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  1. The Sun King

    Dropped by for nostalgia - hope everyone is well :D

    Dropped by for nostalgia - hope everyone is well :D
  2. The Sun King

    Sunny's challenge

    Hey Mad'At! I'm back from the dead. Well I don't play 9th Age, but feel free to challenge me to make Age of Sigmar lists using General's Handbook.
  3. The Sun King

    How to not stomp on people in AOS?

    @Dragonet LOL, well said! :D
  4. The Sun King

    What to build?

    Don't forget that flayers benefit from a lot of synergy from Flesh Eater Courts. However, as you play a Deathrattle army I would suggest Vargs as well.
  5. The Sun King

    How to not stomp on people in AOS?

    I don't think we will see many Tomb Heralds in the future as Tomb Kings has been discontinued :)
  6. The Sun King

    Arkhan's Necropolis Immortals

    Ahh, of course! I forgot about the merge rule (I love it!). Next question then: You don't feel the need to bring more units? Especially your vanguard list seems short on drops (getting first turn is nice, sure).
  7. The Sun King

    Arkhan's Necropolis Immortals

    Nice lists @Malisteen! I'm a bit worried with the small amount of Zombies in each unit. Seems to me that they will all die before ever getting to striking back?
  8. The Sun King

    Full death rattle/ skeleton army

    @Count michael Welcome back to the undead ranks! We are plenty who are excited about the General's Handbook like you. :) I've moved the thread to the appropriate forum (dedicated to AoS). A Deathrattle army is a fearsome thing due to the massive synergy you get. If you want to go COMPLETELY...
  9. The Sun King

    The Dead Shall Rise

    Looks good. With all those Ethereal units you have a good defense vs his high rend units. Try not to get your VL on ZD ganged by his daemons. :) Oh, I just checked the date seems you've already played the match - how did it go?
  10. The Sun King

    Grave Guard: Options

    As others have said: Great Blades all the way! (I don't say this ONLY because I've converted 40 Empire Greatswords into wights :P )
  11. The Sun King

    Zombie Dragon or Terrorgheist?

    Flesh Eater Court gets a lot of love from GW at the moment so I would go with the T-bat as it has great synergy with many of the new rules that comes out. But as others have said, it is a close tie between the two. If you don't go for Flesheater synergy then the Zombie Dragon is the better, IMO...
  12. The Sun King

    Skeleton shields

    I would say no as Neferata's spell doesn't change the actual wording on the weapon being used.
  13. The Sun King

    Baleful Realmgate Rule query

    What wonderful world we live in where we can as GW for help :D
  14. The Sun King

    Baleful Realmgate Rule query

    Moved this to the right subforum.
  15. The Sun King

    Wolfrahm's beginnings

    Sick conversion @Wolfrahm !
  16. The Sun King

    Death vs. Death

    Awesome report @Malisteen!
  17. The Sun King

    Khalida & Screaming Skull Catapult

    I moved this thread to the appropriate forum. I would say that since the skeletons is not the shooting model Khalida does not provide the catapult with her bonus.
  18. The Sun King

    Lords of Sacrament and Despair - List for NiCON16 (SCGT rules)

    What does the Legion of Death include?
  19. The Sun King

    SCGT 60 pts tournament list

    Looks solid! For synergy you could grab a WK instead of a Liche Priest and put him with your Skellies?
  20. The Sun King

    Circle of Blood Campaign Hack

    Awesome work dude!