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  1. Belladonna Voltaire

    Vyrkos Dynasty 2000 points for Third Edition

    Here is something I recently thought up that skirts that line of fluff but potentially competitive that is my sweet spot:- Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords - Lineage: Vyrkos Dynasty - Mortal Realm: Shyish - Grand Strategy: Dominating Presence - Triumphs: LEADERS Gorslav the Gravekeeper...
  2. Belladonna Voltaire

    Tale of Painters Month 1

    Happy July! That came around quick eh? This thread is for month 1 of our painting tale. You can post Work in Progress here and then next month we can show finished things. To start us off I've been chipping away at Mogroks crushas so I have my colour scheme decided. This month's pledge is to...
  3. Belladonna Voltaire

    Does anyone use Oil Paints

    Good afternoon, Just wondering if anyone uses oil paints along with their acrylics? I've been watching a few people on YouTube (James Kappel and Marco NJM) and they use this really well. I'm playing around with them ready for my Tale of Painters (Shameless Plug) and painting up some Ironjawz...
  4. Belladonna Voltaire

    The COVID Thread

    Greetings, So many of us at the moment are living in the uncertain spectre of COVID-19 and within the world at large there has been so much dramatic change over the past 18 months (how has it only been that long?) that there have been questions raised on what society and functionality looks...
  5. Belladonna Voltaire

    Let's imagine Ossiarch wave 2

    One of the main sore spots of the Age of Sigmar for me has been that the Ossiarch Bonereapers release didn't get a second wave like Lumineth and Slaanesh. Were I to do a second wave of the Ossiarch I would likely add the following in:- Mortek Longbows These would functionally have the same...
  6. Belladonna Voltaire

    A Tale of Painters - Third Edition - Sign up

    Good evening one and all, Month 1 WIP - First month and lore Third edition Age of Sigmar looms on the horizon and with that, urgency to paint and fill out ranks of zombies and other delectable treats to try the new rules with. To help with that I'm casting Invocation on the Tale of 4 Gamers...
  7. Belladonna Voltaire

    Voltaires P-Log - Cursed City, Ossiarch, Nighthaunt, Soulblight & more...

    I checked back on here and saw that the first one of these I posted was in 2007, which does not feel like the amount of time ago that it was and here I am nearing 15 years later and still going! Suffice to say in that time I feel like my painting skill has improved massively and with all of my...
  8. Belladonna Voltaire

    The Chronicles of the House of Valda - A New World

    "Can you hear me Amadeus?" "I always hear you. I have heard your voice in every breathe of the wind since we stopped Nagashs return. I heard you in the screams of the Seven as they died. I felt your contentment as the Council saves the world. I felt your hand on my shoulder as I stepped in to...
  9. Belladonna Voltaire

    The Lichemasters Journal - Supplemental Piece to the Bloodline War

    As I pen this final journal entry before my entry into Sylvania, I find myself erring on the side of caution. I am finding myself apprehensive about marching to war with beings more ancient than I, who have had more time and experience to study the things I have studied, and those who fight a...
  10. Belladonna Voltaire

    Wraith Unit - Not Skirmishers anymore?

    Correct me if I am wrong on this but nowhere in the entry for the Wraiths rare entry can I see that they are actually skirmishers. This is quite a radical change from what it was obviously but is this as intended or an oversight? I am begging to be proved wrong on this one.
  11. Belladonna Voltaire

    'Counts as'

    Greetings one and/or all, I am planning my new VC like any sane person will be and I have decided I don't want the monotony of painting up hordes of skeletons. I do, however, love painting zombies. Basically I am planning on using empire militia with zombie bits as 'counts as' skeletons -...
  12. Belladonna Voltaire

    Changing the title above your avatar..

    ...Greetings mortal blood-banks! How does one change the title above ones avatar? I've completely forgotten! (The Liquid Ocelot one) Help is appreciated. - Voltaire
  13. Belladonna Voltaire

    Failure - Supplement to Chapter 54

    "You have failed me beyond measure Amadeus Valda." The voice stung through the mind of the black robed figure of the Lord of Schwarzhelm. He physically convulsed as it bit into his mind like searing flames. The voice was instantly recognisable as that of Korhedron, the dark elf that acted as...
  14. Belladonna Voltaire

    Hi, I'm new, where's Team Edward?

    Seriously, I bet you clicked the link for an assanine reference to Twilight? Get out my thread ya hippy! Not so much fresh blood as freshly awoken from a long slumber. 8th edition electrically jolts me back, so in the spirit of things this is a thread to say one simple thing. Hello.
  15. Belladonna Voltaire

    The End of a true Era

    The stench of stale vomit stained the floor of Castle Schwarzberg as Amadeus Valda realised with complete and utter conviction that he was dying. The sensation was nothing like he had expected it to be, but nothing about the entire Vampire Council had been quite as he had expected it to be...
  16. Belladonna Voltaire

    TVC needs a tangent!

    Hey everyone, I feel that the constant battle with Nagash has drained some of us of our creative energy. I think that TVC needs a minor tangent off-shoot plot to help with this - TVC fighting against a common villain, someone who is not grand. It'll help restore some creative juices to those...
  17. Belladonna Voltaire


    (Here's something new for you peoples who seem to have the impression I can only write Metal Gear Solid in different formats...) A single candle flickered in the chill wind of a deserts night as the sound of preparations for war were made in the city of Lahmia. The bitterness of the wind...
  18. Belladonna Voltaire

    Legion of Nagash Nagash - an alternate version

    Greetings once more, Seeing everyones reactions to the Body and Mind version of Nagash has prompted me into trying to come up with something more unique and fun for the big bad. Here's my attempt at something more interesting for him: Nagash Points: 950 Nagash uses two lord slots and will...
  19. Belladonna Voltaire

    Supplement to Chapter 39 - The Weeping Banshee

    A bolt of thunder danced across the sky of Sylvania as Amadeus Valda walked away from where he had met Lesa. Something about the vampress still lingered on in his mind, but he could not quite put his finger on what it was. She unsettled him immensely and he was pretty certain they had met in a...
  20. Belladonna Voltaire

    Know thy enemy - Warriors of Chaos

    *Enters confession booth* Forgive me Father for I have sinned, my original army was not Vampire Counts but the dread Hordes of Chaos. I still consider them my main army today. I prefer the Vampires background though. Oh forgive Father... Greetings one and all, Seeing as how the first...

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