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  1. padrissimus

    It's always bones for Supper!

    Gotta feel sorry for ghouls. Unless, that is, they REALLY love bones, in which case, happy days!
  2. padrissimus

    Cairn Wraiths Unit (8th ed rare choice)

    After more than a year attempting to replicate my 35 years' enamel painting style in acrylics, I have instead tried a more 'modern' method. I say more modern, but I have since been advised this is actually so very 2010!! On advice, I got myself some Army Painter Quickshade Dark Tone and did the...
  3. padrissimus

    Zombie / Cultist Mash Up: Completed

    The newly made vampire Biagino’s main source of corpses (by preference too) is the great pile of fallen dedicants and cultists (flagellants) on the battlefield of Ebino. So I needed new zombie figures, as all my others are dead Empire soldiers or dead pirates. I’m using 5 different sources for...
  4. padrissimus

    8th Ed, Holy War

    Some amazing magic has been done to this campaign on the Oldhammer forum, and they have replaced all the pictures. You can see the fully repaired campaign at Be warned, it's a lot bigger than what is here as it includes all the non-undead...
  5. padrissimus

    Up, up and at them!

    (From my ongoing campaign,,46787.0.html. I'll use this thread to post more undead images from the campaign.)
  6. padrissimus

    Photo / Story Battle Report : Assault on Viadaza

    Death Becomes Them The Assault on Viadaza, Illustrated Battle Story. Part One. (Note: See for the prequel to this report.) The ground beyond the grey walls of Viadaza, out to the ancient ruins of a...
  7. padrissimus

    The Unholy Duchess Returns to Viadaza

    (Forgot to post this piece here way back - another photo-story from my current campaign featuring my undead army.) She Returns Biagino found it difficult to keep up with Ugo. Not that Ugo, a coachman by profession, clad in a long, thick leather coat over a mail shirt and carrying the heaviest...
  8. padrissimus

    Campaign Battle, incl. Photos & Background

    Miserere Mei, Morr The Morrite Lector of Viadaza, Bernado Ugolini, had finally yielded to the inevitable. Until the previous week he had scrupulously avoided giving any encouragement, open or private, to Biagino and the other lesser priests of Morr who were preaching the crusade. Now, however...
  9. padrissimus

    How do you make a Vampire Counts army?

    By digging up bones of course! Oh, and gathering some other ingredients. Usually from ruinous places where corpses can be found a plenty. Maybe also some killing and looting And hauling it all to where you want your army:
  10. padrissimus

    Photo story fragment from my current campaign: An undead realm

    This is one of three sections to the first of a three part end of season report in my current campaign. (Why am I telling you that?) But I thought you guys might like it 'cos, well, there are plenty of skellibobs in it. I'm particularly proud about how a couple of the photos came out...
  11. padrissimus

    Hexwraiths (in enamels)

    I didn't realise how close to the VC book pictures I had made these in terms of colours until I was done. I was after something more 'ethereal' with their flames, robes and barding, but wanted to employ my usual cartoon style with the rest. So I did not do a complete black undercoat with cell...
  12. padrissimus

    New Skeletons for an Old Army

    40 new skeletons now done. Well, I say 40. Two are part of a 2x2 unit filler, and 12 were originally painted sometime in the late 80s I think, though it could have been the early 90s. I messed about with brush bristles as spear-shafts for a good half or so of them, as I am now convinced they...
  13. padrissimus

    Undead Ogres (c/a crypt horrors)

    Here are some completed (though unbased) undead ogres I have just made for my current warhammer story-campaign set in Tilea (see I am the GM and provide all the non-player armies and mercenaries. The background is that an NPC...
  14. padrissimus

    2500 VC vs. Ogres: first time with new rules

    Unlike my usual battle reports (more than 50 of ‘em now, methinks) this one is not going to be a story one. It still has pics, but it is more about my wargaming experience rather than the little world the toy soldiers live in! I wanted to see how my ancient Undead army would do using the new...
  15. padrissimus

    Battle of the Stinking Mire

    The Southlands’ Jungle More than 70 Leagues upriver The Tabrizians set up camp upon a spur of land tucked inside a sharp crescent curve along the sluggishly flowing river. Thus the river provided a defence upon three sides and they needed to construct a palisade only on one side. Of course...
  16. padrissimus

    Bat Rep: Battle of the Swamps (Story/Photos)

    (This is another part of my All That Glistens campaign on Warhammer Empire, but as (once again) my pirate zombies are involved, I thought I'd put it here.) Prologue: The birds and monkeys had been behaving unusually for two days. Something in the air disturbed them, some smell or sound...
  17. padrissimus

    Illustrated Bat Rep: Zombie Pirates vs Pirates

    EDIT: I had 'lost' this bat rep section and had this in the wrong place with my original link. As the story I am doing doesn't have the vampire lord Gladabash as the main character (focusing instead on the living pirates so far) then I reckon I should just put Bat Reps involving the undead on...
  18. padrissimus

    All That Glistens (with Zombie pirates)

    Thought I'd put a link here to a story/campaign/Bat Rep thread I'm doing on the Warhammer Empire forum which involves (so far) pirates and zombie pirates, but should involve more armies and characters as it develops. The...
  19. padrissimus

    Three Hundred - a story (and a battle)

    Three Hundred Prologue Centuries ago, before the age of the Three Emperors, in the Imperial Year 1845 when Sylvania was still a part of the Empire and not all it’s rulers were (shall we say) ‘cold’, the Margrave Baltan chose to accept the blood kiss and become a...
  20. padrissimus

    Same story, but now with pictures

    Not sure if it would break forum rules to post a story I've already posted, but I've started doing photographs for my story The Fall of Bragovo which I posted here ages ago. Instead of putting the whole thing here I'll put a link. It was a fictionalised account of a battle between VC and...

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