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  1. von Rosentod

    von Rosentod's Battles in Mantica

    Hi all, With Kings of War resurrecting my interest for my Undead army I hope to add some fuel to the fire by adding a thread here collecting all my battle reports and related musings. Lets see where this goes! Any pointers are welcome! Links to the forum posts: 2017-09-03 - 1000 points Undead...
  2. von Rosentod

    Terrain tip: Tree Kit from Woodland Scenics

    Hi all, I want to share with you my first impressions of the Ready Grass Tree Kit by Woodland Scenics, as Warhammer terrain. Best regards, von Rosentod
  3. von Rosentod

    Triumph and Treachery: 1400 pts Vamps-Beasts-DElves

    Hi all, Those interested can find a Pride and Prejudice BatRep between Vamps-Beast-Druchii here. Happy New Year! von Rosentod
  4. von Rosentod

    Characters and units - unit destroyed?

    During the last game I had, the following situation occured: My friend miscasts a spell with a sorceress bunkered in a small ten man unit of crossbowmen. The result is a Cascade (large template centered on the caster, causing high strength hits). The wizard survives, but the unit around her...
  5. von Rosentod

    If a man speaks in a forest...

    ...and there is no woman to hear him, is he still wrong? Asked by girlfriend.
  6. von Rosentod

    Ghoul rules - alternative approaches

    I am not at all fond of the fluff or the models of Ghouls in the Warhammer World, the 3 last editions anyways (don't know if any change has been made). As many here says, they do have their own niche in the army list. I am considering taking another approach - using the rules and points but...
  7. von Rosentod

    The Summonings of von Rosentod - Updated 2017-06-03

    After a few years of dreaming of an undead army lead by mighty vampires, the project has finally began to take shape. Some years ago (2009) I wanted to take a little break from my first army, the High Elves, started in 2004. It came to a tough choice between Skaven and Vampire Counts, and Skaven...
  8. von Rosentod

    Newly Dead

    Hi there, I have been following this forum for almost a year now and now finally decided to join. I have collected High Elves (2004), Skaven, (2008) and Space Orks (2010) and Rohan (2010). These armies have grown rather large. Admittely, High Elves are my main army - but they do suffer from...