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  1. ProperGoffic

    [6e WFB] The March on Caerdydd: one and a half battle reports

    Circumstances intervened and I couldn't actually make it to the sixth edition revival tourney in Upminster, but I did manage a couple of games at the South Wales Gaming Centre in Cardiff last weekend. Both 2000 points, against Chaos (Breakthrough) and High Elves (Capture). Cracking games with...
  2. ProperGoffic

    Sixth Edition List Wrangling (nostalgia tournament)

    In a few months’ time I’m going to Upminster to play a sixth edition WFB tournament and it’s… unlikely… that I’ll get my Tomb Kings done in time, so it’s time to break the Vampire Counts out again. The holy word demands a 500 point Border Patrol force for the first round, and a 1500 point force...
  3. ProperGoffic

    [6th ed.] Double flee charge reaction. What happens?

    In that order: S2 would be destroyed, as E's charge range is longer than the distance S2's controller rolled to flee; yes, E has charged S2, a redirected charge still being a charge; since a unit can't redirect its charge twice in a turn, the tidiest solution would be to stop E 1" away from K.
  4. ProperGoffic

    Show us your Necromancer(s)

    Three little ones and a big 'un! The original Necromancer from my Undead warband in Mordheim, where it all really got started, plus the Warlock and, finally, after so many years, a painted Witch; literally just finished her today. The Master, below, is of course from Warhammer Quest. He was a...
  5. ProperGoffic

    No Vampire, Vampire list. Is it duable?

    Yep. Master Necromancers are cheap enough, Wights and Wraiths and Banshees are all potentially tough enough. You won't have quite the same control of the game that a good Vampire Lord provides, but it's definitely viable.
  6. ProperGoffic

    So.....How's Things Going?

    Happy new year you filthy animals! I slept on AOS, despite optimism to the contrary, but I did play some games of proper Warhammer with square bases and that, and I've gone all in on the Undead for Blood Bowl to boot...
  7. ProperGoffic

    What are you listening to

    Vivaldi! (Concerto for 4 Violins in D Major, if you're interested.) Classical music usually goes in one ear and out the other with me, but sometimes the urge strikes, y'know?
  8. ProperGoffic

    Yourself! On a picture...

    Doubt I posted in this one since the year it started so here we go. The years have not been kind but at least my cheap camera hides the scalp condition. Mostly.
  9. ProperGoffic

    New Blood

    That's a nice centrepiece all right. Definitely has the egomania of the true Von Carstein down pat. ;)
  10. ProperGoffic

    So.....How's Things Going?

    Mr. Saturday! I was reading your campaign blog the other day, grand stuff. Glad to see you back in action. (Those Sepulchral Guard are Quite Nice, I agree. Not sure I want to actually play Shadespire but they're nice figures...)
  11. ProperGoffic

    Age of Sigmar New edition hopes

    Baseless projection. You know Jackie Chan about me, what I know, or what I've played. I'd hoped for a productive conversation, but if you will insist on talking past me - or to yourself - there's nothing for you but the sea. Get in it.
  12. ProperGoffic

    New Nighthaunts

    Yep. Rules are one thing but they're not something tactile that you can spend pots of money on and put together and shove around a table. I feel like all the Death releases so far have been attempts to shift dead product: this is actual stimulus, putting new stuff out and trusting curiosity to...
  13. ProperGoffic

    Age of Sigmar New edition hopes

    I'm realist enough to accept that Average Joe Gamer likes pickup games a lot more than sitting down to work each engagement out from instincts, first principles and anecdata. Pickup games are easier with something like points values - some way of constructing forces beforehand - in much the same...
  14. ProperGoffic

    The Realms shake, and I have risen...

    ... what's all this bloody racket, then? Can a man not get some SLEEP around here? Anyway. Hello yes welcome. I've been around for a while but what with new editions of AoS and Warhammer Fantasy Role Play and Vampire: the Masquerade all on the horizon it feels like a good time for fresh...
  15. ProperGoffic

    New Nighthaunts

    They look interesting enough to bring me out of retirement and get me painting (and buying, and maybe even PLAYING) AOS, so props there. I've always liked painting ghosts and these are some nice ghosts. Coherent aesthetic across the army but the bits that are meant to stand out still stand out...
  16. ProperGoffic

    Age of Sigmar New edition hopes

    Anything that gives Age of Sigmar a proper 'gateway' is fine by me. The product line has been a mess since launch. I know there are such things as "start collecting" boxes but they don't exactly feed into a coherent "start playing" experience. It took Blightwar, and now War of Souls, to actually...
  17. ProperGoffic

    Your Favorite Mortarch?

    Well, the new Mortarch of Grief looks great, but it'll take rules and story to really sell me on her. I'd like to see Isabella back again - her 'divided loyalties' plot in the End Times was potentially quite interesting and I honestly thought, with Blightwar and then Malign Portents happening in...
  18. ProperGoffic

    So.....How's Things Going?

    You are not wrong. The Necroquake has shaken the Realms to their core, and I have risen! Now what's all that bloody noise about?
  19. ProperGoffic

    The Second Battle of Point LeStroud (5e - 1500 points - VC vs. HE - Tournament Battle)

    Certainly will, once we get around to fighting it. Apparently Ben has a bunch of Handmaidens to paint up, and I need to get my Black Coach and Zombie Dragon table-ready too, so it may be a while, but we'll get there! Glad you enjoyed the reports. :D
  20. ProperGoffic

    Legions of Nagash

    Interested in the lore stuff: apparently we're going to get an idea of what it's like to live in Shyish, which is the kind of nitty-gritty stuff I need in order to involve myself with a world. (I know we're supposed to just make it up, but if I was good at making stuff up I'd be designing games...