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  1. Kassill

    What's going on in your life?

    That observatory looks like a fun time! I love stargazing and really want to get into astrophotography
  2. Kassill

    The slow spreading of darkness...

    Lovely models!
  3. Kassill

    How are we performing?

    *palpatine voice* Goooooood, Gooooooooood! Sad to hear you didnt like the Coven throne or wolves, I've got a bit of both on my to paint list at the moment. Just built up my second unit of knights, trying to find a 3rd box of them somewhere. Right now I've got, 1x VL on Z/dragon (can be...
  4. Kassill

    How are we performing?

    Ahh, that's a fair point 😂 For me I'm asking about SBG, but feel free to chime in about any of Nagash's legions!
  5. Kassill

    The dead are among us- a tale of conversion and paint

    Excited to see what you work on next 🦇
  6. Kassill

    How are we performing?

    So for those of you who have had a chance to get some games in, how are we performing? What's working, what's not. Any hidden gems or things that look better on paper versus the table? I'm hoping to get a game in this coming weekend (probably still 2nd edition unless one of us makes it to a...
  7. Kassill

    Finally bought our new house!

    Woah DON! Congrats all around! I can't even fathom a house over 100+ years old lol. Everything here is built so cheaply... and that car ❤️
  8. Kassill

    In the Court of the Dragon - Kassill's PLOG

    In the court of the dragon Death of gods and world In the court of the dragon You will know your worth (Trivium) Here's the kick off to my PLOG. First and foremost will be my Soulblight Gravelords, but I may show some other projects along the way. WIP Blood Knight, the armor is done, just...
  9. Kassill

    Vintersorg's Soulblight Gravelords

    That red is so rich and clean! Bravo! 🦇
  10. Kassill

    Tattered Banners, Bloody Flags - Gederas' Gravelords

    Gosh you're making me want to hunt down another box, the conversion potential for all of them is too good! These are excellent! And yes Disciple of Nagash a lot of the smaller kits/ETBs etc are colored, so Stormcast are gold plastics, Ultramarines blue, etc
  11. Kassill

    Lauka Vai and her little friend

    They look great! I need to build my Lauka asap. And I love the little friend, such a great mini!
  12. Kassill

    AoS - 3rd Abhorash - Any chance of a return?

    Would be cool for sure! But I feel short of making him a Mortarch (rightly so), the role of "armored beat stick" is filled by Prince Vhordrai. Personally I'm fine leaving certain elements of the old world in the old world. I still feel for Bretonnia and Tomb King players though, that's rough...
  13. Kassill

    AoS - 3rd Age of Sigmar pre-3.0 Launch FAQ

    THIS^ Nagash wills it. Really happy to see all the cursed city stuff split up. Now if I could just find one...
  14. Kassill

    Tale of Painters Month 1

    been MIA lately, and not a lot to show here but I have done something.... I also cleaned up my hobby area and set up my spray booth. It's small, but it works for being in a camper. Need you guys to send me some motivation vibes to get on it lol, great stuff in here so far
  15. Kassill

    Total War Warhammer

    They are on sale quite often, and kind of build on each other (at least the Warhammer ones). And 3 is around the corner so you're just in time to jump in!
  16. Kassill

    What are you listening to

    Second longest singer in the band, and its like they don't even want it known, like if you go on itunes right now they only Martin albums is Eternal Idol... Supposedly there is going to be a box set release of the Martin era coming soon, but only after they do the Dio one. I know Martin will...
  17. Kassill

    Juan Hidalgo Miniatures - 'Eavy Contrast Vampire

    Posted today, this guy does incredible stuff with Citadel Contrast paints. It's very satisfying to watch even if you don't ever plan to use Contrast.
  18. Kassill

    Total War Warhammer

    It's so much fun! Vlad is my favorite, but I spend so long trying to confed/assimilate Manny that the Empire ends up smashing through me like a pile of twigs. I also really want to play the Vampire Coast but I am so bad at managing a mostly ranged army and using them effectively. No matter who...
  19. Kassill

    What are you listening to

    Unpopular opinion, Tony Martin era Black Sabbath is some of my favorite. His soaring vocals with Sabbaths dark, chunky riffs just makes me happy. Shame that most people aren't even aware of these songs when BS comes up in conversation...
  20. Kassill

    The COVID Thread

    It's odd to think that everyone has radically different experiences over the last year+. For instance, I work with the public daily (retail) and the only change was having to wear a mask for a year. Otherwise I dealt with the same people in the same ways as before, selling the same products. I...

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