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  1. Mannerheim27

    Article: OSL - Off Source Lighting Painting Tutorial

    As originally featured in Carpe Noctem's online magazine "The Invocation" Issue #3 Happy holidays all! I hope everyone is staying warm during these cold months and keeping busy. While I normally am an outdoors person myself, winter is a perfect time to sit down and practice your various...
  2. Mannerheim27

    Ogre Kingdoms color and basing scheme...

    Hey guys, I'm in the midst of building and priming my army but I can't make up my mind to what sort of theme I want my army to be in. I've seen a lot of people do the generic grass/ field theme, and even some snow bases, but I want my army to pop but not be too obnoxious looking. Any...
  3. Mannerheim27

    Ogres or Dark Elves? Maybe I'll have a painted army someday...

    Hey guys, I'm a long time WHFB enthusiast and am coming back to the game since a year and a half recess from it. Before taking a break from it, I had experiences playing WOC and as HE. Since I had to relocate for work, I had to give up the play element of the hobby and sold my armies to...
  4. Mannerheim27

    Scale: Crypt Horrors/ Vargheists

    Hey guys, What scale would you say that the Crypt Horrors/ Vargheists are? Or, how tall are they? I'm looking at doing a conversion and was wondering if their head would sit well on a 1/24 scale (~75 mm) figure. Any feedback would be great! Jake
  5. Mannerheim27

    Redarmy’s Painting Thread 2.0 – Finished projects on Page 9!

    I’ve hit a new point in my painting and I’ve decided to hit the “reset” button and begin a new thread. Over the past year I’ve gone through some transitions. I am no longer gaming, but simply painting for the enjoyment of it and also to enjoy competitions. I’ve met a great new group of people in...
  6. Mannerheim27

    So guess what?

    As of 5:40 this evening...... I asked the woman I love to marry me. I'M ENGAGED!!! Being my painting family, I thought I'd share that with you all! Jake
  7. Mannerheim27

    Leaving Warhammer

    I’m not one to ever really quit anything, but it’s time that I come forward and do something I’ve thought about for a while. I’m officially done with Warhammer. With DoN’s permission, I’m still going to be around, but primarily for painting. I’m still into gaming and painting, but primarily for...
  8. Mannerheim27

    First run at "fun" tourney - 2,200

    Hey guys, I’m looking to go into my first tournament using my vampire counts. I have a pretty “standard” list I guess. I did very well against a tough Dark Elf army the other night as well. Any feedback on this list would be greatly appreciated. The list needs to be 2,200 points and meet...
  9. Mannerheim27

    What's going on in your life?

    Hi all, As we've all been painting and such, the staff and I thought it'd be fun to open a thread to just have you post what's been going on in your lives outside of the hobby aspect. Consider this to be a lot like a Facebook status update. Share away! So, what's been going on/ what is...
  10. Mannerheim27

    Core Comp Tournament - 2,400 Points True Horde of Warriors of Chaos

    Hey guys, I'm looking at going to a tournament at the end of September that has an unusual twist: there must be 900 points minimum of core! The tournament is fun in that fluff is very encouraged for your army - cheesy armies are frowned upon. This could be fun. The following is a list I've...
  11. Mannerheim27

    Need a color scheme? Try this out

    Hey guys, I found a nifty little tool to use when I'm developing a color scheme for a mini or an entire unit, it's called ColorSchemer. Here's the link: ColorSchemer It's great because you can select the color of say skin for example and it'll give you the complimentary and accent colors...
  12. Mannerheim27

    Zenthial Lighting Tutorial - Link now live and available.

    Good evening all, Currently as I write this, I have an upload going to Youtube. You've asked for it and I've made it: a tutorial about how to create Zenthial lighting effects on your minis! Zenthial Highlighting Technique Jake
  13. Mannerheim27

    A Tale of Painters: Give Me an Army of Give Me an Organ- Official Sign up and Pledge

    I’d like to issue everyone a challenge. Who here can complete an entire army? I know that there are myths out there that it can be done, but do you have the gaul to do so yourself? I’m quite sure the lot of us has a slew of miniatures either in their codex gray state or primed, but what have...
  14. Mannerheim27

    How would you do this? WOC vs. HE, 2250

    Hey guys, I’m playing a rather tough opponent tomorrow and I’m looking for some advice. This guy is good and he’s even so confident that he’s going to win that he’s letting me see his list a night before. I have yet to beat this guy for the past three times I’ve played with him, suffering two...
  15. Mannerheim27

    Let's Get to Work - A Tale of Painters

    Hey all, I finallt got my computer up and running again- I'd certainy hope so as this is my third hard drive and I'm getting sick of contacting HP to tell them to send me another one. In my abscence, I've had the chance to get a few games going and had the chance to get a good look at some...
  16. Mannerheim27

    Warshrine Idea- Too big?

    Hey guys, Quick question for you all. I'm looking at making a warshrine for my WOC army. I had originally gone with a converted Stegadon, but once the new O&G came out, I fell in the love with the spider and that got me thinking... Would the new spider be too big for a warshrine? It's such...
  17. Mannerheim27


    Hello all! Not sure if anyone has really noticed, but I haven't been very active in the past couple of weeks. Why? MIGRAINES! I've been having them off and on for the past month and a half and my last one was last week which went for a whole week. It was a pure seven days of bliss...
  18. Mannerheim27

    WOC 2,000 point list- Tourney This Sunday!

    Good evening guys! I’ll be in a fun tourney this coming weekend with a buddy of mine. I’ll be running my WOC army for my first tourney ever and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this list that my friend helped me develop. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’m looking to...
  19. Mannerheim27

    2,000 High Elf List- Tourny This Sunday!

    Hey guys! My buddy and I are going into a fun little tourney this coming Sunday. My buddy will be running pointy-eared gits (High Elves for you HE loving folk) and this is his 2,000 point list that he’ll be running. Any feedback that you could give on the list would be greatly appreciated...
  20. Mannerheim27

    Winged Vampire Lord- Secret Santa

    Good morning all, I've recently finished my Secret Santa gift for my recipient. Here he is: Here it be: I've gotten mixed feedback on him due to the wing, but that is all fine and well since everyone has their own tastes. C&C is always appreciated! If you feel compelled to vote...

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