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  1. Unas the slayer

    AoS - 3rd Handbook: Soublight Gravelords

    Honestly, both the corpsecart versions offer pretty solid buffs and are relatively cheap for what they are worth. Their only problem is that they are really situational. Against armies with poor ranged threats (3/4 of undead armies, ironjawz and similar), they are just great... otherwise, your...
  2. Unas the slayer

    Announcement What's New at Carpe Noctem?

    Excellent! Solid guide so far. I also like the spoler for each unit, it makes the whole handbook easier to handle. I will probably update the Nighthaunt's guide in a similar way.
  3. Unas the slayer

    8th Ed, Holy War

    Always good to see new posts for this campaign! in the first part, there is a pic uploaded twice.
  4. Unas the slayer

    What's going on in your life?

    Any news from DoN? it's 2 months i don't see him around here...
  5. Unas the slayer

    Announcement What's New at Carpe Noctem?

    Good! The Nighthaunt's Guide has been completed The Sun King should be working on Soulblight's any volunteer for FEC or OB?
  6. Unas the slayer

    Entry Thread - Turning the World to Darkness: More Beast than Man

    Just to be sure... the deadline would be sunday 14 november?
  7. Unas the slayer

    So, anyone into 40K?

    Horray! I've finally completed the recovery of a triarch stalker that i took in a large lot of 3rd hand necron bundle, which was totally missing the upper part. Between the various models, there were also some incompleted tomb blades (some without rider, some without weapons...) So, i went...
  8. Unas the slayer

    AoS - 3rd Nighthaunts Overview

    Annnnd... here we are. the last part of the guide is on! i must say it was a fun project, but longer than i expected. Hope it will be of help to the whole undead community. 😉
  9. Unas the slayer

    So, what's everyone working on?

    wonderful endless spells!
  10. Unas the slayer

    New to SBG, help me build my first 1000pts army please :D

    Yep, in Kastelai there's simply no match between Vhordrai and VLoZD. in other dynasties the VLoZD is a sensible choice.
  11. Unas the slayer

    SBG AoS 3rd ed. list options

    Cool! this is much welcome also for my Avengorii list, as it solves the minor issue of the Black coach. 😉
  12. Unas the slayer

    New to SBG, help me build my first 1000pts army please :D

    I agree. The second unit of BK will increase you already impressive hitting power. From that point, you can go for cheaper bodies supported by lesser heroes and battlefield control.
  13. Unas the slayer

    Announcement What's New at Carpe Noctem?

    Of course! Handbooks and guides in Age of Sigmar are forced to constant evolution.
  14. Unas the slayer

    AoS - 3rd Nighthaunts Overview

    TIPS & TACTICS, part 2 The following paragraphs (list building, combo and tricks, allies), should be mere tools to build some lists with a certain goal in mind. But they ARE NOT exclusive. You can certainly mix a MW list with a core of resilient large unit that deals normal damage. And of...
  15. Unas the slayer

    AoS - 3rd Nighthaunts Overview

    TIPS & TACTICS, part 1 Now that we have the tools, we must see how to employ them at their full power. You want to squeeze out all that you can from the point you’re investing in your units. There are many thing that can be said, I’m not going to overanalyze every aspect, but some things must...
  16. Unas the slayer

    Freshly Awakened

    Gross! I really like it. 😉
  17. Unas the slayer

    ++A Wolf's Howl and a Bat's Shriek++ - Von Carstein Sylvanian Army

    Glad you're here! but i'm curious: you may have slept in our coffin for some time, but your account was active in 2015... I like it so far! Yeas i like the idea too. It's not new and it's present in many fictional works, but in warhammer it's a concept that was never developed. I approve...
  18. Unas the slayer

    SBG AoS 3rd ed. list options

    Yeah, i've checked too and i have not seen anything that forbids you to inlude allies in a battalion. Slightly weird, but i can live with it. ;)
  19. Unas the slayer

    AoS - 3rd Nighthaunts Overview

    Really? not that it surprises me, but LoG was introduced with forbidden powers, and the FP endless spells are now fully operational alongside the classic older endless...

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