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  1. Majrenob

    US Masters

    Preface by saying I was not on the vote, but I believe it was 9th Age, AOS and 8th Ed.
  2. Majrenob

    US Masters 2016

    I just saw a FB post from a club member and TO who has been in touch with a U.S Masters region rep. It appears there was a recent vote and the 2016 U.S Masters may be moving to KOW.
  3. Majrenob

    US Masters

    Hi all, I just saw a Facebook post from a TO who has been speaking with some people from the US Masters. Apparently the vote was recently held and the 2016 U.S Masters will be Kings of War.
  4. Majrenob

    Overreactions to Age of Sigmar

    I've watched Lord Temendous's Battle Reports for awhile. I though Death Holy Death was a VC player? In the end though, I thought the whole thing was kind of a beautiful statement. We invest so much time, effort and emotion building, painting and pushing around little plastic guys. During the...
  5. Majrenob

    Age of sigmar

    I've got a bunch of Tomb Kings Codexes. Was planning on making a collage.. Wish I played 40k so I could make a comparison. Until Saturday I'm optimistic.
  6. Majrenob

    Age of sigmar

    Here is a Twitter Page with pics of Unit Descriptions, the Rule Pages and some Warscrolls https://twitter.com/lady_atia Edit*** Props to GDD above who already linked this
  7. Majrenob

    Age of sigmar

    So, aside from rumors is it for certain that this is not just a skirmish version of the game that will be "supported for years" and that it won't be followed up by Age of Steel or another named rank and file battle game?
  8. Majrenob

    Age of sigmar

    Cool models, the Sigmarites with the wings and the Cav guy in particular are awesome. They do look alot like Space Marines for better or worse.
  9. Majrenob

    Dragon Riding Vampire Lord Tactica

    I really really want to put a Nightshroud Vampire Lord on a Dragon and wreck face. But there are so many cannons in the local meta and I get sad when my VL dies.
  10. Majrenob

    2800 Legions List

    Thanks Sunny! So 15 or 18 give another row (or 2). At that point i start to worry about the long tail of the unit. How many is too many?
  11. Majrenob

    Elves! Elves!!

    My buddy is playing a HOTEK list with a bunch of Phoenix Guard pushing Hellebron on the Cauldron. It is pretty nasty. And he keeps big bricks of glade guard with poison arrows on each side. Apparently the Cauldron or Hellbron or something has an ability that everything within 6 inches rerolls...
  12. Majrenob

    2800 Legions List

    So, just to update I did play against a HOTEK list last Thursday. Hellebron on cauldron pushed by phoenix guard, lvl 4 sorceress on death mounted in a unit of brolocks, a second unit of brolocks, 2 giant units of glade guard, 3 bolt throwers, a unit of wild riders, a big bus of silverhelms and...
  13. Majrenob

    Single Spirit Hosts (ETC teams)

    Spirit Hosts are great for cheap drops and they are a magic missile sponge.
  14. Majrenob

    2800 Legions List

    If I drop the Zombies I can bump it up to 15 Horseman and get minimum core by adding a Doom Wolf. With Shield and horse the horseman should be 4+ Armor save, and will get +1 Strength on the charge. However with WS 2 they won't do much of anything. 15 Horseman will be 5 deep at 3 wide, 6 deep...
  15. Majrenob

    2800 Legions List

    I have a game scheduled for Thursday with this list so I should have more to report then, should I make any changes before the game?
  16. Majrenob

    MSU VC ? "Zombies dont Count LOL"

    What's that 17 drops? Nice. I'm assuming that the VL goes with the BK's. I would worry about them getting whittled down to the point of losing Look out sir. This looks like it would be alot of fun in the movement phase. Plus with 150 zombies starting, a couple of bubbled invocations would...
  17. Majrenob

    Aggressive 2K list

    For Lores I would recommend going with Vampires on all of your casters. Vampires is a great lore, it is super versatile and so far every time I take another lore and rely on only one guy to bring my models back I regret it.
  18. Majrenob

    2800 Legions List

    Also, to tag onto my own thread, this was my first game with 2 newly built Morghasts. The models are awesome! I built 1 with halberd, 1 with 2 weapons, both with the chest armor and neither with the helmut, which I think looks dumb. Just awesome models I highly recommend.
  19. Majrenob

    2800 Legions List

    Hi all, I have been tweaking my list for an August GT. It's a 2800 UL List (at 2761 will put spare points to storm of magic to add cheap drops) without big Infantry blocks. please let me know what you think. My plan is to deploy VL, Baby Vamp and WK bodyguard in the 2nd rank of a 3 wide TK...
  20. Majrenob

    Undead Brets

    Afternoon All, I built out a themed list I'm calling the undead Brets. Cavalry as far as the eyes can see. What do you all think? Looking at it there is some potential for it to be decent. This is one of a couple concept lists I will be posting while prepaing for a 2800 point Gt in the...