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  1. Menkeroth

    Trade in the Mortal Realms

    Here is an interesting recent article, I've thought you could find it interesting as well. It has really no new info as is, but still can be a good summary of what we already have. Trade and Currency in the Mortal Reams - Warhammer Community
  2. Menkeroth

    Bad Habits in Wargaming

  3. Menkeroth

    In praise of Mediocrity

    A very good video I must say that I totally agree with, so couldn't have passed by. And the article itself is here: Opinion | In Praise of Mediocrity What do you think?
  4. Menkeroth

    Games Workshop Increases Its Profits

    Games Workshop sees profits nearly double
  5. Menkeroth

    Undead stronghold fluff

    Greetings! Been thinking about it for a while. As I want to create fluff for my undead, one particular moment got me thinking - how a typical vampire lord lair stronghold would look like? I would imagine something like a large fortress with towers and bastions, and inside you would have...
  6. Menkeroth

    New Nighthaunts

    Have you already seen the new ghosts? I can't say I like them all, but man, lots of them! In different shapes and kinds. Now that's something!
  7. Menkeroth

    Fancy Writing for the Black Library?

  8. Menkeroth

    GW's Profits Statement

    :) https://19485-presscdn-0-14-pagely.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2017-18-Press-Statement-final-for-IR-site.pdf
  9. Menkeroth

    Maps of Shyish

    I've decided to collect all the maps we have currently, Shyish included, so all that were big and qualitative enough I've wrested from the books. And here they are! Very inspiring, you can wish nothing more high fantasy than this :)
  10. Menkeroth

    Future of mini-factions (of Death especially)

    This has got me thinking. Surely GW will describe them later than sooner, but what if they just unite them in large books much like with the Disciples of Tzeentch? Especially really small and clearly auxiliary factions, like Deathmages. It's hardly to imagine an army of wizards really, but as a...
  11. Menkeroth

    Undead Host of Menkeroth

    Well, actually more of Nepher'Amon, my vampire-lord on zombie dragon, but since he's not yet ready for war, that suffices. So, here's the first my ever undead soldier, a wight king. A lovely model, what to say, which I wanted to buy even as I was still in 40k. Really great model. Name: Guidarn...
  12. Menkeroth

    Only the Faithful

    The final part of the second audio-drama about Mannfred. When he was found in Ghur and the Hallowed Knights with Rhamos, Lord-Relictor, were sent to capture him and offer to Nagash in order to forge an alliance with the god of death, it was long and arduous journey. In the end the Knights and...
  13. Menkeroth

    AoS behavior tables

    Though I've played ST several times before, only now it came to me that these tables can be quite of use. For example, for different specific scenarios or battles in which you want to create some sort of "AI vs living (or undead)" situation, it suits both command and single games. Just like in...
  14. Menkeroth

    Grand Alliance:Death. Thoughts and observations

    Currently reading it, and, I have to confess, having quite mixed feelings on the subject. First, it's really that small - 90 pages compared to practically 300 of the two other books? Well, yes, it's only about Nagash and his forces instead of the great armies of Chaos and Order. But...
  15. Menkeroth

    The Sacrifice

    A short story from Graham Lyons about a champion of Tzeentch, Arioso of the Midnight Sages. Yes, not about us, but... But. Read on and enjoy this truly good story :) Arioso seeks glory and power. He fights in Shyish, defeats vampires, necromancers, hordes of zombies and legions of ancient...
  16. Menkeroth

    The Bridge of seven sorrows

    The last part of the drama. The Stormcasts finally find Nagash... :) Of course, it starts with a long speech by Nagash about himself. The old fellow didn't lose his self-importance. Nagash is the strongest and such, and eventually no one will be lord of all worlds but he. Of course. Even though...
  17. Menkeroth

    Lords of Helstone

    The story of Mannfred von Carstein and Tarsus of the Hallowed Knights continues. They arrive at Helstone, a vast city, comprised of 99 levels going deep underground. Having repelled an ambush of Nurgle beastmen, they are lead by Mannfred into the depths below. The city is vast indeed, sprawling...
  18. Menkeroth

    The Trial of the Chosen

    A tale of Ushkar Mir, servant of Khorne, who wants to join the army of Archaon. However, one does not easily gain favor of the Everchosen. Mir has to brave four tests before he will be considered worthy of such an honor. What's the relation of the story to us? It's simple. Ushkar and his...
  19. Menkeroth

    Sands of Blood

    Continuation of the Prisoner of the Black Sun, also by Josh Reynolds. Tarsus and his Bullhearts warrior chamber of the Hallowed Knights go on with their quest to find Nagash, who is quite upset of slow regaining his strength and mysterious warriors whose souls come not to him but to somewhere...
  20. Menkeroth

    The Prisoner of the Black Sun

    As I had hoped, this audio-drama proved quite interesting! It deals with Nagash and his realm of death, with Stormcasts dispatched to find him as he had disappeared after the crushing defeat from Chaos. Three-eyed King destroyed him, splitting his heart in two with his sword. Nagash was beaten...