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    H: Expertly Painted, Award-Winning VC Army W: Paypal

    Hey all, I'm disappointed to be making this post but sadly the time has come; I have to sell my beloved Vamps. Moving house and simply don't have space to store or use them as much as they deserve, so before I head to the great Undertakers Auction in the sky, I thought I'd come to the best...
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    Need ideas for nulifying the WAAAGH Spell!

    While I understand your point regarding the balance (or lack thereof) of Power Scrolls I'd rather find a solution within the game mechanics than just impose a moratorium on Power Scrolls. I don't use them - but they are part of the game and if someone else wants to take one then I'll just have...
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    2400 Tournament List - Asking for Help

    Part of the reason why almost everyone around here favours GWs on their GG is because of the changes that came with the 8th edition. Striking last is no longer such a disadvantage because, assuming your have enough survivors, the full two ranks (three in a horde) still get to fight back due to...
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    Need ideas for nulifying the WAAAGH Spell!

    OK well Wolves and Zombies we can work with. I fully expect both units to be annihilated on the charges and the Orcs will probably over-run into some of my units but the spell's effects only work for one CC phase so I can deal with the fallout thereafter. Not to mention that if I can angle my...
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    Need ideas for nulifying the WAAAGH Spell!

    Hmmm after checking the spell it appears you are correct! The spell states units must move 2D6 towards the nearest enemy. Now it terms of which units I use for this redirecting task would Dire Wolves definitely be the go-to option? I only ask because I've never actually used them and have read...
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    Combat Lords Bodyguard (What do you use?)

    I'm a self-confessed lover of Blood Knights. I'm an unashamed member of the Blood Knight fan club! However putting your general in a unit with 5 wounds has a serious drawback which can be explained in one word: crumbling! I've run a combat lord with exactly the same unit of Blood Knights that...
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    Need ideas for nulifying the WAAAGH Spell!

    OK so the problem is simple - I regularly face Orc & Goblin armies which rely on one particularly effective spell cast with IF. That spell is usually combined with the Waaagh ability (called by the General) to make the spell even more effective. For those of you who don't regularly face...
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    Best way to budget Vampire Counts

    I know the main emphasis of this thread was regarding converting but on the subject of saving $$$ while collecting armies it would be remiss of me not to mention ebay. There are some great bargains out there if you're patient enough - like the complete, sealed box of VC Blood Knights for £25...
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    VC against High Elves

    Seems no one has mentioned the most important unit VC have against High Elves... GHOULS! :zombie: Every HE player I know loathes them because they're T4. Their core will struggle against any T4 opponents and add in the poisoned attacks and extra attacks and you're in business. As has been...
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    Redarmy27's Painting Log - Red Storm Rising, for Khador!

    RE: Redarmy27's Painting Log -NOS Army is done!!! Yes, you can apparently finish an army. Hi guys, I'm 'Nos' - it is for me that Jake has been slaving away for the last however-many months and now that the commission is just about complete (the army shipped yesterday) I'd like to give my...
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    WIP - Zombie Dragon Lord

    Now this I want to see!!
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    Wight King BSB on Foot - Which path?

    Hey man, For more alternatives here is the Wight King BSB redarmy27 did for my army, complete with free-hand Drakenhof Banner: Jake bought the model is from
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    Corpse Cart 8th Ed. Tactical Uses

    Well as you said Grish, you're just looking for a reason to run one. I don't think anyone would suggest making a CC the focal point for your attack but the thing with fighting horde armies these days (O&G, Skaven) you know you're going to be out-numbered and therefore have to prepare for every...
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    IoB Skaven: Clan Starbuck

    I think your rats are looking fantastic - the skin-tone, rust effect & warpstone gems particularly but personally I'd rather see the bases were a little darker. The lighter brown of the earth (almost pink in some pictures) draws they eye from where it really should be; the fantastic miniatures...
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    WarlikeRogue's VC Plog

    I hope the bases are finished because they look great as they are. That's the way earth looks when it's been dug and worked. These zombies are clawing themselves from the ground and leaving mud and scraps of grass behind them.
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    Redarmy27's Painting Log - Red Storm Rising, for Khador!

    RE: Rise of the Lich King - Nos Army out by the 25th of Sept! Me either!
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    Redarmy27's Painting Log - Red Storm Rising, for Khador!

    RE: Rise of the Lich King - Nos Army out by the 25th of Sept! Haha well the answer is pretty simple but you need to have been following the thread for a while. "Nos" is me. The amazing work Jake is doing on this army is a commission for yours truly. Mystery solved.
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    Dragon princes of Caledor - Blood knights?

    I think you're all mad. The current Blood Knight models are some of the coolest GW minis out there and if you do a *little* bit of searching on ebay you can get the box set for less than £30. I paid £25 for my 5. If you're desperate to convert some, sure the new Dragon Princes are fine, but...
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    The Golden Bat Competition – Summer 2010 - Converting: Voting Thread

    Ritchie's got my vote, simply because I think it's the best model. Bo%£cks to all this rubbish about it not being a conversion - it's in the competition plain and simple. If you don't like the competition, don't vote.
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    Grave Guard

    Definitely go GWs - with stepping up, so long as the unit is a decent size there is absolutely no reason not to. I personally go 7 wide and usually 3 ranks deep; so 21 in total. I give them a WK with Sword of Kings and Nightshroud (allowing him to usually start the combat off by eliminating...

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