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  1. NightlyHorror57

    Tomb Kings Time

    I come to Carpe Noctem yet again for tactics and tips! This time I am pondering how I should go about building up my new Tomb Kings army. I have 20 Skeleton Warriors, 20 Skeleton Archers, and 20 Tomb Guard as of right now. What units are the next step for me? I want a “powerful charge” kind of...
  2. NightlyHorror57

    Which Tomb Kings units would have served Nagash?

    Note: I didn’t know where to post this so this is going in this section because it can get some attention that way. So what I am asking is which of the units listed in GWs Tomb Kings compendium would/would not have served Nagash, Arkhan, or any of their servants in the lore back in warhammer...
  3. NightlyHorror57

    Drakenhof Guard Age of Sigmar Warscroll

    Here is another custom Age of Sigmar warscroll. This time I went back in time and created rules for the good ol' Drakenhof Guard!
  4. NightlyHorror57

    Vampire Coast Necrofex Colossus Age of Sigmar Warscroll

    Hello, fellow creatures of the night! I found an Age of Sigmar custom warscroll website and I thought it would be cool to make some rules for a vampire coast Necrofex Colossus! I have attached it to this post. Let me know if you guys have any feedback because I think that the vampire coast...
  5. NightlyHorror57

    Vampire Counts Tactics and Army build.

    So my friends and I have started a warhammer group where we play with the AoS war game rules, but take into consideration the old warhammer fantasy lore. Like how the lore would effect what lords you could take to battle along with other lords. Anyways, my friend is playing the old chaos dwarf...
  6. NightlyHorror57

    New to the Vampire Counts

    I am new to the hobby and would appreciate some tips for a starting player. I started collecting miniatures back in August this year and I choose the vampire counts as my my army ‘cause they are fucking awesome. The units I have as of writing this are... - 1 Terrorghiest - 3 Varghiests - 10...