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  1. Majrenob

    US Masters 2016

    I just saw a FB post from a club member and TO who has been in touch with a U.S Masters region rep. It appears there was a recent vote and the 2016 U.S Masters may be moving to KOW.
  2. Majrenob

    US Masters

    Hi all, I just saw a Facebook post from a TO who has been speaking with some people from the US Masters. Apparently the vote was recently held and the 2016 U.S Masters will be Kings of War.
  3. Majrenob

    2800 Legions List

    Hi all, I have been tweaking my list for an August GT. It's a 2800 UL List (at 2761 will put spare points to storm of magic to add cheap drops) without big Infantry blocks. please let me know what you think. My plan is to deploy VL, Baby Vamp and WK bodyguard in the 2nd rank of a 3 wide TK...
  4. Majrenob

    Undead Brets

    Afternoon All, I built out a themed list I'm calling the undead Brets. Cavalry as far as the eyes can see. What do you all think? Looking at it there is some potential for it to be decent. This is one of a couple concept lists I will be posting while prepaing for a 2800 point Gt in the...
  5. Majrenob

    2800 Undead Legions All Cav list

    I have been on a list writing tear lately and have made a bunch of themed and goofy lists. Last night I came up with this 2800 point UL all cav Bret style list. After looking at it a bit I think it might actually be pretty good. What do you all think? Lords Vamp Lord - QB, RF, Beguile, HA...
  6. Majrenob

    Net Lists

    Im planning on my first GT this August and am starting to think of my list. The GT is the Lady of The Lake in Duluth. (Come by!). 2800 points, 300 points can be scrolls of binding from Storm of Magic. No End Times Special Characters or Khaine Magic. I'm a new player, and most of my experience...
  7. Majrenob

    Good News Everyone

    You all make for an awesome forum! I have been lurking for a few months as I build my army and want to start posting as I get ready for my first Gt this summer. I look forward to learning more!
  8. Majrenob

    On Multiple ASL's/ASF's

    Hi all, 1st post here, this forum is great! Last night I was playing a 2200 point game against HE with my gaming buddy. I had a group of Zombies (ASL) who received ASF due to the CC effect. The Zombies were charged by a hero mounted on a Frost Phoenix (which gives an ASL Aura). So my...