. Johnny-Crass

    H: High Elves, VC and More! W:Trolls or Minotaurs

    Well decided it was time to restart Throgg Haves: High Elves 40 Unpainted Archers 31 Unpainted Spearmen 20 Unpainted Plastic White Lions 14 Metal White Lions 10 NIB PLastic White Lions 5 Metal Dragon Princes Battle Standard Bearer Teclis Metal Mage Plastic IOB Mage Orcs Army...
  10. Johnny-Crass

    New Chaos Warriors

    New Warriors Pictures Leaked I can not post pictures of the new leaked warriors but Throgg is still in the book, dragon ogres look sexy and the cover is pimping. Happy hunting
  11. Johnny-Crass

    New FAQs Discussion Thread

    I have not read through them fully yet but there is a new batch of FAQs
  12. Johnny-Crass

    Few VC list ideas 2500

    As you know I am always working on my lists and I am considering picking up 40 odd GG. So a few test lists Heinrich Kemmler XXX Master Necromancer 255 Lvl 4 Vampires Black Periapt Krell Lord of Undeath XXX Necromancer 90 Lvl 1 Vampires D-Scroll 40 Ghouls 410 Ghast 2x 21...
  13. Johnny-Crass

    Current list of Choice 2500

    Here is my current VC list. I honestly really like it and it is toned down from my Razor list. Ghoul King 390 Fencers Blades Dispel Scroll DBG TOTS Red Fury Vampire 210 Lvl 2 Beasts AOF Great Weapon Shield Vampire 222 Lvl 2 Beasts Tali End Heavy Armor Shield GW...
  14. Johnny-Crass

    A Collective Please

    Hello all. The next step in my Army Book Overview is I want to post a few strong and well tested lists that can be used as templates for new players just getting into VC. I personally will be submitting my Nag list and my Razor list but if someone could add in a few of the others (horrors...
  15. Johnny-Crass

    New Challenge 2500

    Ghoul King 395 Red Fury D-Scroll Sword of Strife OTS DBG Vampire 200 Lvl 2 Beasts Forbidden Lore Charmed Shield Tali End HA Vampire 218 Lvl 2 Beasts Forbidden Lore Armor of Destiny Shield 40 Ghouls 410 Ghast 3x 20 Zombies 60 5 Dire Wolves 40 8 Crypt Horrors 304...
  16. Johnny-Crass

    Mind Razor Ghoul King 2500

    So due to recent FAQ adjustments I decided to write this little list up. Ghoul King 400 MoBA Dispel Scroll DBG Fencers Blades Masternecro 200 Lvl4 Death Vampire 229 Lvl 2 Shadow Tali End Charmed Shield HA Red Fury Vampire 227 Lvl 2 Shadow Armor of Fortune Shield Red...
  17. Johnny-Crass

    Johnny's Non-VC Army Lists

    I make enough of these I said why not just make a thread devoted to it!. Here is my most recent Chaos Dwarf list. I always love feedback. Sorcerer Prophet 400 Lvl 4 Hashut Charmed Shield Tali Pres Black Hammer of Hashut TOTS Infernal Castellan 197 BSB Mask of the Furnace Shield...
  18. Johnny-Crass

    Khornes Krushers 2500

    So I LOVE the new Skull Crushers in both rules and models. So I decided to make a list that could utilize them. Here it is for your enjoyment. Chaos Lord 395 MOK Juggernaught Fury of the Blood God Crimson Armor Rending Sword Dawnstone Iron Curse Icon Exalted BSB 216 MOK Chaos...
  19. Johnny-Crass

    Vampire Counts: Army Book Overview

    Hello folks per request I have been working on a unit by unit item by item spell by spell overview of our army book. Here is your first installment! This shall be updated and consolidated into the first post. Lord Choices: Vlad Von Carstein: Vlad is ok and IMO the best of the bunch...
  20. Johnny-Crass

    Titan Weight Arena

    Lord Aldric Wilhelm Godwin (Duke Danse Macabre ) Vampire Lord Quick Blood Red Fury Beguile Ogre Blade Tricksters Other Shard Talisman of Preservation Heavy Armour Shield Coven Throne Bloodthirster + Obsidian Armour + Immortal Fury + Axe of Khorne (ChaosBorn) Great Unclean One...