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    H: Expertly Painted, Award-Winning VC Army W: Paypal

    Hey all, I'm disappointed to be making this post but sadly the time has come; I have to sell my beloved Vamps. Moving house and simply don't have space to store or use them as much as they deserve, so before I head to the great Undertakers Auction in the sky, I thought I'd come to the best...
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    Need ideas for nulifying the WAAAGH Spell!

    OK so the problem is simple - I regularly face Orc & Goblin armies which rely on one particularly effective spell cast with IF. That spell is usually combined with the Waaagh ability (called by the General) to make the spell even more effective. For those of you who don't regularly face...
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    2250 point Infantry List - what do you think?

    OK so this is my first attempt at an 8th Ed list in preparation for my first game with the system (against Orcs and Goblins) on Tuesday. I think it's legal (most important thing) and fairly well balanced but I'd love some feedback - particulalry from those of you who've got 8th Ed experience...
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    Best formation for each unit?

    OK, since it's been relatively quiet on the tactics front over the last couple of days I thought I'd start a thread which hopefully everyone can chip in on. My question is fairly simple: what are your favourite formations for each type of unit and how do you then use said formation to give...
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    1000 Point *Hopefully* Balanced List

    I've got a game coming up against an O&G army and I'd like a little help. I suspect his list will be horde-ish with a minimal amount of magic but probably a strong combat orientated Big Boss. I've just knocked this list together however I have very little experience creating armies of below...
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    Help With Grimgor...

    OK so this is a pretty simple one; I'm looking for help creating a Vamp Hero (I don't plan on getting my Lord anywhere near this monster) capable of dealing with Grimgor Ironhide in single combat. The background is that against my most regular opponent uses Grimgor to lead a deathstar unit of...

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